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In the multiverse, rare beings are born with
a spark. If triggered by traumatic events, these beings
could ascend to Planeswalkers, powerful mages able to travel between… planes. You get it. One Planeswalker, Dyfed, visited Dominaria,
encountering Yawgmoth and the Thran Empire. Yawgmoth recently discovered Thran’s power
source, powerstones, caused the disease phthisis, manufactured a cure and rose to power. Unfortunately, Yawgmoth dabbled in abominations
and his former “patients” revolted. Yawgmoth asked Dyfed to find him a new plane
to continue “curing” his people and Dyfed found Phyrexia. Yawgmoth fused with Phyrexia’s core becoming
god-like and killed Dyfed when she discovered his experiments. Thankfully, Rebbec, Yawgmoth’s former ally,
sealed the portal to Phyrexia with a powerstone. Millenia later, brothers Urza and Mishra searched
Thran ruins, discovered a powerstone, broke it in two and parted ways, unaware of the
portal. Urza rose to Warlord of Yotia, while Mishra
would rule the Fallaji, eventually going to war. But Urza noticed Mishra had been corrupted
by Phyrexians. Enraged, Urza used the Golgothian Sylex, killing
Mishra and both armies, plunging the land into an Ice Age, and causing their stones
to become lodged in his eyes, the trauma ascending Urza to Planeswalker. Now a vengeful mage, Urza travels the multiverse
for knowledge and allies in trampling Phyrexia but Yawgmoth’s had a few millennia to cook
up some nasty creatures of his own. Have fun!

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  1. It's pronounced TIE-SIS not Thigh-sis. It's a latin word that comes from the ancient greek word Phthinien, meaning "to waste away"

  2. Lol…. This is the lore of pre revision and the Brothers Wars… it has NOTHING to do with the current state of the game lore. Still prefer that era over the new power ranger oriented team (current) one.

  3. 0:21 0:47 Power stoooones! (power stones!) Hold the answer! Power stones will set you freeeee! (Power stones… Will set you free.) In your hands! (Power stones!) Magic guides yoooou! In your heart, you hold the keeeeey! Unlock the mysteeeery! Power stones!

  4. Y'all gonna need another 50 videos or more to catch up to the current timeline, shit goes bananas over at wizards of the coast

  5. Pretty sure only Wizards can become Planeswalkers, so it's like a 1 in 1k chance of a 1 in 1k chance sorta deal.

    Second, I coulda swore Urza was a Planeswalker long before his eyes were replaced with Powerstones. He'd visited Phyrexia and whatnot before becoming the Blind Seer, and he'd commented on being centuries old in a lot of the flavor text.

  6. Dude where's the eldrazi? Especially with the rumor being they're coming back in the third set of the new Ravnica sets? You don't have long to play catch up on 20+ more years of magic. Tick Tock. Tell me more of why I love my interdimensional space cleaning crew of world ending vacuum power spaghetti monsters

  7. Seriously this is just a side story. I'm happy you tried, but there's no mention of Nicol bolas, the big bad over the entire storyline. I love your channel but this is an L.

  8. Yeah, yknow what? Gremlins might actually be an effective weapon against Phyrexia. Just grab some water baloons filled with aether and chuck it at those weirdos and bam, gremlin stampede

  9. This is fun and that is cool that Yawgmoth actually got "visualized"…

    But, as some people already wrote – this is an old story and it doesn't really have a connection to a current one…especially considering, that this didn't even got to mending – the thing that separates old story from current one…blah-blah, blah…

  10. Look, all of you complaining about how this only covers so much lore, ill fill in the gaps right now?


    1, 2, skip a few, booster boxes on amazon for 89.40.

  11. This is THE MTG lore. Not whatever crap nowadays is. Aside from the shitty artstyle its very much MTG lore.

  12. Evidently MTG's lore is so vast that they can barely cover the Yawgmoth saga in a minute. Wait until they get to Nicol Bolas.

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