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Magic the Gathering (MTG) Arena – (Game 6) Game Session

Hi guys, I am LePoochiePooh from arena So let’s play now for our quest for today our daily quest We need to kill 15 of your opponent’s creatures so the reward is 500 gold coins and 500 mastery XP, okay So let’s start Okay, so I go first Now let’s just keep this I’m sure there would be creatures in the succeeding draws Hmm… Okay.. oh my (haha) hmm… 3 colors On the next turn, should we cast Thirsting Bloodlord or Sorin I’m not quite sure Oh he also has Revenge of Ravens Okay so let’s play land. Let’s play Thirsting Bloodlord first Okay So cast Clear the Stage where creature gets -3/-3 until until end of turn. So I got no creatures Okay, so let’s play Revenge of Ravens So he cast Embodiment of Agonies Flying and has deathtouch So let’s play Sorin’s Thirst Also cast Sorin So, let’s do a plus one He cast Kenrith, the Returned King I wonder what I will cast.. Maybe I will cast this one.. other vampires Other vampires (you) control get +1/+1 Through Thirsting Bloodlord, and then let’s play Knight of the Ebon Legion So, let’s put a +1/+1 counter on Knight of the Ebon Leigon Oh, he destroyed it. Through Murder. He gained five life, okay Should we block it? I’m not sure… Let’s just choose no blocks for now. So Sorin is down 5 (has 1 loyalty counter) Let’s cast Epicure of blood Let’s put +1/+1 counter on that from Sorin And then let’s not attack yet. So he cast Smothering Tithe Tithe? I’m not quite sure how to pronounce that So we have a swamp Oh, no, resolve first Okay auto pay Let’s pay 2 and then let’s play land Let’s Murder the Returned King and then let’s put a counter on Epicure of Blood then let’s attack all So since he has Revenge of Ravens, it’s gonna cost me 2 life 1 for each of my attacking creature and he gains 2 life Okay, so should I pay? Yeah, sure. I’m just gonna play Savage Gorger anyway Okay, so let’s play Savage Gorger And then attack all since he’s all clear He’s down to 8. Savage Gorger Savage Gorger’s power & toughness increases Because my opponent lost life at my turn Okay, so my timer is up My laundry is done. (hahaha lol). Okay, so let’s pay Swamp and then Epicure of Blood. So For me right now. It’s sound to give Savage Gorger a +1/+1 counter because it’s flying He has Vampire of the Dire Moon so he can He can attack any of my creatures that doesn’t have flying I have 3.. life taken away from me. And is that enough? No, it’s not enough. So shall we pay 2? yeah, let’s pay 2 So, let’s put a +1/+1 counter on Savage Gorger Although he has flying (creature), but then, I guess, even if he blocks, it’s enough to kill my opponent So we won! So we won the first round, okay, that’s one So while waiting I want to give a shout out to all of you guys in Luzon Mexico and Japan where there has been volcanic activity. Hope you guys are safe You’re doing good and in good health I hope you’re also ready for Whatever is coming In the near future, so just be prepared, you know have your emergency kits prepare some clean water have your n95 mask and Stay indoors don’t use your Air conditioning system or fans Because it would just suck in all those volcanic gases inside your home. So we’re still waiting for the server to load Okay, so I just have killed four of my opponents creature(s) but we have a reward! We have a pack So let’s open that pack We have Trail of Crumbs. It’s an enchantment. We have Sage of the Falls- creature Silverflame Ritual- Sorcery Rosethorn Halberd- Artifact equipment Smitten Swordmaster human knight Rosethorn Acolyte It’s a creature which has an adventure and also Witching Well, it’s an artifact So for Our card We have Wildborn Preserver. It’s a creature. It has flash and reach. I think I still don’t have this one Let’s see. What what its ability is Whenever another nonhuman creature enters the battlefield under your control You may pay X When you do put X +1/+1 counters on Wildborn Preserver Whenever another That’s nice Hmm so I wonder if you For example Cast a nonhuman creature this turn let’s say you have five plus one plus one counters on it and then on the next turn you also cast another nonhuman creature and then you have another Let’s say five plus one plus one. Does that equal to ten? I’m not sure I think I’m gonna ask somebody or Tell me I’m still learning Okay, so on to our second game Okay, let’s still play black NyxFire Okay, yeah, I think this is okay Let’s keep seven Let’s play land.. Let’s play Knight of the Ebon Leigon So he cast Lucky Clover. Whenever he.. you cast an adventure Instant or sorcery spell copy it. You may choose new targets for the copy. Okay so I guess he has a lot of adventure cards? In his library He’s playing blue so probably Yeah, it’s a milling deck I think So let’s attack two – let’s pump up that Knight of the Ebon Legion it gains a +1/+1 counter Because my opponent lost four or more life that turn Ohh it’s Ashiok! Dream Render Yeah, it’s really a milling deck So let’s play Revenge of Ravens. Let’s attack Ashiok. Yeah, we need to remove him. So we have another play land Play swamp hmm… What should I? Epicure of Blood. So let’s attack all. Okay, so another Revenge of Ravens Three attackers, yeah, that’s enough! We won again for our second game Okay So, let’s wait for the next.. for the server to load It’s taking long I really wonder why it’s taking a long time for the server to load. Maybe it’s my internet connection or Something I’m not really sure Okay, so there we go I did not kill any creatures So let’s still play our black (deck) Well, the reason why I am playing my black deck it’s because I have a lot of removal cards like Murder, Sorin’s Thirst Deathtouch creatures, so yeah, that’s why So, let’s keep these seven Let’s play land. Another land Let’s play Child of Night It has lifelink Another swamp We will cast Bloodthirsty Aerialist It’s flying and whenever I get in life, I put a +1/+1 counter on it So let’s attack. So he cast Goblin Gathering So let’s play land Let’s play Revenge of Ravens That’s just attack Bloodthirsty Aerialist I’m not quite sure how to remove the Goblin for now So he cast Arclight Phoenix i has flying in his ETB if you’ve cast three or more instant and sorcery spells this turn, return Arclight Phoenix from your graveyard to the battlefield So let’s not block Hmm so let us Sorin’s Thirst One of the goblins And another for the Arclight Phoenix So I’ll just attack Bloodthirsty Aerialist Let’s wait for the response. Oh another Arclight Phoenix So let’s Murder that Oh so he conceded.. So that three wins for us And wait for the server to load It’s taking quite calm Okay, so how many creatures did we kill? Just 4. So we need 8 more Okay, so yeah, I think it is okay. Let’s keep it So he cast Overwhelmed Apprentice ETB each opponent puts the top two cards of your library into their graveyard then Scry 2 Oh Pestilent Spirit and Bbloodthirsty Aerialist Play land Play land again. Let’s just play Child of Night. Choose to blockers.. No blocks Okay so let’s play land. Let us play Savage Gorger. So let’s attack. Oh it’s a flying faerie It has flash and flying So, I guess it’s gone So no blocks Play land. Let’s play Sorin’s Thirst. Oh he countered.. And put the top 3 cards of their library into their graveyard. It’s a milling deck again. So that’s a +1/+1 counter on Savage Gorger It’s Jace. Wielder of Mysteries. Another milling deck.. oh my.. So for that let’s play land Let’s play Revenge of Ravens I hope uhh… the attacks would be deterred So let’s attack Jace Vampire of Dire Moon and Sorin’s Thirst Drowned in Secrets again?! So he cast Brineborn Cutthroat Let’s play land. Play Bloodthirsty Aerialist and then another Savage Gorger And since he doesn’t have any flying.. Let’s just attack Jace for now. JACE: No one likes a bully ME: But you are believing me Jace So I only have 34 cards in my library So he put Charmed Sleep on Savage Gorger ETB tap enchanted creature and it doesn’t untap during the controllers untap step Okay, so that’s just block 1 Me played Radical Idea Play land. Epicure of Blood So Bloodthirsty Aerialist is going to Jace and Savage Gorger is attacking the player. Okay, so goodbye Jace Instant return target creature to it’s owner’s hand.. All those +1/+1 counters gone… Okay, never mind I can’t do anything about it anyway. Oh he countered that Okay Didn’t Say Please Counter target spell controller puts the top three cards of the library Into their graveyard. So let’s play or cast murder destroy Overwhelmed Apprentice And then let’s attack all He’s down to 10. I’m still 19 I have 21 cards in my library So Wall of Lost Thoughts ETB target player puts the top four cards of their library into their graveyard Wow Yeah let’s just attack all. I’m just attacking because I want to remove the Wall of (Lost) Thoughts. Anyway, it’s just a defender So that on my next turn I can attack him some more This is nerve-racking I have 12 cards in my library Another defender Okay, ten cards Six cards in my library. Okay so let’s cast Sorin He countered that spell So I don’t have any more cards in my library. I lost Well, let’s just attack all for the heck of it Aaaaand we lost. Right?? Yeah, it’s gonna go kaboom Not yet. Yeah it’s going kaboom So that’s one defeat Actually guys to be honest, this is like my third or maybe fifth video for this day My PC crashed and I wasn’t able to recover the video file that I was making and So I have to repeat everything for the fourth time Okay, it’s loading slowly So how many creatures do we still need to kill? Waiting for the server I have lost my connection to the server so I guess That’s it. For now. I have to reconnect later and maybe upload it in the next video So that’s it for today. Bye guys, stay safe and In good health. Bye. Bye

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