Magic Tutorial – How to Control Four Cards to the Top

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  1. Yeeees new vid. That last stealing of the 9 with the other in the deck is pure genious. This one is going in my arsinol. So good. Have to practise. Fanx

  2. Thank you for the person you are. you are an inspiration for me, your content is beautifull and so is your soul. the only art that i want to express is deception with a deck of cards but my life doent quite allow me to put effort into that. learning from you is one of the best things that happened in my life. thank you so much

  3. Nothing ordinary, as usual
    We can finally forget about contoling cards with Hindu shuffle


    When you said that it is called 'return' i though that you was gonna to toss card to your forearm and then toss it back on the deck
    (Some prisoners know what I mean)

  4. Another great tutorial daddy maddy. Happy new year and love from India. Also it was nice to see you wearing your socks in both of your legs today😁. Thanks for the awesome methods.✌️

  5. Happy New Daniel, Charlie and Suzan Sausage. Here's wishing you another fabulously- magical year, filled with health, wealth, deception and slight of hand…..Happy 2020 all.
    …..PS Love your magic….you're the best.

  6. FANX so much Daniel for choosing to share what you've learned over the past twenty years with all of us. I truly appreciate it!

  7. Duplicate=best gaff/add card ever. Beautiful control Daniel! And substantial time gave to doctrine which means a lot!

  8. "I'm not German either" lol I love you bro !! Happy New year ! I'm glad to enter this new year with you !! Thanks for sharing !! Mad mad love 🖤 9♣️

  9. I really liked that you showed you're way of performing it in this video. It shows what you can do and gives an idea of what I can achieve with the technique. Obviously it's just a guide line but I think it was really helpful and great to see yiu perform for once

  10. The way you perform is very hard to explain. I'm running out of words. Your performance is just so soothing and magical

  11. Even though I’m really ill ,you have cheered my life up thank you Daniel , ps got half a dozen different packs of your cards for Xmas but still not a signed one found that ain’t a stupid price , I will get there , but thank you again Danial

  12. 7:09 Really? I'm German… U destroyed my view of life… I've thought all over the time, u were Russian-German…😂

  13. Love that pink mat Daniel. Great Video.
    Btw my Madisonist cards from cyber Monday never came. Ive emailed you my order specs

  14. 20 minutes went by very quickly. Great presentation, tutorial and psychological tips.. as always! 👍

  15. Kind of unrelated but I have found that people are less likely to question your shuffle controls (not false shuffles) if you use the word MIX. It's weird but it works.
    As always FANKS for the amazing tutorial I will be sure to try this out soon.

  16. Like the reasoning behind the 'other' cards you choose for the deception.

    To paraphrase Robert Louis Stevenson: "Pieces of eights! Pieces of eights!" 🦜

  17. Can this trick be performed without the saliva spit? I think custom won’t let me order some Daniel Madison saliva.

    I missed your tutorials Daniel. Fanx for sharing your knowledge and such detailed explanations.

  18. As being a spectator it's very astonishing. It's was fasinating that everything had it's own purpose in this deceptive method. More than anything the way you perform it makes it more astonishing.

  19. Happy PERFECT VISION Daniel! 2020 will be an amazing year, starting the best decade our HumanityFamily will EVER have. ThanQ for this video-glad to 👀SEE you in this new year of perfect vision 😜👍💜.

  20. It's unrelated and not as clean looking as this, but for anyone who doesn't like having to put cards in face up for multiple shifts to the top of the deck, look into the neal elias multiple shift. It's face down to the top in the process of a swing cut. I went years without coming across it until it was on a john bannon release. Much better than doing it face up and having to hindu shuffle etc

  21. Bee-ewe-tea-full tutorial with lots of subtleties. You're diabolically good at this teaching stuff. Fanx, professor.

  22. F**k me…I trust everyone realizes this was a master class effect. Thank you D.M. for sharing such a high level routine.

  23. We Are All BORN Ready, as MADisonists on YouTube!! 🕴🏽🕺🏽🤳😸🙀🙌🏽💃🏽👟🥾🎩🧢👜👘🧶🥽🥢🍰M-A-D🎭. Fank. Happy 😃 New 😃Year😃!!!

  24. I dig this, but how does one get into the setup for this trick in presentation? Am I keeping the whole stack face down in the deck then flipping them after pinky counting down to the dupe 9?

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