Making wooden Dice | Homemade

Hi, i will make 2 dice with this piece of wood from scrap. The thickness is enough to make small dice..
I cut the side first to make it square as possible..
Measure the thickness so i can know the length i want to cut..
Then cut it half, so i had 2 of it..
I trim the excess with chisel..
I also draw the line before trimming to avoid over trim…
I check the length with vernier caliper ruler to make sure all the side are same..
and sand the rough surface..
Now i mark all the points…
I drill a small hole first..
then i smooth the hole using round bit..
and trim the edge..
Now it done.
I also paint it with clear spray paint.
Thanks for watching

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  1. Great work, however, before someone else points it out… Opposite sides of a die should equal 7. I.e. The 1 should be opposite 6, 2 opposite 5, and 3 opposite 4.

  2. Where can I get all the materials for this? Can you list a full list of materials please? I’m new to woodworking and like this method best for making dice.

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