Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport: Formula 1 Season Start 2018

Actually we wanted to make an incredible film about the Mercedes-AMG racing team. A film that celebrates the start of the season. A very emotional film. Like very very very very emotional. Maybe with explosions. People crying. True team spirit. Confetti. An unexpected twist. And big fireworks at the end. Boom. Boom. But the team is so busy preparing for the F1 championship they didn’t have time to do it. Instead here are some incredible pictures we found on the Internet. Cute.

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  1. Great news, we finded something more important than extraterrestrial life

    We found there's sense of humour in Germany

  2. Despite not supporting the Mercedes F1 Team I am a massive fan of this advert, reminds me a lot of the demo and trailers for The Stanley Parable. – Albiet I'm still not sure who I really support as my driver Massa left last season.

  3. This is like huge, incredible fun. I enjoy watching it whit my gigantic hands. They are really big. Trust me. 😂😂

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