Might and Magic Heroes Online – Piggy Quest in Expedition

Hi All
There is a fun and challenging quest with great rewards that is possible to get in expeditions
At some expedition levels you can find the gate which leads to a hidden area There you must run through the maze freeing
pigs on your way until finally you get to the Mother Pig and take the quest
A good tip: Follow the pigs and they will get you there After accepting the quest you have to travel to Lightland’s Daeva boss area to find another hidden gate You will have to fight 2 bosses in one challenging battle For us it was a suicidal mission Luckily we took unupgraded Griffins just in case There must be a better way to fight this battle,
if you know how, please share it with us We hope this helps and good luck in your battles

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  1. One question, when one member of guild get this quest, others can get in same season, or need wait season end to get in another expedition season?
    It's possible to play in coop or it's a single quest? Great video as always, thank you 🙂

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