Might & Magic Heroes 6 – Video combat 2 [EUROPE]

Hi, I’m Irina Kassina, your community developer. Welcome to this new combat video from Might & Magic Heroes VI! Let’s start with the usual disclaimer: this video comes from a work in progress version of the game, so you will likely notice a few bugs. This time, we’re playing the Sanctuary forces, led by a Hero called… Irina. What a coincidence 🙂 I’m on the left. My enemy, a Stronghold hero called Mokka, is on the right. Irina has the Tactics ability, so she can move her creatures before the battle starts. The Kirin is the Champion unit of Sanctuary, it leaves a magical trail where it passes. If a friendly unit crosses that trail, it’ll get an extra movement as if morale was high! Let’s use this advantage to attack this Crusher. Luck is in my favour, I made a critical attack! Irina is a Might hero, but she learnt some Magic abilities. Let’s summon the Blizzard to “cool off” these Orcs! The Blizzard inflicts damage but also chills a whole area, causing a movement debuff. In true Barbarian fashion, Mokka attacks my Kenshi with her Heroic Strike. The Dreamreavers of Stronghold can entangle their enemies in roots, reducing their speed and poisoning them. The Blizzard lasts two turns, but the second time it inflicts less damage. OK, let’s try something with a good old Lightning spell. The Goblins for instance. Here I’m using my Faction Ability, called Honour. It increases the defense of all Sanctuary creatures. See this icon above the Crusher? It means he has been challenged by the Kenshi, and will inflict weaker damages if he attacks someone else. My Kenshi took some damage earlier, so I’ll use the Regeneration spell to help him. It’s Mokka’s turn to use its Faction Ability – the Blood Rage. All Stronghold creatures become faster and more agressive. The Mizu-Kami actually killed the Cyclops in the previous turn, but it was too dumb to die! Yes, the Cyclops has the strange ability to die only at the beginning of turn following his fatal wound. No more spell points – time to use Irina’s sword against the Jaguar Warrior. The Crusher has been sliced to pieces by the Kenshi, who salutes his fallen enemy. The Dreamreaver just tried to cross the Kirin’s trail – but it has a negative effect on enemies, stopping their turn. Go Irina, teach those Goblins some manners! The battle is over, the Stronghold forces are defeated. I hope you enjoyed this video!

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  1. that's not an issue for Russians to learn to speak English properly – it's just lack of desire for studying it, imho, 'cause my native language is Russian and, believe me, my pronunciation is much better than her, though I'm studying English intensively for about half a year, but from times to times it's been for 10 years. Her [waund] as well all the Russian sounds have just bummed me out 😉 Battle looks nice! I'm very glad, but I'm afraid my computer won't let me play the way I want 🙁

  2. @GendalvTheWhite I am a Bulgarian, I know 4 language and I DO feel I have the right to complain about the accent. True, it's hard to learn to speak another language flawlessly, but then again, why not simply get somebody else to do the voice work? It's not that hard, is it? It's simply distracting for the viewer, I had to concentrate specifically on her every word, because I had a hard time understanding her. It's just cumbersome.

  3. @GendalvTheWhite I am sorry, I didn't understand that either. But if you mean that I should blame the people who made her do the commentary than yers, I totally agree with you, it's not her fault, but entirely theirs.

  4. This video watchable only in muted state. God, she have not only a typical russian accent, but a horrible mewing voice too! And i`m not even talking about overacting.

  5. My English prononciation 10 times better, and I learnt it only in Russian school. Isn't it important for person who scores an English video to know English? Это пиздец.

  6. This is the accent I use when I read peoples comments on youtube and forums.

    But anyway, looking good 🙂 I hope the campaign mode will be good too!!

  7. I thought the accent is cute, and the language was spoken correctly. I'd rather listen to that than some ebonics with atrocious grammar and poorly understood pronunciation.

  8. I have been a fan for ages.. but why did they change from hex combat to square? It looks terrible. It's called hex combat for a reason.

  9. YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS, they fynali did area combat improvment
    this Idea was missing in the the whole anthology of the game,
    GOOD WORK UBISOFT ,im impressed for 1st time since u restarted M&M projekt 🙂

  10. @b0niK1337 Ive been a fan massive fan since 2 and I dont really think it makes too much of a difference. I actually really like what ubisoft has been doing for this one…. the last one, not so much

  11. same music from clash of heroes, as much as I like it ive already heard it for 50+ hours….. I have a strange feeling that might get old

  12. @hNxUPIx Ohh my bad… but didn't Nival create the engine? I mean this really just looks like HoMM5 engine v2.0.

  13. This game is going to be so badass! Cant wait for it, only a couple of months left now! I so wish the elfs and wizards were included though.. There is no real HOMAM without them…

  14. Show us the town screen (the final version, not the beta place holder), buildings and recrutment next time.

  15. @RyuRanXII mhm you do understand this is early beta right … so nothing is final till the day of release ^_^

  16. Bitches need to stop complaining. I've heard MUCH worse accents. You can still understand what she's saying. If I get more videos with gameplay, I'm fine with listening to a Russian girl narrate it.

  17. the hungarians made the game and game is full of french,russian and other european staff.but obviously none of them knows how to speak english properly and still they put them as game presentators,they could just hire a voice actor or someone to do this marketing properly. EPIC FAIL

  18. What whit her accent, she have a sexy russian accent. I want to have sexy time whit her and hear her orgasming whit her sexy russian accent.

  19. Lol the Publisher is French. The Developer Team is Hungarian. Irina is russian. You are misunderstood many things.

  20. rofl to me she entirely sounds asian and btw i loathe american, in my personal opinion that is not even english. albion is the source of genuine english 😉

  21. This accent and catchphrases ('teach them some manners') are excrutiating. I presumed Ubisoft gave a shit about little unimportant things such as… presentation? What's next? Blizzard's SC2 will be narrated by an Eskimo? xD

    It looks ok, but there seem to be lots of spec. abilities which make rooms for some nasty exploits, soooo i hope they got the balance right this time.

  22. everyone keeps complaining about this game sux, its boring, heroes 3 is better. Then just stay on Heroes 3 and stfu don't bother playing this one, someone out there is gonna like this game.

  23. nevermind those americans… who cares about them anyway.

    I think she sounds like that russian girl in Real Steel who owns the Zeus Robot! 🙂

  24. XD the cyclops was to stupid to die, thats hilarious. Cyclops: hey, i feel pain all of a sudden, oh, i'm bleeding, wait, i'm dead O. o *dies*

  25. HOMM series games always take some time to play, i would rather they can fight faster, not the slow motion like that……

  26. hahaha jealous fucks, her accent is no worse than american one,


  27. glad they fixed the serial key problem they had earlier also glad that the game kinda has a homm3 feeling to it

  28. Graphics don't make the gameplay…If you ever played III you would know that.My friend bought VI we played it for an hour,saw how sucks and crippled it is and just went back to playing HoMM III hotseat.Its much better game,entire fanbase knows that.

  29. Game play did suffer indeed. No good old beloved factions, H3 units were not boring — it's only your opinion, combat is as repetitive as it was, just more flashy and shit. Story is worse, there are less units and less stuff on the map in H6. So stop swearing cause nobody cares.

  30. Hi Lithuania! Well met though it's too bad its under these circumstances, great game and beautiful voice I agree! Cheers my Eastern brother or sister

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