Might & Magic Heroes Final Thoughts

Might & Magic Heroes Final Thoughts

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  1. why would a nickname like ameritrash even be propagated? might as well call euro games eurotrash games too, even it out. Its really stupid that you have to apologize every time before you say an american game….

  2. Hmm.. I'd suppose it's AT, but it's looks are quite euro-y (bland and a little towards boring). I played it just once, but its a near miss for me as well. I like a lot of the game, but it could've used some more stream-lining. Lots of downtime and superfluous dice rolling that did not add much except a burden. I liked the combat system in principle, but much rather would've had all units rolling in 1 go instead of this stepped system that slows down.

  3. I've only played a demo game of this at Essen 2014, but boy was I disappointed. I love the PC game, but this game has almost no interesting decisions to make. Combat, which was always the central aspect of the game, feels neither tactical nor satisfying at all and is heavily luck based. I also felt that certain units were unbalanced. If you have healers, you can go whoop on the bigger monsters right away. By turn 3 or 4, I was already massively in the lead and I hadn't even lost any units yet. Yes, the other players can then gang up on you and steal your mines, so you go and steal them back, so they go and steal some other mines, which you in turn steal back… Boredom! This makes the game drag out so much. It's funny because they didn't incorporate everything that's great about HoMM into this game, but they sure managed to incorporate some of the horribly mind numbing and frustrating stuff. In the end, it did feel kind of like HoMM to me, but too much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good. However, to be fair, I don't think you can capture the essence of HoMM in a board game. Or you could, but it wouldn't be a good one.

  4. Hi rahdo, I liked so much these tutorials. Is possible that you provide a complete gameplay ? I know that made time but I love this game and almost anybody play it.

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