Mind Games – Short Film [CC]

Detective Sofia, right?
– Do I know you?
But I’ve seen you on the news.
– So why didn’t you want to
talk to any of the boys?
I feel more comfortable
talking to a woman…
Plus… I know a secret!
– Let’s not play games…
– Liz.
– We have the shoplifting and
the fight with security on tape.
– So let’s just get this over with.
[GIGGLES] That’s boring.
My secret’s better.
– Come on, Liz
I know about someone who died.
– What are you talking about?
I think it was my boyfriend.
– What happened to him?
Maybe he got killed?
– By who?
I don’t know.
– Liz, seriously now. What’s his name?
My memory’s a little foggy.
Why don’t we talk about you for a bit?
– [SIGHS] Liz stop fooling around.
What hapened?
– What was his name?
I think it was David.
Can’t remember.
– What?
Help me refresh my memory.
– How?
I don’t know, you tell me!
– I’m not playing games with you.
Who says I’m playing a game?
You’ll never find him without me detective.
If I did kill someone…
Well, you can’t prove anything.
Maybe I’m just crazy.
And sure, you can put me in jail for
shoplifting and fighting,
but, I won’t be in for long.
Maybe I won’t be in at all.
– Or I can put you in an asylum.
[SNICKERS] You can try…
One day, I will be out again.
[Lowers voice] And maybe someone will just…
And it will be all your fault, detective.
[Speaking up] Even if you could keep me inside…
There’ll always will be that
niggling little thought at
the back of your brain.
Taunting you.
[Lowers voice] About that thing
you never solved.
What do you want?
Got a man in your life?
– No. What happened to your boyfriend?
An argument got a bit too rough.
When was the last time you were in love?
– What is it exactly that you want to know?
Why’d you love him?
– He was… charming.
– Always said the right things.
– What happened during the argument?
He shouted at me, I shouted back.
What made you stop loving him?
– [SIGHS] I still don’t see how
this is relevant.
Do you want to find the body or not?
– I found out I wasn’t the only one.
[Excited] Banging someone else, huh?
What did you do when you found out?
– We argued and I left him.
– How did your boyfriend die?
Was she hotter than you?
– Did you kill him?
Did she give him what you didn’t?
– Did you kill him?
Did he shout her name when he was-
– [Sternly] Stop messing around!
– Did you kill him?
[Calmly] You and me?
We’re the same.
– What are you talking about?
I was being cheated on too.
He had two other girls.
That hurts like hell.
Did it hurt for you?
– More than anything.
– Is that what happened?
You confronted him?
– I get it.
So what happened?
Well we got into it.
And… he started shoving me.
And I…
Just got so angry.
[Angrily] He was supposed to be mine
but these sluts wanted him too.
When you found out that you were being
cheated on, did you feel like killing him?!
– No.
– I didn’t want to be anywhere
near him anymore.
Didn’t you wanna…
Like you know,
hurt him just a little bit?
– No…
Of course not.
– Liz, what happened next?
What about the other girls
who stole what’s yours?
– I… No.
– Liz, what are you saying?
Did you kill the girls too?
[Playfully] Haven’t had the chance yet.
– Liz, focus.
– What happened when you were arguing?
How did he die?
He was…
Shoving me…
And then he slapped me.
That’s when I got one of
his stupid trophies
and smashed him in the head.
– What kind of trophy was it?
A sepak takraw trophy…
I think.
– I’m sorry but what was his name again?
Yeah… David.
– And what happened after
you hit… David, in the head?
He fell.
And I- I kept hitting him.
There was- There was blood everywhere.
– And… What happened next?
– What did you do to the body?
I got rid of it.
– [Trembling] Where?
[Meekly] I- I don’t know.
– What do you mean you don’t know?
I didn’t exactly…
Do all the things I said.
– I’m sorry, what?
Oh sorry, no…
I saw it all on a hidden camera
in his living room.
– A camera?
I was pretty paranoid about him cheating.
– And what, exactly, did you see?
You killed him.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I like the acting. The sound quality is quite bad, not consistent. The music is quite annoying. The mixing need to be improved.

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