WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I NEEDED YOUR HELP TEN MINUTES AGO I’m watching YouTube. I needed your help cooking the meth in the basement. We have a meth lab? YES WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! In my mind. That’s a great place to be, I do that almost everyday. Now listen, We have less than ten minutes before before the house blows So, get all your stuff I’m getting ready, so we gotta get out of here Get your life savings and everything Yeah forget, forget everything else. Just grab the most important stuff you need. That’s it!?! THAT’S IT?! Get out of the way! Come on, we have to hurry up and get out of here. Grab your food for survival. *gasps* We have a meth lab in the basement. Did you not know this? No.. Did you? No, I was in my mind. So was I. This could all be, we could all be in our minds right now. It may not be real. We’re safe. We’re all safe. I’m sure of it! Let’s just go back into our minds and think. Into our minds. What happened? We are in our minds. Awesome This is the first time I ever had it link in between two people before. We were in the same room, so it makes sense. I DON’T LIKE IT! WHAT HAPPENED TO US? DID WE DIE? IS THIS OUR ALTERNATE VERSION OF HELL? What happened- I don’t think [email protected]’s in hell.. What? I don’t care about the TV… I care about us… because we are somewhere We are not in our house anymore… We’re in someone else’s- Look, we don’t even know who these people are over there! That looks like you. I DON’T REMEMBER Speaking of which, I don’t even remember us… even dying… I don’t think we died. I don’t like it. I don’t like it… Where are you going? I DON’T MA- Where- Where did you even come from? Where did you get a Surface?! I don’t know. I just thought about it. What happened?! What happened to us? Could we be in a parallel universe? It all depends on the gravity- Shia: MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! It all depends on the gravity! Definitely not the gravity… Stale.. Who keep’s their pantry stocked like this? Not like my mother! So… Do you have any idea where we are, Professor?! In a house. GREAT OBSERVATION! FRICKIN’ GREAT YOUR HAVIN’ THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE OVER HERE WITH A SURFACE! AND I’M PANICKING! I’M PANICKING ABOUT THIS WHOLE SITUATION! I’m not gonna be able to see through. I’m just not. I’m hyper. I’M HYPER- I’M HYPER! Are we even on the same planet? ARE WE ON THE SAME PLANET?! That is a safety pistol. It does not fire. I’m not gonna hurt you. You’re my friend. and I need your help through this. The room. The room! Is all the stuff back in the room?! Did that ever happen?!? Everything’s back to normal… What are you doin’?! You’re frickin’ surfin- TECHNOLOGY ISN’T THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING YOU KNOW. I’m gonna go cook meth in the basement. *from other room* I’m gonna call you if I need your help. WHAT ARE YOU DOIN’?! I NEEDED YOU’RE HELP TEN MINUTES AGO!

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