MS | Mind Games

(Mind mind games mind games mind games)
Now that I’m in there’s no letting go
And your emptiness begins
Once I grip onto your mind and soul
Your brightness starts to dim
Sin after sin you won’t feel no more
And you’ve lost your trust again
I know you wish you could let me know
That you’re praying for an end
I can lie to you and tell you you can get me out your head
But I’m lovin’ all the pain I’m causing you too much instead, baby
There’s another side that you don’t know, you don’t know
I can’t wait to get you all alone, all alone
Once I’m in there ain’t no letting go, letting go
Watch me turn your mind into my home
(couldn’t solve this mystery, idk what they’re saying)
Ooo (3x)
(Mind mind games until you lose control)

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. When i clicked on this, I didnt expect to see what drugs feel like.

    Awesome video! Everyone did such a good job. I'm honestly so impressed right now

    Love it, half of the lyrics represent perfectly his inner demons. Loved each part, guys! ♡

  3. I love the video 💜💜💜I downloaded the song as fast as I could !!I am very happy with the attitude of ichimachu, they did a great job😄 congratulations💜💜💜

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