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I started very early, at 16, 15
16 when I first played magic then I changed at the beginning I remember that with the snow,
with the rain, any condition there was I took my scooter to do 30 40 km, 20 to go and 20 to come back, 30 and 30, and I went to play around 10 20 euros, that was all for me. I was I was full bankroll and so there are my beginnings in circles around Romagna.
Then after all it becomes a little bit more … I started playing at the computer and
I remember that i used to play with a television that my mom took as a gift with a sofa, and with a broken computer without internet because i went living alone. I had done internet through a phone card and I played with a computer
as a modem for a maximum of two tables because the definition was terrible. And then later
slowly I did like 2000 like 2 thousand euros in two years. I withdrew
a thousand, I bought a new one computer myself and I remember the same evening I lost 970 of my 1000 bankroll I had and broke the new computer So I went back playing with 30
bankroll euro with a broken computer and two years of life practically thrown away.
Then later I remember when I was going to playing at the circles I slowly became
friend of other friends who gave me a ride in car, so I did not have to
travel with -10° of temperature no more everything became more
simple I started working as a dealer,
I used to make coffees… I get busy to raise money to live
substantially. Let’s say that now I’m pretty well, I can travel, I’m always around I’ve seen so many places in the world. I see Europe as a great nation, however we are so lucky that in an hour’s flight we are everywhere we want
so I was very lucky in this. Having lived in Malta, in London, now in Vienna and still have friends from all over the world, it certainly is a big pluys in my life. I remember that at the beginning, however, I traveled
all over Italy and I lived a little bit wherever. I lived in Naples by Dario (Sammartino) for
a period or in Naples by Antonio Failla, then I made a month in Rome, in
Milan I worked as a dealer… anyway at the beginning I traveled a little all over Italy
then I moved on abroad and now I’m definitely a very lucky person. The thing that most influenced me I think
was the continuous comparison with the others and a lot of self-criticism. That is when i did an error I was thinking about it for a long time
I get mad with myself also then definitely be very strict with myself
and continue playing never give up.
If it is your dream you should go on with it I was very lucky
that I grew up in the generation, in the first good generation
of poker, in the sense, we grew up seeing Dario (Minieri) play at high levels, at the beginning of my carreer Filippo Candio did third to the Main or fourth … we had some landmarks that were important at the time and then later
be able to understand, to improve keep playing beat everyone is
what makes it get to the highest moment. Surely I’ve never played for
the money but I have always played to be the best
and then becoming the best money come as a result but I never thinked like BOOM i have to make 5,000 euros a month, because it is not the
work that you try to make 5 thousand euros a month. you can play
low variance and put you in a way that you you can earn a tot per month but
poker is a job where you take stock at the end of the year, especially if you play tournaments even in two three years because the variance exists. even the best in the world can keep losing for 1 2 3 4 5 6 months
so keep playing and continue to be self-critical and try to
improve day by day

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