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(Upbeat music) – Hey friends! Welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca
Scott, and on this show, I get to show you games. This week, we are playing
a classic, Pandemic, from Z-Man games by Matt Leacock. Let me introduce you
to my beautiful guests. Starting on my right right,
we have Josh Petersdorf. – Hey. – Voice over actor, you may know him as the voice of Roadhog on Overwatch. No big deal. – Ready to go whole hog. – (screams) So good. Sitting right next to me,
we have the Katie Michels back again, hello. – Oh hey, how are ya? – Katie is an actor, improviser. You can see her in the next
season of Jane the Virgin. – You can. – Current season?
– Upcoming. – And on my left, we have Anna Cecilia. – Hi. – [Becca] Also an actor,
improviser, writer, graphic designer, and
look at her cool T-shirt! – Yeah, I made this
shirt, it’s no big deal. You can get one too if you want. Just go to the website, or don’t. – [Becca] What’s the website? – It’s – No big deal.
– No big deal. – So my guests are the coolest
ever, and we are playing one of the best games of all
time, just gonna go ahead and say that. It is probably the most
well-known cooperative game, and I’m very excited that
we’re doing it on the show. – I’m gonna kill it.
– Me too. – [Katie] Yeah! – Well, we’re gonna try not to kill it. – Yeah, I think the wrong, yeah. – Keep it alive. – I’m used to murdering things, I just. – You’re gonna kill the diseases. – I’m gonna slay the diseases. – [Women] Yeah! – And what is your specialty that will allow you to do so, Josh? – Today I’m playing as the combat medic, and my specialties are; able to remove all cubes of one color when I do my Treat Disease action. And, I can automatically
remove cubes of cured diseases from my city and prevent
them from being placed there. – Epic, epic medic.
– Oh, nice. Now, if none of that made any sense to you it’s because you haven’t
watched the separate How to Play video, find it
in the notes below, Katie? – I am the Quarantine Specialist. And my special ability is I
prevent disease cube placement, and outbreaks in my city
all cities connected to it. So, wherever I am. – Okay, keep that disease on lock down. – No, not getting’ out.
It’s not getting’ out. (sassy disapproval) – Oh, me, I’ll go, I’m a researcher. When I do a Share Knowledge action, which is when I pass a card or take a card from a friend in the same location, I can give any card. Not the card specific to
the location we’re in. And I can take any card, Not the card specific to the location. So cool, ’cause I research.
(Katie agrees sassily) – I’m a Scientist. I chose her because she
has really cool bangs. – We didn’t choose, we
randomly assigned these cards. – I assigned it randomly,
but I’m really happy because she has really cool bangs. That’s really important to me.
(people laughing) And what’s cool about this scientist that was randomly assigned to me, you only need four city cards instead of five of the same color to do the Discover Cure
action for that disease. – That’s so nice.
– Awesome. It is so lucky that we got the four best
specialty abilities randomly. – [Anna] Very cool. – Thanks luck
(Becca laughs) – Speaking of luck, we are playing on the introductory mode. Which means in this player card pile, in which we will draw two
at the end of our turn or middle of a turn. There are only four
epidemic cards in there. Epidemic cards, as you guys
know, are real real bad. And were we to play on
a super expert mode, which has a specific name, there would be six epidemic
cards in that pile. – We’re not that good.
– No. Introductions. – We just need starter
diseases, we need starters– – Baby diseases first, I say.
– Oh gosh! – Not for babies, the
baby– You know what. – Oh god, Anna!
– I’m leaving. – Why? You know no one’s gonna
buy your shirt now. – Science has made you so hard. – We hate her, she
hates babies, oh my god. – She’s all about the facts,
she’s all about the facts. – Now, we can just choose who is going to take the first turn. – Whoever was sick last is
the person we’re going with. – Yeah, who feels the sickest
and or, was sick last. – Oh, I was, oh well.
(everyone laughs) – You’re so excited about
it, “Oh, I was sick!” – Tell us about your sickness. – Yeah, my boyfriend was–
– Is it contagious? – Yeah, it’s not contagious.
– What are the deets? – My boyfriend was sick for over a week. And it was like, all during
our Anniversary week, so – No!
(grunts of disapproval) – It was kind of a bummer.
But I took care of him because I’m a really good girlfriend. – Are you guys still together? – Yeah, we made it through. But I feel like I’m on
the brink of getting sick but I’ve somehow managed to fight it off. – So you were not sick,
is the end of that story. – I guess so. You know
what, so I’m a liar. (everyone laughs)
I should not do this – You sound like you’re
actually the most healthy because you were faced with sickness and still didn’t get it.
– Yeah, you’re right. – Let’s take a couple of seconds to discuss all of our sickness. – Yeah, yeah, I feel like that counts. – Yeah? Anyone have
anything else to share? – I can’t compete with that sickness. – Yeah, I think that was really great. – [Anna] Thank you so much. – Anna, you take this first turn. – You are so brave. – Thank you, okay. – Now, remember on your
handy-dandy Action card you can take four of those actions. You can do them as many
times as you’d like. – Okay, great but four? – Yeah, or you could do
one action four times should you decide to do so. And just in the way
things randomly turned, the turn of the cards has
determined that (Becca laughs) That, you know stuff’s not the bad in the western hemisphere. (everyone agrees) We have a little bit of Santiago
Buenos Aires, not too bad. Looks like Asia could use some help. (everyone agrees in unison) – So this might be good, but there are no research
centers anywhere. So I can’t–
– You just gotta walk or drive, or ferry. – Okay great. I am going
to, I think I’m gonna to head over to Asia ’cause it feels like that area needs help. – Yeah. – Okay, and this is you, the
business man on your phone? – Yeah, I’m really busy and
important. (Josh chuckles) – When science calls
– Yeah. (everyone laughs) – [Becca] So it looks like
there’s a little short cut across the world. – Yup, I like that.
– The flat earth. Or I guess I could fly directly to Taipei if I wanted to. But then I would have to
get rid of my Taipei card, and I don’t think I’m ready to do that. And there’s not that many cubes right now. So maybe I’ll do a little slow route. – Oh, Oh, Oh, Pitch, Take it
or leave it, It’s your turn. You could use your first
action to share knowledge with me because we’re in
the same starting city. And I would give you Shanghai,
because you are so good at being a scientist that
you only need four red cards to cure the red disease. Which, do we want to give this a name? – Oh
– The Scarlet Fever? – No, no, that’s a real thing.
– That is a real thing. – The Scarlet letter.
– The Scarlet Letter, that’s a real thing too (chuckles). – It’s the Scarlet Letter Fever, everyone is calling themselves Hester taping As to their chest. – And you only get it through the mail. – Anyway, that’s the one. Would you like– – Yeah, I’ll do that. That’s a good idea. – Action number one. – Action one, I share
knowledge with Becca. – [Becca] ♪ Girls go to college
to share their knowledge. ♪ Is that right, is that the song? – I don’t know but it was so sultry. – It’s ’cause it was the Scarlet Letter. – Boys go to Jupiter to get more– – Stupider – Yeah, you knew that one?
(Becca and Josh laugh) – You nailed the “stupider” part on it, as the only man at the table.
(everyone laughs) – I was waiting for that
my whole life, stupider! – Stupider! – We’re having too much fun,
we have to do the first turn. – Okay, I used one of my turns. And now, I’m going to, I’m
gonna just like do a slow walk. I’m gonna go to Chicago first.
(laughing) It’s really cold there.
– Welcome to the Atlantic. – Really, the walk of shame ’cause of the Scarlet Letter fever. Okay, and then do, I’m in San Francisco. And then the third one, let’s go to Tokyo. – ♪ Let’s go to Tokyo. ♪
– Tokyo! And that’s my four turns.
– Nice. – I will rotate clockwise, oh sh– So much has to happen. – Go first, and draw two player cards. Which are now mine, thank you. (gasps) Oh.
– Is it good? – It’s Atlanta, I don’t
know, you guys? I don’t know. It’s Atlanta
– It’s Atlanta. – Everyone loves Atlanta.
– Atlanta’s great. – And New York city? – That’s sweet. – That was good. – Thanks for Connor. – And now, we infect. Right? – Time for a little infection.
– Oh no. – First, we infect Lagos. That’s unfortunate, in Nigeria. – [Katie] Sorry. – [Becca] The next infection
is in Kinshasa in the Congo. Well, that really sucks.
But, on the plus side I would like to travel to Africa. So, now’s your chance. – Well–
– Great, great excuse. – Now, it’s Josh’s chance. – Okay, so it is my turn
now and I am the medic. And I’m looking at my cards here. So break these out.
– Yeah, show us your cards. – So I have Manila and Miami. So let’s see, if I’m in
Atlanta, Miami’s close. I could go down there, but I kind of want to get
towards South America. ‘Cause I feel like it’s gonna
start to spread over there. But, I don’t know. I only
have a yellow one and a red. And I’m on the same–
– You could burn – [Josh] You could burn the red
and go to Manila. And then– – [Becca] ‘Cause your
so good at curing stuff. – Yeah, that might be,
and be over there with you and we could–
– Treating – We could take over–
– And start treating’ – [Anna] Yeah, treating’ and– – Treatin’ and beatin’.
(Anna laughs) – Treatin’ and beatin’ – Treatin’ and beatin’ the
penicillin Petersdorf is here. All right
(laughing) So let’s do that, let’s
trade in the Manila card. – Boom – And we’ll take a direct flight to, so we’ll put this in the graveyard here. And we’ll take that
direct flight to Manila. And then, I think I can, can
I just drive over to Taipei? – [Becca] Yeah, so one action. – [Josh] One action there. – [Becca] Two action. All right, so you’re
driving slash ferrying. – I drove onto a ferry, and
then ferried onto the island. – Yeah, exactly, they’re
both involving driving. – And that was my second action there. So my third, technically, I can go to Osaka and try
to get rid of all three. Right there. – [Becca] Oh, because it’s bustlin’. – Because it’s bustlin’ over there. – [Anna] Oh, because you
could get rid of three– – So I can get rid of three.
– At a time, yeah. – Let’s do that. So let’s
clear out the old Osaka here. And my fourth action will be to remove all cubes of one color when you do the Treat Disease. My fourth action will be Treat Disease? – [Katie] Very nice. – [Becca] You are such
a great medic, Josh! – Boom, medicine delivered to Osaka. – It’s because the Petersdorf
Penicillin is ultra potent. – Ultra potent patent – Particularly, potent. – Particularly potent. – “Poltratunist” (everyone laughs) – Two cards for you. – Two cards for me? – [Becca] Share or don’t
share, it’s up to you. Open hand or closed hand. – [Josh] (mimics french accent) Paris. (deepen voice) London. – That’s fun, no epidemic there. – Uh oh. – [Becca] Miami, gets one little disease. (everyone repeats Miami) – [Becca and Katie] ♪
Buenvenidos a Miami. ♪ – [Jacob] (mimics Spanish accent) Bogota. – Bogota. – I know way too many lyrics to that song. – Can we talk about,
we’re of the same gen. So I bet we all know the lyrics
to all of Big Willie Style. – Oh yeah. Wild Wild West
did a karaoke recently, and I didn’t even know I
knew that many lyrics to it. – [Katie] Okay, it’s my turn– – This disease is infecting
us all with Big Willie Style. (laughing) – Oh, so which one will we call. So we have Scarlet Letter, I’ma
say Big Willie Style’s blue. (everyone agrees) ‘Cause I think he was wearing a blue shirt on the album cover. – [Katie] This is Big Willie
Style, that’s the disease? – Yes.
– Cool. Cool, cool, cool. (laughing)
Cool. My turn, okay. I am a
Quarantine Specialist. So I prevent the outbreaks
in the city that I’m in and connecting cities. So I’m trying to think where– I feel like we have people over here. – [Becca] Good call. – But–
– They aren’t it. – They aren’t it, so I don’t want to get everybody on that side of the world. And then–
– FYI I have the Atlanta cards so if you wanted to do a It would take two of your turns – To get over there to take it? – But if you wanted to share knowledge and take my Atlanta card. – No, no, no. You can only give a card when you’re in that city unless you’re me. – Unless you’re you, nevermind, sorry. – She could waste two moves
to go to the city, get it. And then waste another move to go back. But that would be–
– Right, not worth it – [Josh] Yeah, not worth it. – You know, I think it’s
not too bad right now. So I’d say, do whatever
you want right now. – [Katie] And there’s no other research centers right now, huh? – We gotta build them. – We have to build one of them. – We gotta build ’em. – You could build one in
Essen, should you go to Essen. – Right, where, there? – [Becca] It’s one, two,
three, four spaces away. And then it would take your next turn. At the beginning of your next turn, you could a research center. – I’m gonna do that, ’cause I feel like we’re
gonna need stuff over here. – [Becca] ♪ Fast travel. ♪ – I ferried, I walked
onto a ferry and ferried. Walked onto another ferry, ferried. Walked onto another ferry, ferried. Got off the ferry, and am now in Essen. – Sweet.
– Taking a nap. – And what is that other
card that you might have? That’s no city. – “What is it?”
(Becca laughs) – This is the One Quiet Night, which is such a peaceful event. So this is an event card that
I can play this at anytime. Not even just on my turn, and it skips the next Infect Cities step. So I would not flip over
any Infect Cities on my, or whoever is going to do that. But, I’m probably not
going to do that yet. I feel like I’m going
to wait until we’re– – The chaos is going. – Maybe, in a little
bit more need for that. – In a little bit of hot Big Willie water, you know what I mean? (laughing) – Don’t love that phrase. (laughing) – Flip two player cards, if you would. – Hot, hot Willie water. – [Becca] And they’re all yours. – [Katie] Oh, I got
Washington and Montreal. – Awesome.
– Lovely. – Oh, you have so many blue cards. – You do you blues. – You do. – Guys, I want to get rid of Big Willie. – Yeah, we got to get
rid of Big Willie Style. – And then the Infection. – [Josh] Infection. – All right, Algiers.
– Uh oh. – Algiers gets one. And
that’s located in Algeria. – [Katie] I know where
that is, here we go. And, oh, – Khartoum
– Khartoum in Sudan. – Africa is needing some love. – Oh, surely yes, okay. – Okay, I’m a researcher.
I’m so good at sharing cards but I do have to be in
an area with someone. So I’m not going to use my specialty. I’m just gonna, help out
South America while I’m here and we won’t have to worry about it. So, I will ferry to Miami
and treat a disease. And ferry to Bogotá and treat a disease. And that’s my turn. Milan. – Khartoum. – I can fast travel over
there and clean some stuff. Okay, so that’s fun. And then I will infect some
stuff, which is not fun. London – You live in London?
– I do. – Big Willie
(laughing) – And Big Willie in Essen. – No it doesn’t because I’m here, right? – (gasp) And neither does London. – Oh, denied. (everyone cheers) – Bravo
– Beat that, Big Willie Style. – That was the best cards to draw. Thank goodness that you went over there. – Wild Wild West. – Oh, I did treat some of the yellow. So that means that it’s time for a name. – Oh, the Bubonic Banana? I don’t know. The Vile yellow?
– Oh, that’s good – Are you trying to smoke it?
– Yeah – The Powdered Mildew Weed? The– (laughing) – The Powdered Mildew Weed. Yellow. – This is mildew. That’s just common– – How about Mellow Yellow?
– The Honey Comb Horror? – It just makes you real tired. – It’s a little mellow yellow. – A little mellow yellow at night, man. – It sounds harmless, but it’s not. – It gets in your supply, you know? And you just, it gets to your brain. – You get too mellow.
– You’re too chill. – Yeah, it actually melts your brain. – Yeah, yeah yeah.
– Oh wow. – Yeah, you smoke it by accident ’cause it infects your stash and then it melts your brain. It’s legally in a lot of states, now. – I am going to, still on my phone ’cause I am very rude. I am going to go to Taipei, I’m gonna go to Taipei,
take me to Taipei baby. – Oh, one, two movements.
– Can you hear me now? – I have two movements, I have two left. I’m gonna use, I’m gonna
build a research station using my Taipei card.
– (shouts) What! – Because I’m very type, A.
(laughing) – No one has ever made that joke. – Been on the phone trying to come up with that joke for hours. – [Josh] Did you get it yet? – Yeah, I’m holding a joke
writing team on the other line. And then, I think I’ll treat
a disease while I’m there. I’ll get rid of one of those cubes. – Beautiful.
– Nice. – Great, that was four turns. – [Becca] Good sciencing. – Yeah, now I will take two cards please. Two player cards. – Oh, okay we’ll go one at a
time in case it’s an epidemic. – Oh, I got an event card.
Resilient Population, it can play anytime. Not an action. Remove any one card in
the Infection discard pile from the game. You may play this between the
Infect and Intensify steps of an epidemic. So that would
be like, if we had an epidemic and there’s a city over loaded
– Remove one of these. Just like, get rid one so we
don’t worry about it. Great. And then I’ll take one more card, please. – (gaps) Ah, it’s Bangkok baby! Yay, I’m collecting the reds.
(mimics cat purring) – Bangkok, a little Shanghai. Okay, and you’re not at your
seven card limit. You’re good. – No, I’m close but not there. – [Becca] Los Angeles. – No, that’s weird. – That one’s on me, that
was my little Mellow Yellow. – Pardon. And then party.
– (deep voice) Istanbul. – [Katie] It’s not Constantinople. – [Becca] Thank you. So that’s all cool, that’s all dandy. – [Anna] Nailed it. – Medics turn. – [Katie] Yes. – Okay, so– – I hope that you go up, go
throughout the rest of your day announcing your entrance
to Ramos “Medic’s here!” – Medic’s here.
– Medic time – Who needs an injection? (laughing) – Big Willie Style. – [Katie] Want some penicillin? – Want some penicillin
for those chapped lips? – Is that how that works, though? – No, no. – We never said he was a good medic. (laughing) – So if I go to–
(laughing) I wanna take, I want to go to
Seoul and just clear it out. I feel like that’ll be
three actions there. And it’ll just get rid of those. And I can ferry–
– Just one action for you. – Two
– Two, ’cause I gotta one, two. It’s not a direct– – I get how you count.
You’re a good counter. – So I could do that, I believe. That’s pretty much what I’m here for, is to get rid of those three. So let’s just–
– You have a lot of skills – [Jacob} I do. – That we all appreciate. But
yeah, that’s what your for. – I have a question, should
you first get rid of this? – Too many moves, can’t do it all. – Yeah, but that’s four, isn’t it? – Oh sorry.
– One, two to do it there. – Three, four to get back
– I thought that was you. And I’d end up here. We’ll just go, we’ll do it here. We’ll get rid of these three. And one, two
– One, two. – [Becca] Drive ferry, drive ferry. – [Jacob] I ferried over here. And then I actually got in a Space X rocket, flew across.
– Oh my gosh, wow – And it crashed into the ocean,
so it’s considered a ferry. – [Katie] Did you medic everyone? – I did, and I was the only survivor. And I used my supplies on myself, because I am here to cure the diseases. – Cure everyone with
Penicillin, but they still die. (laughing) – For the greater good. And
I believe that’s my turn. So I’ll draw. – One, two, three
– You have one more right? – One more action? – You could just party, or you can fast travel
to one of the locations on one of your cards. If I go to Miami, I’ll be back over there. But– – Oh that’s right, direct flight. I forgot about direct flight. – London and Paris.
– Or if you wanna plan which area you might be headed to next. Maybe, you could just take
a step that direction. – Yeah, that’s what I was
thinking about going to Paris. Because then, I’ll be down towards Africa. And I can start working on that. Yeah, let’s move it. Let’s
just go to Paris. Let’s go. So, I’ll take a direct flight to– – (mimics french accent) Paris. – Paris. – You like to move it, move it? – And I still have one more blue, – Move it! if we can meet up with somebody over there to try and use your four
to clear the disease. (everyone agrees) – [Anna] Yeah, I could do that. – All right, I will draw two. First one, just in case we get infection. Yes, there all right, Osaka. And– – [Katie] It’ll come in handy. – We could try on, all right, let’s see. So Pakistan and Osaka are my two spots. – [Anna] Wait, where did you go? – [Josh] These are just
the cards that I drew. – Where did you direct flight to? – [Josh] A direct flight to Paris. – Paris.
– Oh, okay. Sorry. – ‘Ol, Paris.
– ‘Ol, Paris. – [Becca] ♪ And Atlanta
gets a little disease. ♪ ♪ Mexico City, disease for you ♪ – Pandemic, the musical.
(laughing) – I’m working on it. Don’t steal my idea. – And what’ll it be called for you? – ♪ Mellow Yellow ♪ – Matt Leacock, we’ll talk about rights. – Yeah
(laughing) – Turn, over. Turn over.
(laughing) – Turn over, medic sleeping.
– Medic, out. – Why does he always wear a thing. Okay. – The Star trek communication device? – Yeah, I don’t know. It was
a joke with myself, no one. – I got it, I was there
with you. (laughing) Oh, you got a lot of blue cards. – I do, and so I was going to build a research center on this turn. But, I’m wondering. – Do you want a little scoop into my life? And maybe it’ll affect your decision? – Yeah. – So, my cool power is
I can give anybody cards if I’m in their location. Doesn’t matter which cards they are. So my plan was to go visit
Anna, wherever she is. And I think I would go to
Atlanta and then fast travel through a shuttle flight from research station to research station. And then pass off two blue cards to her. Although, that’s more actions then I have. – Right. – But that’s my long term plan. – So, you’re saying “do
build a research center?” – Well, we’ve got one on each continent. – Yeah. – Isn’t a bad idea.
– I think so. Okay, I’ma say we do it. I’m going to build a research center. I’m feeling like it’s a good idea. – Ribbon cutting ceremony. – Welcome to The Quarantine
Specialist research center. Named after me.
(laughing) – What’s your first name though? – Quarantine.
– Okay. – So I think we’re gonna go, two, three and then move this out. – We haven’t named this
gray disease yet. Have we? – Yeah, I think it’s your choice. Or maybe, we all brain storm. – The Necrotic Filth. – Necrotic Filth
– What does it do? – It eats away your bones and gangris. It’s like zombies. Like zombies. – Wait, you mean like
Doctor Skelly, over there? We’ll be gone?
– Yes. – Oh no.
– Doctor Skelly, he got it. – He’s in shock. Look at his jaw drop. – You okay back there, Jake? – No.
– Jake? – Jake?
– Jake? – ♪ Necrotic Filth ♪
– Necrotic Filth – Type A. – Well, I eradicated. I didn’t, I got rid of one Necrotic Filth. – You treated it.
– You treated it. – You treat yourself, it. – Treat yo’ self.
– (sassily) Treat yo’ self. – The name of my research
center. (laughing) – Okay, so draw two cards. Algiers. – [Becca] Cool. (everyone screams)
– It’s an Epidemic! – One
– One, Increase. Move the Infection Rate
marker forward one space. – Oh no. – Two, Infect.
– (rough tone) Infect. – Draw the bottom card
from the Infection deck and place three cubes on that
city. You discard that card. I am so sorry, Chicago. (grunts of disappointment) – Here’s the worst part. – They have enough problems. – And, Intensify. Shuffle the cards in the
Infection discard pile and place them on the top
of the Infection deck. – By the way, we are allowed
the look at a discard pile. But I think we all know
– Where we’re at. – Where your stuff’s gone down. – I just want to apologize
that I spread an epidemic. – Yeah
– You had no choice. – It’s okay.
– It was in my cards. – It’s really embarrassing
for a Quarantine Specialist. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– You really blew that. – I dropped a vile on
a train, I forgot it. – Listen, we all get an oopsie. (laughing) – I think you may have to
change the name though. Of your research station. – To whoops?
– Yeah. – [Josh] You’re a disgrace. – Ouch. Treat yo self, research station. That doesn’t go there. That goes on top. – Sadly
– Yeah. – Hey, well, what a turn you guys. – It may look like a big ‘ol deck. But we’re just gonna keep
infecting the same cities we’ve always infected. Oh, it’s my turn.
– It’s your turn. – I want to party with scientists. So, you’re in Taipei? – I’m in Taipei. Well, if
you go to, you could hop from research center to research center. – One, two, three. It’s
still three, though. So, that’s my best bet though. And then, on your turn, you
can also take any card from me. – Right, because we’re in the same city. – And then go on and party. – And you’ll have that,
– Then you’ll have – four blues.
– four blue. – And we can discover the
cure for Big Willie Style. – Big Willie style turned
to big Chunga Style. – The bummer is, you currently have one, two, three, four, five, six cards. So, if I give you a seventh after you draw you’ll have to discard.
– Immediately. – But that’s life, that’s life. You can fly somewhere in your turn. – So true. But you know
what, I could also, because your going to give
me a card on your turn. And I’m probably going to take
a card from you on my turn. But then, I can just discard like, I don’t need Moscow right now. – Also, you’re already
at a research station. And you don’t have to be on
a blue city to cure blue. You could just take it, cure, party. – Love it, immediate.
– Bang, bang. – So I will–
– Party, steps to curing a disease. – Love a good cure party.
Okay, so from Bogota to Miami. That’s a long ferry.
– Really long ferry. – And a little ferry
and a drive to Atlanta. Shuttle flight to Taipei.
– Hey. – Oh hey, business man scientist lady. – I don’t have time to talk
to you, I’m on the phone. – Be brief, I’m busy. – How many minutes do you have? – [Anna] So many, unlimited thank god. – People still have a limit plan? – Well, I don’t have much time. So I’ve got to tell you
about St.Petersburg. – Oh, thank you. – [Becca] That was one, two, three, four. Turn done and one flip. Chennai. Am I saying that right? – Chennai?
– Chennai. – [Becca] And Cairo. Okay, okay, okay. Great. And then–
– Uh oh. Infection. – [Becca] This could be
bad. ‘Cause this is when – [Josh] You know that’s
all the spots we’ve been. – Chicago.
– Oh no. – So this is our very first outbreak. – Aww, and we’re doing it together. – Because Chicago already
has three blue cubes. I move the outbreak token up one. And then, I wish I had a
Quarantine Specialist around, you know? I put one in San Fran. – [Katie] That’s a really bad place too. ‘Cause that is a hub. – [Anna] It connects to so much. – [Becca] That’s one, two, three, four, five connecting cities. – So San Fran, LA– – That’s a great place to fly out – Mexico, yeah it really is. Atlanta
– Ohara and Montreal. One– – Good thing you’re on
the way with the cure. – We’re about to cure it. Which means– – It can still spread
until we eradicate it. – So curing it, just means that– – We are one quarter of the
way to our win condition. But that disease can still spread, unless we go there and take care of it. But–
– Can you infect new cities with it or not? – Yes, but the benefit
is, we would all then have the medics power for curing specifically Big Willie Style Blue. – Oh.
– Because if we go to Chicago, once it’s cured, any of
us can use a single action to take away three cubes. – Love it, great. – Moscow doesn’t get
anything. ‘Cause I’m close by. – You are so good at what you do. – You are so good at that.
– Thank you. Thank you, for forgetting about
the epidemic I spread. – We already forgot. You
know, consider it forgiven. (Katie laughs)
– Thank you. – That’s my turn. – Okay so, because we’re in the same city. I do want to share knowledge with you but that gives me, one,
two, three, four, five, six seven, that’ll give me eight cards. So I have to get rid
of a card just do that. And that’s fine
– Yeah. So take one. – So, I’m gonna get rid of Moscow because I have two reds and I’m
trying to build reds. And this is like an event card, and I don’t want to
get rid of that. Great. So now, as the Scientist,
I only need four city cards to discover a cure
action for that disease. I’m going to now cure Big Willie. – ♪ Na na na na na na ♪ – Getting Willie with it. – [Becca] So now, we
slide this cured token up. – [Anna] You’re welcome. – Hey, good sciencing. (applause)
– Science that. I scienced the, out of that. – I scienced the frigging’ out of it. – Yeah – And so, I’m also still chilling
in, where am I right now? Shanghai? – Taipei.
– Taipei. – [Katie] Drop your
phone and pay attention. – Sorry, I don’t know. So, I’ll go ahead, ’cause
I’ve used two turns. I’ll treat the disease in Taipei. – Awesome. And then, I think because
this area feels like it really needs some help, I’m going to research. Hop from research center
to research station. – [Becca] Shuttle flight. – [Anna] Shuttle flight to Atlanta. – Beautiful turn, well executed. – Thank you. – [Becca] Okay, here’s the risky part. – [Anna] Oh, Lima. Peru. – [Becca] Awesome. And then. – [Anna] Bogota. – [Josh] Bien, mi amor. – That is how you pronounce it. – Bogota. – There’s an accent. – There’s an accent on the “A”. – [Becca] It’s very clear.
Okay, here’s more bad stuff. Lagos, okay they can handle it. – They’re fine
– They’re fine. – They’re doing okay. We
need to help them soon. But, it’s not an urgent situation. – [Katie] That’s not dire, yet. – Tehran
– The Necrotic Filth spreads. – [Becca] Are you next to Tehran? – [Katie] Oh, doesn’t connect. So close.
– Katie. – [Becca] But, no Quarantine. – No quarantine. – As they say. They do say that. – They do. They always say that. – It’s my turn.
– Josh, it’s your turn? – And you have a rainbow
of cards over there? – [Josh] I do have a
colorful rainbow of cards. And I need to get, I wanna like walk through Northern America and just touch those three so I clear them all as I go. – Some call it North America, but I like Northern America. – Northern Americas, the Andes. – Oh, that’s a good David Attenborough. – Lets think, where would
David Attenborough go? If he had the choice, if
Michael Caine could see. (Becca freaks out) – I have three fingers, one, two, free. – Michael Cain? Oh my god. – Why don’t you say, some men just want to
watch the world burn. – (imitates Michael Caine) Some men just want to watch the world burn. – Just close your eyes. – Ugh, Michael Caine is a medic? – Okay, let’s get–
– Men get kind, a medic kind. – One, two, three, hmm. Since we have, I can go all the way up to
Montreal, it looks like. Or, I was thinking, one, two. I think it’ll be, if I take the research
station from Essex to Atlanta and then go up to Chicago
I can get rid of all that. – Essen, one’s Germany one’s in England. – So we drove to Essex, boom.
– Essen, excuse me. – Essen, and then we use the
transporter from Khartum’s card to– – [Anna] Go to Atlanta. – Chief o’Brian, Scramble me. And so, he scrambled me to Atlanta. I wind up Jermaine Dupri
(laughing) on the beaches of Atlanta. And then I’m, now when I’m there, how many actions is that? Is that two? – Two
– Two – [Katie] We could hang, you know? – The third action, I’m
gonna go up to Chicago for my third action. – Good move.
– And then? – And my fourth one will be
to remove all cubes of color when I Treat Disease there. – [Becca] Beautiful work in Chicago. – Awesome and so, it also prevents them from being placed there again. – Ever? – While I’m here, not ever.
Just while I’m here, I believe. – Automatically remove cubes of cured disease from your city. – Automatically, meaning it
does not use your action. So, when you were in Atlanta.
– You have more turns. – And when you were in
Atlanta, it also removed them. – And you have one more.
– Nice, you got one more turn. – And in parenthesis, it says “and prevent them
from being placed there.” It was vague, it doesn’t say if I’m there. – So long as it’s cured,
you have an annotated. And nothing can be placed
in exactly the city your on once it’s cured. – Sweet, so I have one action left? – Yeah, ’cause you moved
from Paris to Essen. You flew to Atlanta, and you automatically took
everything away from Atlanta. Moved to Chicago, automatically took
everything away from Chicago. So it’s one, two, three. – I’m gonna go take a flight to Miami. (Becca gasps) – [Becca] Just for fun. – Just for fun
– Why not, that’s nice. – [Josh] That’s what Will Smith did too. He went to Miami and just
getting jiggly with it. – Yeah, he did get jiggly there – Welcome to Miami. – Welcome to Miami, that saying,
that song too. (laughing) – I also know far too many lyrics, luckily that’s not the tune.
(laughing) – Now, I take my first player card. – [Katie] What is it? – [Josh] Jakarta, or
“Yakarta.” Wherever your from. And, I’d love to visit Jakarta
too. That’d be really cool. I’d want to eat the food, but
my poor stomach would be– Ho Chi Ming City in Vietnam. – Look at all those red cards. – So many red cards. – We’re “reppin'”. South Korea. – [Becca] They’re getting a little. – [Josh] We cleared it
and now it’s coming back. It’s okay. I’ll be back.
– Oh man. – [Becca] Scarlet Letter Fever. – Scarlet Letter Fever.
– Thank you. And, oh, Right back to Miami. – Oh wait, but–
– But you’re standing there – But I’m there. So it prevents– – No, because it’s not cured. – Because it’s not cured. Correct, okay. – It’s yellow, not blue. It’s a little of that Mellow Yellow. – ♪ Mellow Yellow ♪
– Mellow Yellow. – Turn complete. – Do we need more research centers? Probably not over here. – I mean, you can never have
too many research centers. – ‘Cause I could do one, Algiers. – You’ve got two yellow. – Aren’t you all in two red? – I could give you a yellow. – We need some presence, I
feel, like in Africa too. – Yeah, Africa?
– Yeah. – [Becca] Oh, you’re close. You could help it, if you go down there. – Yeah, so maybe I’ll go. I’m
just wondering if I should– – Yeah, I mean the middle east
is also looking pretty rough. – Oh, one, two, three,
four. Ugh, can’t make it. – I’ve got a Chennai card. And so, don’t worry about Chennai. ‘Cause I see there’s three there. So I think on my turn, I’ll fly there and I’ll just treat some stuff. – Okay, well, maybe then I will head. The only thing about Africa,
like I wanna be in a hub. – You could make a hub. – Well, if you go, you could make– – Khartoum? – Yeah, you could make Khartoum
a hub. It connects to a lot. But you don’t have a Khartoum card. – You need my Khartoum card. – I just mean, as far as
like where I am right now. I connect, I prevent
outbreaks in a lot of places because it connects. Like here, I’m only
connecting to four cities. – [Becca] And where you
are, you connect to six. – Yeah, does that make sense?
– So it’s a hot spot. – Yeah.
– But I’m also wondering if you’re gonna go here on your turn. I was wondering if I should go over here and get rid of some of these. – Yeah. – I think so.
– I like that. – I know we want to
take care of Africa too. But I just– – I can make it over to Africa.
‘Cause I’m close enough too, that I can try and go
through South America and bounce over there.
– That’s great. – That’s true, but it’s
gonna be a couple of, like six more card flips
’till he gets there. But I think that’s smart. – And then I’m close, I’m close. If we start to get like,
danger zone, I come help out. – We just don’t want outbreaks,
that’s what’s important. – Exactly, okay. One, two, three, four. – Love it.
– Great. – Okay, and then I will draw Sao Paulo. – I swear–
– Sao Paulo – If you create another epidemic. (everyone screams) – I had a feeling.
– Jinxed, red lined. – That was not my fault. Did you see the way she looked at me? That was clearly planned
– That was witch craft. That was witch craft.
– It’s even better now her set’s cursed. – I am a witch, that’s fine. – But anyway, the thing about this is I know how it goes.
Here’s what we knew. Increase the Infection thing
up, we’ve done it before. Two, we infect. It’s not
a big deal you guys. Okay? – Get infected.
– Draw the bottom of the deck. – [Becca] Baghdad. – Yeah, you draw the bottom
card from the infection deck. And place three cubes
on that city, which is? – [Josh] Baghdad. – Oh, Baghdad.
– Oh, Oh. – [Josh] But you’re next to it. – What is “prevent cube
placement and outbreaks in your city and all
cities connected to it.” (cheering) – Is that during epidemics too? – It says prevent disease cube placement – And outbreaks. – So, that’s a cube placement. – That’s a huge clutch position. – So yeah,
– Awesome. – maybe I started an epidemic.
But I’m not a monster. (laughing)
– I like that. – Thank you.
– I like that. It was a controlled infection.
– Fool me once, shame on you. – We still have one more to do. – We still have to do this. Intensify, shuffle the cards
in the infected discard pile. And place them on the top
of the infection deck. – You know, Chicago’s in there again. – I think the Epidemic cards might strategically placed on my turn. – That epidemic card was Katie’s second, of her draw two player cards. – Oh, so I have to Infect.
– Now, you have to Infect. – All right, ta dah. Sorry buddy. – Oh, you’re still good. – You’re in Tehran, right?
– You’re still good. – [Josh] You’re still good
’cause this prevents it. – [Becca] ‘Cause you’re amazing. – This is working out
really well, for you. – Yeah, we’re good at this game. – [Josh] You’re making severe decisions. – Seoul, oh no Seoul. – [Anna] I’m worried about Seoul, guys. – But, it’s already been flipped. – Yeah, you’re right. We don’t
have to worry about it again. – Don’t worry about it too much. – Okay, it’s my turn and– Oh, Oh, Oh. Okay, I’m gonna fly to Cairo. Where am I? – Are you in– – You left me all alone in Taipei. – I’m sorry. I thought you
were having a good time. – I was. It’s just, I
woke up and you were gone. – Oh, I’m so sorry. – You left a note on the
pillow and that’s all. – Well, I had work. As you could tell, I’m on a very important business call. – Yeah, the note said.
(Becca laughs) You were on the call, all last night. – Anyway, I’m gonna fly to
Cairo and burn my Cairo card. That’s one, then I’m gonna party on over to Khartoum. That’s two, the party was on a ferry. I’m going to burn my Khartoum card in order to build a research station – Research center.
– Very good. Very good. – That was three, and I’m
gonna use my final move. Because I promised you
I would fly to Chennai and work on that.
– She did promise. – I am not gonna do that. But I am gonna go there
and prepare to do that. – Researchers keep their word. – I was gonna say something,
but I stayed quiet. Because I have spread two epidemics – Yeah. – So I felt like, it’s not my place. – Yeah, I didn’t want to ruffle feathers. – Right. – We’ve done that enough. – You’re a specialist on
extending the viruses. – Well, we couldn’t both go
there and build a station. – I, yeah, love it. – I can only do what I can. – You did great. – Oh, new cards.
– New cards. – Mexico City. – Madrid. – And, oh, let’s spread
some disease. Miami. – [Anna] No, poor Miami. – Don’t worry, we have a medic there. And, Moscow. Which does
not spread, because Katie is so good at her job. – It’s been quar tined, well done. – Thank you. – What do I do? – Take us to victory. Take us to Valhalla. – You could always use
me as an intermediary to give me stuff that I then give to Anna. – Mm, true.
– This is true. Could you get over there? What is the closest, I have Jakarta. So I can get to her, to start dropping things
off for you, possibly. ‘Cause I have Jakarta, but that would get rid
of one of the red cards– – Red cards we need
– we need, but could I give you two at
a time or is it only one? – You can, it just takes
an action for each. – So it would be my whole turn
to go over there, basically. And give her these two, and then by the time, it
would be a couple turns. – Yeah.
– I think that’s a good plan. – But, the idea would be, she has enough room to
take these two red cards. And she’s gonna bring them to you, so that you can eradicate
the red once and for all. – I say, if you treat some stuff. Chill out, hang around. But make sure that, I can
get to you on my turn. – Yeah, so maybe I should
head over to Taipei. – That’s great. – And then, work my way over. – Yeah ’cause you should also
end on a research station. Then on Josh’s turn, he’ll
give me a couple red cards. And then on my turn, I’ll got to you. Give you a couple of red cards, and then on your next turn you can take those red
cards and cure a disease. – Scarlet Letter Fever? – (everyone in unison)
Scarlet Letter Fever. – So you need me to end on a
research station, probably? – Or be close, be close
to be, a research station. Whatever you like. – [Anna] Oh – But Taipei is looking’ sweet. – I got an idea. Okay, just so I can get rid
of some blue on the way. Instead of just like leaning
over there and doing nothing. If I do Chicago, San Francisco, Treat Disease in San Francisco and then I’ll end up over
– You could wind up in– – In Tokyo and then I’ll
be close to the thing. Okay, let’s do that.
Okay, so one, Chicago. Two, San Francisco. Treating
Disease in San Francisco. And then Tokyo.
– How did you get there? – ’cause it’s a direct flight to Tokyo. – Got it. – One, two a cure, four, perfect. – Nailed it.
– You could have gone to Malia also if you wanted too. – Could have. – [Josh] It’s the same, it doesn’t matter ’cause there’s one between. – Okay, and I will take– – One, two, three, four.
I can get to you in Manila and I cannot get to you in Tokyo. – Okay, throw me in Manila.
So I went from San Francisco to Manila because there’s a direct flight. Okay, and then I need two player cards. Istanbul. – [Katie] Not Constantinople. – Lagos, hey.
(Becca gasps) – You have seven cards, so
you have the max cards too. What does your event card do, again? – Well, I can remove any card, oh, in the infection discard
pile from the game. You may play this between the Infect and the Intensify steps of an epidemic. Next time the epidemic card gets drawn, we will get rid of
– The Seoul has one too. – [Anna] Yeah. – [Becca] Now, it’s time for
a little Infection in Baghdad. – Baghdad
– Oh. – Saved.
– Katie said no. – Such clutch position.
– Chicago. You were just there. – I was just there, so sorry. – You left one dirty needle on the floor. – It happens. – One, dirty needle. Okay, my turn? – Yeah. – Okay, so I am currently in Miami. I’m trying to get to you to
drop these reds off, right? – To me, yes.
– To the Researcher. I’m in Chinnai.
– I just want to point out that she’s not gonna be
able to get those cards ’cause then we don’t want her to get rid of all those yellows, right? – Yeah, actually I say Josh.
You party on your own terms because on my turn I’m
gonna take care of Shanghai. Go to you, on your turn,
you can take Mexico City from me and carry yellow. – Since I’m already in Miami, my first action is just
gonna be Treat Disease. So I’m just gonna get rid of
those two yellow right there. – Awesome. – I’m gonna go over to Mexico City. – Now, little caveat, rule technicality; even though you’re the
medic it’s gonna take you two separate actions because
you’re going to treat the Mellow Yellow ones.
And you’re going to treat the Big Willie Styles. – So that would be all four of my– – But doesn’t blue automatically
get treated by him? (Becca gasps)
– Yes. – Katie, you are on it.
– So smart. – It’s been cured, so yes. – I have a lot of making up to do, based on those two epidemics. – Yeah, you had so much control over that. – So I have two actions left. I will clear the disease in Miami. – [Becca] Mexico City. – And then I’ll go to–
– Los Angeles? – Los Angeles and the blue will automatically be cured on that. – [Becca] You are such a good medic! – Okay and so then the yellow, that’s it. That’s the fourth one is moving there. So now, I have to draw one of these. Johannesburg.
– Oh. – And?
– And Beijing. So I am redded up right now. – [Becca] And you are
maxed out on your hand. – That’s seven, so I
can’t take anymore cards. But, I’m good now.
– I just want to remind people that I do this Skip Infect City step. I don’t think we need it right now. But, if we get to a
place. Just a reminder. – Great. I don’t see–
– This would be, this might be a decent place
to use it though, right now. – Well, nothing could outbreak.
Which is our real concern. – Except, where you are. – Oh. – And we know that the
cards that are in there, are a bunch of black ones. – Yeah, what is the city
that you’re in right now? – I’m in Chennai.
– Chennai. – And I’m about to take care of it. But is it possible that
we could draw that card? – Yeah, we haven’t drawn Chennai. – Think Resilient
Population is a better idea. Because–
– This is all over the board. – Yeah, ’cause before
I take care of Chennai there’s actually going to be
two more Infect Cities phases and you can only prevent one of them. – Right.
– But Resilient Population– – But we would want to do this to remove it from the discard pile. And it’s not in the discard pile. – Ah, you’re right.
– Okay. – I mean, that’s why I have to do this. I’m just throwing it out
there, if we’re not worried. – So, one of you is going to draw it. If it’s in the next two. But we could totally use
it on either of your turns. But one of you will have a chance trying. – We had 12 original
discards, and we scissor it, we’re down to six in here. So there’s six left from that original 12 that we reshuffled in there. – I’m so glad that you counted those. – You sneaky.
– He did it. – It may have been 10, I don’t know. There were at least 10, so. – Okay, I love it. I love
that. I say just draw it. – Do it. – Okay, and then Katie
you use it on your turn. – Okay, oh my god. – Lagos, good pull. – There’s a little horrible monster. – Oh yellow.
– Oh Lagos. – I know where stuff is.
(someone panting) – Khartoum.
– Okay, okay this area needs some help.
– Yes. Areas need help. Okay, turn over. Turn over. – I think, Josh, you look
ambitious with those red cards. I think you can take care of it. Even though it takes you
five and not four cards to eradicate this, you already got four. – Yeah, you’re so close.
– I just gotta get to a research center – And you’re gonna give her a yellow. – And that can be any research
center in the whole map. It doesn’t have to be one
in the red zone, okay cool. – Okay, so what I want to do is– – I love it. – I want to end here and so then– – [Becca] In Delhi? – Then this can’t be, or somewhere connecting to where this is so it can’t be connected if we. I mean, I know we can play this– – You won’t even need to. – But I won’t need it.
And that was just drawn, so that won’t get outbreak correct? – Correct. – Okay, so I’ll do that. So first, I’m gonna get rid of this. – A little, what are we calling it? – The Necrotic Filth. – Necrotic Filth, obviously.
– Necrotic Filth, of course. Necrotic Filth. – Katie, if you end up in Chennai. You and Becca could also share knowledge. – True. – Before she moves on to
share knowledge with me. Unless that’s too many
turns, I don’t know. – There’s a lot of knowledge being shared. – I’m just not sure–
– I would take Algiers to pass on.
– Oh yeah. – Because after you’ve cured yellow. – [Katie] So one, I got rid of that. Two, three, hey girl. – Hey. – How’s it going?
– So good. – You heard about all these
epidemics I’ve spread? – Oh my gosh, you are
notorious around here. – I know right, it’s both been accidents
but it’s a funny story. Anyway, time is of the
essence. Do you want Algiers? – More than anything.
– More than anything. – Great. – So how many moves was that so far? – That will be my fourth,
sharing knowledge. – All right now. Just to remind everyone, the only reason I could take Algiers when we’re not in Algiers together is because I’m a Researcher. – [Katie] And that’s my turn. Oh wait. – [Becca] Flip a card. – [Katie] I always forget
about this part, that I hate. – [Becca] It’s okay,
you’re good this time. I have a feeling. – You say that every time! – Becca, next time I draw a card just don’t talk to me, okay? – Is that the common denominator? – Because that reassured me every single
time, that I’m gonna be fine. – Now, last time I called
that you were gonna flip it. – We just talked about
it every time. (laughing) – It’s okay, there’s only one
more epidemic card, right? And you’re definitely gonna draw it. – Yeah, cool. – [Anna] Yeah, could you tell us what happens
when there’s an epidemic? – Yeah, honestly– – [Josh] Look how many
cards are left in there too. – I don’t even need the card anymore because I just do it so much. – Okay, what is it, what’s step one? – Increase?
– Okay, what’s step two? – Spread?
– Infect. – Wait, wait
– It’s time. It’s time. – I can remove any one card
in the Infection discard pile and it can even be between
the Infect and Intensify steps of an Epidemic. So let’s– – Let’s infect before we
Intensify and then decide. – I can skip the next Infect phase. – Oh? – So we don’t even do this part. – Because Infect Cities step is the name of what happens on your turn. – And this is actually,
that’s an intensify. – So Infect is from the
bottom of the stack. And it’s gonna be something
we haven’t seen yet. – Great, love it. Let’s do it. – So we’re okay for now.
So, this is infect Jakarta. So three disease cubes in Jakarta. – But Katie’s there–
– I’m close by. – Close by
– So it doesn’t happen. – So it doesn’t happen at all. – (gasps) you are so
skilled at what you do. – Yeah, right? Because it
says “and outbreaks.” Right? – Yeah. – Prevent disease cube placement
in all cities connected. – You’ve had really good
placement for each draw. – We’ve just been ridiculously lucky. – Big but, so now do we want to use
this Resilient Population? Take any one card from
the Infection discard, maybe we get rid of
Lagos. ‘Cause Lagos is– – I would say Lagos or Jakarta. Oh no, we didn’t even place. – Yeah, I say Lagos.
Let’s get rid of Lagos. – Done. – Okay, and I can get rid of this card. – And goodbye to Lagos forever. – Bye!
– Bye. – And then we shuffle them up
and how many cards are there? – There should be seven now, right? – Eight, you were so close.
That was a really good guess. – Okay.
– I’m very impressed. – ‘Cause you just added one, you see. – Look at my legacy.
– Yeah, you got rid of– – Look how many cards left in the deck. That’s like half the deck and you already pulled three of them. There’s four total in there
– Did we do Intensify? – That worked out, okay
time to Infect two cities. But don’t worry, Lagos is out action, as far
as diseases are concerned. – Yeah, they’re so healthy.
– So no risk of outbreak. – Yeah, all right and so now, we did that. – Nope. Two of those.
– Oh sorry. – No, Oh, oh. Sorry. You actually
get to draw a second card because your first card
this time was epidemic. – Was the epidemic, so I do get one. If, I swear,
– It’s impossible – If this is an epidemic
card, I quit. Okay, good. – [Josh] Kolkata. – “Kolklata”?
– Kokata. – [Josh] Kokata. – In India.
– That’s really different– – Different then Calcutta. – All right, Infect cities. Miami. – Miami.
– A little mellow yellow. And, Jakarta.
– But nothing happens. – And you are touching Jakarta. – I’m touching it. Awesome. – [Becca] Because our
Infection rate went up, you get to draw three cards
from the Infection pile. – You’re welcome, everyone.
– Thank you. – You’re welcome, Seoul.
– We do blame you. – You really, are always
really worried about Seoul. – I’m really worried about
Seoul. I got friends in Seoul. – Yeah, you have been since
the start of the game. – It calls to your Seoul.
– Aww, it speaks to your soul. – Makes the soul whole. – I like calls to your soul. – Hey soul. Is that in your other phone? – My phone. Yeah, I’m on
the phone. Well, yeah. – I’ve accomplished a lot on my turn. – Thank you. – I feel good about your turn. Okay, here’s all I have
planned for my awesome turn. All I need to do is get
the lady scientist slash man with phone to, I need to get Mexico
City to him in Manila. So I’m gonna go, so that’s
one, two, three spaces away. Plus the giving of a Mexico City card, that’s all four actions. I was thinking about helping out Chennai– – I’ve got it. – You’re holding it down, you’ve quarantined that entire area. – I’ve quarantined it, so I
can’t get more cubes there. – Yeah, but I’ve just
never been to Jakarta. So I’m actually gonna go
this way. One, two, three, hey what’s up Manila? – Hey, sorry, can’t talk
I’m on the phone. (laughing) – [Josh] Text me. – I’m just gonna slip
this in your brief case because I’m a Researcher
so I don’t have to do it in Mexico City. – Oh, thanks. – Thanks, you always tell me. I get it, I know the logistics. Okay, that was my turn, now I flip Tehran. – Nice.
– And I flip, Hong Kong. – It rhymes. And then we’re
going to play Mahjong. One flip in Moscow. – [Katie] Oh, there, right. – And another in Khartoum. – Uh oh, Khartoum is getting’ in trouble. And then my third one is in Tehran. Which, I can go there
and take care of stuff. ‘Cause I just got that card.
– Heck yeah. – Okay, turn complete. – Now, it is my turn. I think, I have to be at a research station. – [Becca] You’re so close. – [Anna] So close, yeah,
I’m gonna go to Taipei. Can someone? Yeah, I’m
too busy on the phone, I can’t move myself. – (country accent) In Taipei. – (country accent) Taipei. And I’m gonna discover a
cure for Mellow Yellow. (everyone celebrates) – I only need four city
cards and I got four, baby! – Oh snap.
– So cool. – Beautifully done.
– Thank you. – Mellow yellow, murdered. – And you only had a seven in
your hand. So that’s perfect. – [Anna] Only had seven. – [Becca] So we’ll slide
this cured disease counter. Mellow yellow cured.
– So I have two turns left. I could do whatever I want, and you know what I’m gonna do? – Jakarta’s nice. – Jakarta’s nice, but I think
I’m gonna go to Khartoum ’cause they need help. And
there’s a research center there. – [Becca] Oh my gosh, so smart.
That worked out very well. – [Anna] And I’m gonna treat one disease. – Guess what, it’s cured. Which means, all three cubes go away! – Magic.
– Really good turn. – So good.
– Super solid. – Here’s a card.
– Oh god. – [Becca] We are so close. – [Anna] Oh, Santiago. – [Becca] Here’s a card. – Mumbai, baby. – Oh, so you have two–
– I have two of the reds. – And you’re on track for red?
– I’m on track for that red. But I could also clear out
a lot of the yellow too. Because I have a Johannesburg,
so we can just kind of port over to Johannesburg
and automatically wherever I go it’ll clear
up all the fuss right there. – But we have to do some
Infecting now, unfortunately. – We do.
– It’s true. – All right, three cards worth in fact. Baghdad
– Baghdad. – [Katie] Oh, I need to get back up there. – [Josh] Baghdad. – [Becca] Chicago. Nope,
not eradicated. Just cured. – [Anna] So close to eradicating it. – [Josh] Eradicating is when
all the little blue ones are removed out of the map. Correct? – Then we get to flip it, then no more of that cube can spawn. – [Anna] No more of Big Willie. – Let’s nice.
– No more Big Willie. – Now he’s but he is
(Becca gasps) I just made the connection to the genie. Think about it, blue face. Okay, we’ll work on those jokes. – Yeah, we’ll get to more genie jokes. – So it’s my turn. I’m in Los Angeles. I’ll automatically get that yellow, automatically cleared off because– – You’re magic – It has been cured.
– It’s been cured. – And then, I think, I’m
gonna go, I’m gonna pop this direct flight to
Johannesburg possibly? – Can I make a pitch, real
quick. Take it or leave it. If you just go to Chicago and Montreal– – [Josh] That’s completely right. – We can eradicate
– It’s completely eradicated. – [Katie] Oh yeah, do that. – Let’s do that. So let’s
go to Chicago, one actions. Montreal, two actions. Johannes–
– Wait, Hold on. Flip it up. (cheering) – ♪ Eradicated ♪
– Eradicated. – Just like people wanted to
the Aladdin Live Action Movie to be after they saw Will
Smith in blue face. Got it. – You know what bothered
me is his fake muscles. You know what I’m saying? It stayed flat. – Actually, that made me
really excited for the movie. But then I went on the internet and saw that’s an
unpopular opinion to have. – Aww. – I still have two actions left. – Oh yeah.
– So right? – Oh you’re right, because
you were in Los Angeles and that was a free two. – I’m gonna use this and take
a flight to Johannesburg. I’ma turn this in and
it gets rid of those. – [Becca] They let you
exchange that ticket. That you already bought. – Now, here’s the choice. I
can go to the research center. – You could also just use
your sweet, sweet powers to just start eradicating Mellow Yellow. – Yeah, that’s what I, yeah.
‘Cause I have one more move to go up north, right?
– Yeah. – And you might get a red card, so. – It’s like two for one
when you go somewhere. – Yeah, let’s go up north to
– Kinshasa? – Kinshasa and get rid of that, please. – [Becca] Good bye. Oh my gosh. – Okay, and now I draw – A card.
– Just two cards. – Just two?
– Uh oh, I’m nervous. – Please be red. Airlift, what does that do?
– What is that? – It says, move one figure to any city. Get permission before moving
another player’s figure. – Whoa
– This is really good. – Yeah, consent is important. – That’s great because
you can get a red from – Yes. – Someone. – And you can always put miss Quarantine in anywhere that you think might need it. In the middle of staying
in Infect Cities turn. – Okay cool, then I take one more card. – [Katie] That’s really nice. (Josh whistles) – Oh, Tokyo! – But you have to discard a card because you have eight cards. – One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. – [Becca] Good bye, Karachi. – Getting rid of Karachi, so I just gotta get to a research station. And we can get rid of red death. – And you’re right next to
one. So that’s taken care of. – And I’m right next to
one, but I’m out of actions. – Scarlet Letter.
– Scarlet Letter. – Scarlet Letter Fever. – Dude, red’s covered. So don’t worry about discarding your city. You can fly wherever you’d like – Love it, love it. – Because on Josh’s next
turn, bingo bango, Khartoum. – [Josh] Bingo bango, yeah. – I’m going to–
– Oh, we didn’t Infect Cities – No, we didn’t.
– We gotta infect some cities. – We got so excited. – Speaking of, it’s not my turn. I punched you.
– It’s fine. – [Becca] ♪ London calling now ♪ – Wait, no. – Oh, Big Willie’s eradicated.
(cheering) – I’m just gonna put a little lid on it. – [Josh] Yeah, close, put the lid on it. – [Katie] Oh, bye bye. – [Josh] Oh, and let’s hope it’s Chicago. – [Anna] Chicago. – [Josh] Algiers. – [Becca] Oh, are you next to it? – Oh, I don’t know.
– Oh, I don’t think so. – [Becca] Here we go. Oh,
and one more because we are– – [Josh] Three, because
we’re in the hardcore times. – [Becca] Yeah, hardcore
times infection rate. – [Josh] Istanbul. – Uh oh, not great. Not great.
– Oh. – [Katie] Okay, I’m gonna go
get back up there eventually but first.
– Turn complete. – Well done, good job. – Your turn’s complete,
great job. Crushed it. I’m going to take care of One. I think I’m just
going get rid of all these. – Cool. – And then, head–
– To Delhi? That’s a good like–
– Yeah, to Delhi. – Or, I could put you
somewhere. You know what I mean? – Maybe, you could put me in Istanbul. Which would be, feels we’re at risk. But it just depends on how
everyone else is feeling. – I ain’t worried about nothin’. – Let me, go up here for my turn. And we’ll wait. ‘Cause
you may need to send– – I can almost, I am looking at it, and if one person can
get one of those yellows. Right here in those three.
– In Lagos? – In Lagos– – We took Lagos out of the game. – Or I mean, these three right here. – Yeah.
– If we can get rid of those, then I can use this on my turn and possibly eradicate Mellow Yellow. – You’ve got a cure–
– And I could do both the red Scarlet, red letter.
– I could eradicate, You now what I’m saying? – [Anna] Yeah. – (Becca laughs) We don’t have to eradicate everything
to win the game though. So our next goal
– Oh, they just have to be – Is to cure that
– cured. That’s right, okay. – So I’m gonna go up to Delhi and then draw my cards. Chicago, doesn’t matter. – Well, that’s harsh.
– I mean, if you like cubs. I guess.
– Chicago doesn’t get anymore disease cubes.
– Sox? – You like sports?
– Bears? – [Josh] The bears, the white sox. – And
– We watch sports. Kinshasa. – One, two, three I’m just having a minute
– You did not cause another epidemic so bravo. One, two,
three, four, five, six, seven. You’re at your max. – Okay, so now you have to infect. – Now I have to infect, Chennai. – Okay, one more.
– Wait, no. – [Josh] Wait no, because
she’s parallel to it. – Yay!
– Praise the day. – [Becca] Adjacent face. – [Katie] Johannesburg. – [Becca] One, but don’t
worry it’s cured. It’s cured. – [Katie] And Kinshasa. – [Becca] But it’s gonna disappear on Josh’s next turn anyway. – [Josh] Yes. – [Anna] Oh wait, that’s
true. As soon as you, yeah. – Oh, actually what is the placement rule? Does it say that we don’t need
to place it, if it’s cured? – Automatically remove
cubes of cured diseases and prevent them from being
placed there. Perfect. – Sweet. Nice.
– So that saves the– – Just for our peace of mind.
– Yeah, love it. – Okay, and that was three? – Yeah. – Oh, it’s my turn. Okay,
Anna, you are on your phone in Khartoum. I’m gonna go, one to Taipei. Fly to Khartoum, that’s two. I’m going to give you Algiers – Love it. And give you Tehran.
– Yes. And that is what a Researcher does. And you now, have seven cards. And I’m gonna flip one, Buenos Aires. Flip two, Forecast?
– What’s that? – Draw, look at, and
rearrange the top six cards of the Infection deck and
then put them back on top. How about I do it right now? – Now? Or we close to another epidemic? – No, we’re not.
– We might be. – I’ll hold on to it. Well, because it can’t be Lagos because you have thoughtfully
removed that from the game. And it can’t be Seoul because that was placed
already in the discard. – Not what I meant, if we’re close to this ’cause then it would
be smart once the deck gets shuffled to use that. ‘Cause we know with them.
– Correct. – If we have another epidemic come– – The Infection deck, not the player deck. – Right, but once the deck goes on top we can decide where it comes.
– Yeah. Okay, cool. – I’m gonna flip one. Taipei. Flip another, Bogota. Ta da. And Mexico City. Okay. Okay. I feel good about my research.
– Heck yeah. So I’m at a research station. Which means, I’m just gonna go ahead and cure Necrotic Filth.
– Yeah! – [Anna] Cured. – It’s kind of embarrassing
for the rest of us that work for the CDC
that we haven’t cured a single disease.
– I think we have the game right here, I think we
can on the next turn. – Oh yeah. – We’re amazing. – You win, you don’t have to eradicate. You just have to cure, right?
– You just have to cure. – Love it. So really
– yeah we got it. – What I need to do now is to make sure that we prevent any– – You don’t draw the infection card. – Right
– Yes. – Because literally on my
turn, I can Airlift to– – Katie’s got a plan.
– here. – Eradicate the red, red will
be gone and that’s the game. – So
– Katie? – I will play this, which means– – What’s it called? – One quite night, we get
one nice night of rest. – Just one. – Just one, where we just skip
the next Infect Cities step. – Great. So all I have to–
– So if you draw your card Yeah. – You don’t draw Infection. – Love it, love it. Okay so,
but I still have three moves. – [Becca] Oh yeah, you
still have your whole three. – No, no. That’s okay. – I’m just gonna play it now though. – It’s good to know. All right so, I don’t know what needs to be done. Like, it just seems like
anything at this point is just like. – Yeah you can just get rid of those. – It’s like, we’re too good at our job. – We’re so good.
– We’re efficient. – It’s really, yeah. – Just party in Lagos, maybe. – Party in Lagos? Great. Bye!
– Oh, it’s already been cured. So one action erased everything. – So that was, now I have
one more action right? ‘Cause that was three? – You discovered a cure.
– Yeah. – You moved to Lagos, on a nice ferry. – Yeah. – Great cell reception. – Maybe just in case, I don’t
know what could possibly happen that would mess this up. But maybe, I just go back
to the research station just in case I need some fast travel. – Perfect.
– Cool. – Good turn, good turn.
– Thank you. – Now, here’s a card for you.
– What is it? – [Anna] Delhi. – [Becca] And, here’s
one more card for you. – Epidemic! – That’s the only thing we didn’t want. – [Anna] I’m so sorry. Okay, moving Infection
rate marker forward one. – We’re still at three.
– So here’s a question. Are we skipping this in
fact or do we skip the? – That’s called an Infect step and that’s called an Infect Cities step from One Quiet Night. So I’m gonna consider them
different types of steps. – [Anna] So we still need to infect. Okay. – [Becca] So we’re going to
infect Cairo with three cubes. – [Anna] Oh but, oh no, never mind. – [Katie] I’m not close enough. – [Anna] Not close enough. – Cairo went into the discard. – Okay, and so now we shuffle the cards in the Infection discard pile. But if you wanted to, you
could use your Forecast. – Now you can use your thing.
– Forecast. – Oh I will. We gonna Forecast. And you don’t even have to flip this time. – Yeah, that’s right. – One quiet night guys,
everybody go to bed. – Okay, so I have shuffled. And I am playing Forecast. Draw the top six cards. One,
two, three, four, five, six. Look at them, put them back in any order. We’ve got Kinshasa, that’s cool. We’ve got Johannesburg,
that’s pretty cool. Cairo, not cool. Going on the bottom. Mexico City, yeah that’s okay. Moscow, not great.
– Not cool. – And Istanbul, it can go after Mexico City. I’m happy with– And we will reverse that
order (nervous laughing). Almost got me. – You wanna make this hard for us. – Mr. Leacock, think your clever. – You are, you are very clever. – Okay, we are amazing. – My turn is done. – It is now, my turn.
– And you shall. – I’ll take the Airlift,
immediately to Taipei. – Taipei. – That’s a long helicopter ride. And then, – I love that you could’ve gone just one short drive to Khartoum. – And cure– – But no, you gotta use the card You have a private jet
waiting for you outside, why would you drive? – I’ll take the Pj, let’s go. Now, I’m using all five of these reds to get rid of the red Scarlet Letter. – Winning us, the game. – Play Big Willie Style. Guys, that is the fastest I
have ever seen the world cured. If only it were that easy in real life. – Right. – Now, was this all– – Can we get a group fist bump? – Group fist bump! – That’s what I’m talking about. – Disease
– Disease on three. One, two, three, disease! – And shout out to
Z-man games for creating the tenth anniversary edition of Pandemic. It comes in that super cool
medic case, way back there. – I thought you were
pointing to the skeleton. – Yeah, shout out to Doctor Skelly. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Nice to meet you. – Now, that’s Matt Leacock.
– Dr. Zias! – That’s fine. It’s such a beautiful version of the game. You’ve got wood tokens
instead of plastic tokens. It comes with the Petri dishes that are labeled for each disease. – They’re so cool.
– They’re very cool. – And it’s like a cool,
old timey map feel to it. Which is different from the
coloration of the original game. Well guys, it’s such a pleasure,
as always to game with you. And Josh, you’ve been on the
show before but not with me so thank you for that. – Dude, thank you for being so awesome. Thanks for having me on. – You guys are awesome.
– Yeah, Becca. – And you guys are awesome, thank you for watching Game the Game. We’ll see you next time, bye bye. – Bye! (upbeat music)

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  1. Wow, it's almost if will wheaton never did pandemic in his clearly superior board game show on geek and sundry……

  2. 23:31 They forgot that after an epidemic card is completed, you still need to do the "infect cities" stage.
    49:07 You actually DON'T replace the Epidemic card you drew with another card. The Epidemic you drew counts as one of your cards for that draw phase.

  3. You were making jokes about "randomly" getting the 4 best roles…but those aren't the 4 best roles. Not be a long shot. Opinions will vary, but in my opinion, the power 4 are Researcher, Medic, Dispatcher, and Operations specialist

  4. How did you not name yellow after Becca because of her shirt? Becca’s disease, boogie woogie Becca, questionable accent syndrome, just to spitball a few.

  5. 46:11 Funny how Becca does a rules clarification here, but it’s wrong. As other people have pointed out, the Researcher can only GIVE a player any card in any city. The Researcher still has to be in the matching city to TAKE a card from a player (in that same city).

  6. It's my fault, I jinxed you. I mentioned in the How To Play video that I'd played the Researcher wrong for years, and then y'all go and make the same mistake. The Researcher's power only works when the card is going from the Researcher to another player – it does not work when the card is going from another player to the Researcher. Otherwise, the ability would be somewhat overpowered on turn 1.

    All these scenarios happen at the beginning of the game, with everyone in Atlanta.
    1> The Operation Specialist (OpSpec) starts with the Atlanta card. For one action, he can give it to any player or another player can take it from him.
    2? The Researcher begins with the Osaka card. For one action, she can give it to any player or any player can take it from her.
    3>The OpsSpec starts with the Osaka card. As much as he might like to pass it to the Researcher before he leaves Atlanta – say, so he can spend his 2nd card to travel to a city and build a research center using his own power, the better for other players to then move to the new center – that's not how the Researcher's power works.

    RE" "randomly" getting the four best roles. As another poster said, there's debate there. Leaving the Dispatcher out? Not much debate about that, though. The ability to move players into the same city for 1 action is a tremendous asset, and the MedicDispatcher combo makes eradication more feasible. PERSONALLY I'd say Dispatcher, Researcher, Medic, and OpSpec with Quarantine juuuuust barely in 5th instead of 4th but, yeah, debate exists on this topic.

  7. No wonder how they have finished the game so early. The researcher cannot take a card from other players if the city they are staying does not match with it.
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    I've never finished a single episode of GtG (I don't even know why they're suggested to me) but reading the comments below there doesn't seem to be even one where the rules are correct.
    Personally, in terms of board game videos that cover rules, I'm a big fan of JohnGetsGames, Game Night, and rahdo.
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    Or put someone in charge of reading the rules Or at least in post instead of adding blindly the close up of cards without reading them (i.e. the researcher ability) add notes of ALL the error made.

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