Peloponnes the Card Game Extended Gameplay

Peloponnes the Card Game Extended Gameplay

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  1. 21:38 The luxury goods counter jumps inexplicably from 3 to 4; if there's a reason for this, it wasn't explained.

  2. Re: catastrophes, so, if you have four cards of that type (say, earthquake) you would lose two cards; if you had seven, would would lose three?

    At the beginning, you said if you had three, you would be protected. (Not sure I like the "round up" rule.)

  3. Great runthrough 🙂 Yet again you've made me go and buy a game I hadn't considered before!

    By the way, the comment provided at 4:55 says "…forgot to take the 1 coin that card provides when it's taken!" referring to the Port. But one-off coins are shown at a card's top right; the Port's coin is at bottom right, which means its coin is received at each Income time.

    So in this instance, I think your game play is correct and the comment is wrong 🙂

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