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  1. Hello from PH Cowsep! Hope you're making use of that Yi Keychain I gave you back at Conquerors : ^) Thanks for the pic and sig btw <3

  2. At 19:30, you show us you nonchalantly taking an inhib turret with no resistance, instead of the 0-5 teamfight that preceded it.

  3. Just saw this, just realized our Diamond players are the same as the ones hardstuck Gold…

    Our Players in a nutshell:
    Break Inhib + 4 Dead = Free Baron

  4. Koreans = They have Players that are too much IQ but they are lacking self confidence.
    Filipinos = They have players that are too noobs but never surrender.

  5. Hi cowsep please accept my friend request I'm in PH server my IGN is ThëWandëringPrø I want to duo with you in Solo/Duo ^_^

  6. I think Cowsep really underestimates the power of Sterak's Gauge, which was the perfect item for this game. Not only it was good against the burst he was receiving every time, it was great for the tenacity. If you build Sterak and get an Elixir of Iron, they can't stop you.

  7. guys help
    bronzie playa asking for help
    i dont know what the most items do
    like its the first time i know that this item gives u a stacked armor
    how i can learn more about these things
    be better at the game

  8. cowsep im ph playing ph server please gift me skin of masteryi please snowman masteryi because im masteryi main please cowsep please
    IGN:GNC Faith

  9. The free investment zone SuperVank Code: 71RNJR

    Android :

    iOS :

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