Player Tips:  5th Edition Fighters

Greetings players. Let’s talk about fifth
edition fighters. Fighters in general are
the closest things you’ll get to tanks
in Dungeons and Dragons. They get the
highest armor types, specialize in all
weapons, and excel in close quarters
combat. Fifth edition, or 5e for those hip
people out there, breaks down each class
in tp separate specialties… also known
as subclasses. Fighters get three options
in the Players Handbook: the Champion, the
Battle Master and Eldritch Knight. The
Champion is pretty much a raw power
build. The main bonus they get is an
improved critical range, starting with
being able to crit on 19 and 20 and
later, 18 through 20. Give them a big
weapon to play with and watch those dice
stack up. The Battle Master is more of a
tactician build. They can manipulate the
battlefield by allowing their party to
move on their turn, or forcing an enemy
to move by shoving them. Give advantage
or temporary hit points to teammates or
disable the enemy. If you like fourth
edition Dungeons & Dragons this is
similar to the warlord class. The Eldritch
Knight, or as I call it the Final
Fantasy build, is a magical fighter. They
get to cast spells and eventually
teleport around the battlefield. Plus you
can summon your weapon to you to look
like a total badass. All while having the
awesome killing power of a typical
fighter. So if you want to pummel your
opponents into submission, or a coma, go
with the fighter.

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  1. I know this is yet a small channel, but there's a lot of potential here! I think as you'll go on the videos will get longer, I already enjoy the MS-Paint style. If there is one complaint I have (Which doesn't actually apply to this video, since I've never seen someone give just straight up simple archetype explanations from the Player's Handbook) it's that the past videos have been pretty obvious stuff covered by other's in INTENSE detail. Still, I look forward to more videos by you!

  2. I have yet to pick up 5e as I have no one to paly with. I'd like to change that but what can you do. anyways Sounds like I should get this soon 🙂

  3. Thanks. that was specific, informative, and expedient. Now I know the basics of a 5e fighter. This would be a perfect fit in a group of videos that each covered a different 5e class.

  4. I will still pick a weak chaotic neutral anything. I don't care if I die if I can fuck shit up while I'm alive lol. I don't want the party to die but I don't want it to be boring. I'm the one that throws a fork in the paladin's toaster and tosses it in his bathtub for shits and giggles.

  5. Oh I like these vids I dont know how to play 5e so this is nice! Been play D&D for 24 years and I like pathfinders take on #.5 redo so that is where I am now. Been thinking of 5e so would like to see more of these!

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