Poker Card Game with JavaFX

Hi, I’m going to demonstrate this playing card game developed using Java & JavaFX Please remember to hit ‘LIKE’ and ‘SUBSCRIBE’ if you like this program, I will share the source code on GitHub once I reach 100 subscribers 🙂 I can capture a straight flush from this hand Capture successfully! Notice that my score has been updated Now I try to capture some random selection of cards As expected, it fails since they did not meet the criteria programmed Now I try to capture another straight flush Succeed! Note that my score increases again Now I will try to capture a 2 cards straight flush It will fail because I programmed that a straight flush should be containing minimum of 3 cards Hence, I discard some cards to the pool in order to capture them back Succeed! 😀 Now, with so little cards in the pool, I will try to capture a pair of ‘Aces’ Now, there are no possible combinations left for me to capture, therefore I will call for a new game This is just a prototype of the game and I am currently working on multiplayer for this version of game Please support me by subscribing into my channel. (Hover on the lovely Pizza icon and then click subscribe) Deeply appreciate your support!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Will you please help me to build a card game? I am kind of stuck with my java lab project…..
    All you have to do is to provide me some tips, classes and methods to build a deck of cards ,
    shuffle the cards and make players cards clickable.

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