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Portal Games Informant #27 – Modern Crime Board Game

Portal Games Informant #27 – Modern Crime Board Game

Hello yes Martin how are you? I’m fine, where’s boss?
Hi boss.
Hello hello Ignacy Trzewiczek Portal Games. The last episode Marek showed you Iwona just in a super quick …… , and I figured I need to tell you about Iwona a little bit more.

If you don’t know this guy
He’s Ignacy, and he wants to say something to you
I’m a little bit
But actually I have a super super good news, and I’m actually inside my heart
I’m super excited although you cannot see that very clearly. On 20 of September
We are releasing a new mission for the First Martians.
This is this early launch kit that we announced many weeks before. It will be a special seventh mission in the game
Precisely published 24 September
But we are doing so much more to celebrate
launch of the first Martian so you guys know about the new mission into the game
But actually will be be so much more to be a new events in the app
Do we special PDF file that is like a First Martians guy that we are working
after hours
Because it’s an epic task and me and Marek and Multiday and Greg are spending our time to improve that
We have some small tweaks that I don’t want to spoil yet, but basically this 24th September this is
real final release of the game of the First Martians
And we are going to have a lot of the amazing content for you
It will be a contest for all the people who own the First Martians
There will be be so much help for you who just put chase the game that particular weekend, so
Yes, little bit tired bad that we are working now after-hours to prepare the best best event the best release for you
for the First Martians, so stay tuned
14 days left
15 15 days left to the release First Martians in America, and it will be hopefully superlative

And this is a project in expansion for Robinson Crusoe, it’s gonna be awesome
There’s a lot of stuff I think he’s gonna
be a
Here we have a beautiful
Artwork for the new army for Neuroshima Hex as we said
in the previous episode of Portal Games informant

So something like six years ago
Maybe not years but months
We are
announced a contest a contest about
Cry Havoc’s building
And today I need to find your answers
We today received… How many copies?5000 copies 5000 copies of Diamands and how many copies of Kanagawa?
4000 Kanagawa and
And thousands of others Sea of clouds or f….. stuff, and I’m done for today. I’m done.
She’s our chief of communication as I call her and that means that we need the person to
Take all the things that happen in the office all the things that happen in the company and put them in a one brain that
Sees everything that’s happening here because for you guys as I always say you
recognize us that that we do First Martians once a year, and we do Alien Artifacts once a year
But we do so so so much for different market and at some point I said, okay, okay?
We need help and is Iwona so you will see her a lot doing the bureau’s
Because she will be presents everything. Come on. I’m a star here.
I’m super happy to have a Iwona on the board, and you will see her a lot in upcoming weeks and months
Thank you for watching a new informant.
In the next episode we will show you how the app for the First Martians looks like from our side.
We will show you how we upload new events. How we upload new scenarios.
Because we are celebrating released of the First Martians. This next week we are releasing the First Martians
And we’ll show you how we upload all the event scenarios missions etc so stay tuned subscribe to the channel until next week. Bye. Bye

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  1. Nie wiem kto tu odpowiada za dźwięk, ale spierdolił dokumentnie. Niech się nauczy into kompresor. Muzyka jest 10x głośniejsza niż mówiący ludzie.

  2. Great videos! I just beat scenario 1 of robinson crusoe on solo play after 10 attempts! The weather….my god, weather sucks! Very rewarding though. Went to the local game store and some folks had Robinson set up and were playing it and I was able to help them with the rules a bit. Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to ALIEN ARTIFACTS!!

  3. Once again a great episode! Is it Marek? [I am sorry if thats wrong] that does the video + editing? great job and I love your choice of music…oh and its NOT to loud 🙂

  4. You guys know how to make us super hyped! You are testing our patience! 😆 can't wait for Detective and FM scenario 👍

  5. Press 1 repeatedly and then 5 repeatedly! It's hilarious. It's like he's like "Let me tell you something" and she's like "No thanks, goodbye" xDDD

  6. The music isn't too loud – the words are too quiet! You need to put the audio through a compressor or normalise everything before it's mixed together.

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