Pragya Thakur Delays SpiceJet Flight

BJP leader Pragya Thakur, is famous for always being in a controversy. This time, Pragya Thakur has filed a complaint against SpiceJet claiming one of their female crew member misbehaved with her. Let me tell you what happened. Thakur had booked seat 1A on SG2489 flight and paid extra for it. She came to the airport on a wheelchair. One of the female crew members told Pragya that she can not sit on the 1A seat and would have to move. Pragya refused to accept and started arguing. The crew member apologised and said that in the first row only an able bodied person can sit. This is because if the plane is about to crash, then they can quickly open the exit door. However this would be difficult for a disabled person. This is why she asked pragya to move. She was furious as she had paid for the seat and started arguing. Crew members said they know she had booked the seat but requested her to move. This argument lasted 45 minutes. Other passengers on the flight, became very frustrated because of this. This is when one man went and spoke to Pragya directly. A passenger recorded a video of this conversation, which has now gone viral. This video went viral. Let me tell you what they spoke. The man said, “You are a BJP leader, right? When a person has any problem, you help to solve the problem right? Now 50 people on this flight are waiting because of your argument. Shouldn’t you help these people? Instead you are being stubborn and arguing. If you are not comfortable with this flight, you should book another flight.” Pragya said it is impossible to book another flight. This flight does not have first class and it service is horrible. Still she is here because she has urgent work. The man then replied and said, “First class is not your right.” But she said it is her right and kept arguing. Are not ashamed that because of your arguments 50 people are delayed? Pragya told him to talk respectfully not use the word ‘shame’. He said that ‘shame’ is not a bad word and they kept arguing. She finally accepted and moved to a different seat. However after the flight landed in Bhopal, and people started deboarding she refused to de-board and complained that the crew was rude to her.

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