Puff the Magic Dragon Deck List! Pokemon TCG Ultra Necrozma Malamar Cosmic Eclipse Deck

all right people today let’s get into
another decklist I’m excited to show off this one because this is the third time
it’ll be on the channel but this time it is a brand new look this used to be the
magic dragon it still is in spirit but today we’re gonna be talking about
malamar and ultra necrozma this is a pretty fun deck to build definitely have
some of my more rare cards in it I guess has got a lot of shiny pokemon and
holos and stuff like that so it always looks nice too and I like these sleeves
too but we’re gonna shut the fuck up about that we’re gonna get into the
actual deck list itself as I said this is a malamar deck and this deck is really
fun to play just because the malamar engine is so good there’s so many
different combinations of things you can do previously this was a malamar and
naganadel gx decklist we kind of pivoted from there we incorporated naganadel gx a
little bit for a long time but we ended up taking it out and now this deck looks
completely different almost besides for the malamar so we’re running four four
malamar this is actually pretty standard for a long time I had three three and I
thought that that might be too much but we ended up going up to four four just
because the consistency it’s so nice to get two or three malamars on the bench
it’s pretty crucial for this deck just to have enough energy load up to be able
to do some massive damage malamar if you guys don’t know its ability you’re gonna
be taking a psychic energy from the discard pile and putting it onto one of
your bench pokemons so if you have like three or four on your bench you can
potentially load up quite a bit of energy onto your bench which is perfect
for this guy our main attacker ultra necrozma for purple energy and for mental
energy you’re gonna be doing twenty plus however much purple energy is attached
to this and then you discard it all so in theory here we’re gonna be attaching
a lot of energy to this guy so that way he has like three or four purple
energies attach them he’s gonna discard them all and then that just feeds the
malamars on the bench and potentially load up a second one of these or another
one of our main attackers here he does have a gx attack here but
like the the limitation on it is so weird it’s like the total prize cards
between your opponent has to be like six or something I say it’s really weird and
doesn’t really show up too much I like to use a different GX attack in this
deck normally but we’ll get to it in a second next for consistency we’re gonna
have three jirachi this is a staple and a lot of higher tier decks this is
going to let you search out mysterious treasure and a lot of other item cards
that we need but mainly mysterious treasure just because that is such an
important part of the deck once to your treasure can search out anything in this
deck besides the jirachis obviously but we’ll get to that in a moment we have deoxys espeon this is a pretty
standard psychic type GX that people are running as in the mewtwo mew deck and
this is in most malamar decks just because it’s really good you’re gonna be
doing 10 plus 30 for how many purple pokemon that are on your side of the
field which is really good and then his GX attack is mad good you get to put a
hundred damage on your opponent’s side of the board however you want or
potentially 200 if you have enough energy so that can end up being really
good and you can pick up some nice knockouts towards the end of the game
on some baby pokemon and finally the last pokemon we have here this is kind of a
short Pokemon section we have a single prize attack with giritina this has the
attack shadow impact you’re doing 130 which is really really good this is like
GX attack numbers that’s how much he trained us 130 for three the downside
you’re gonna have to put how much is it four damage four damage counters my
bad on one of your Pokemon but that’s really not that bad you can put it right
on malamar if you want since malamar hopefully we will never go to the active
spot you’re not going to be attacking with malamar and his ability is just
kind of like the icing on the cake if he’s in the discard pile you can just
plop him on your bench from your discard pile and then put one damage counter on
to your opponent’s Pokemon it’s not like game-changing per se but it’s definitely
kind of nice so if you end up discarding him because you mysterious treasure or what
have you you can just actually just right back on your bench or potentially
if he gets knocked out you know whatever next we’re gonna head to our supporter
section we are little supporter heavy in this deck but I’ll explain
why here to fit to Cynthia there are quite a bit of supporters like I said
and item cards and stuff like that if you get a bad hand a clogged hand you
can just kind of flush it all down with Cynthia here shuffle your deck draw 6
or a shuffle your hand is your deck and draw 6 my bad next we have the supporter
of the evolution decks we have four Lillie here you can play with this number or
might be a little high this might this card might actually disappear once the
sword and shield rules take into effect they might already be in effect for all
I know but sword and shield rules on your first turn if you go first you
can’t play a can’t play a support card so her whole thing here where you’re
gonna be able to draw it so you have 8 in your hand there’s only gonna be a
very very small time you get to use that next we have roller skater
I like roller skater quite a bit because you’re gonna draw two which is you know
nice and consistent but draw two isn’t really the best but then you have to
discard card and if you discarded an energy got four which you know that’s
kind of you know perfect for this deck because you want to discard energy it’s
just like you know kind of encouraging you to discard energy and then you draw
four off of it which is really good that’s coach trainer you know coach
trainer unless you draw four so I think roller skater could potentially be
pretty big for this deck I’ve gotten to use it quite a bit it’s nice to get the
draw power wheat you know an evolution kind of deck like this you definitely
want more drawing rather than shuffling so that’s why we have a smaller number
of Cynthia and draw power however this is it to evolution heavy like it used to
be so I’m trying to get out of that mindset since we don’t have like mega
gnar dough and everything in that so it might not be that big a deal next we
have one habbo since we like to discard energy I figured how cool would be good
if you can look at a top seven but two cards from there that you like into your
hand and then discard everything else you can potentially just pick two cards
and if there’s a lot of energy in that top seven you just discard at all this
is a potentially could be harmful if you you know get a really good top seven but
you can only take two of it but usually it’s not that bad we have a decent
amount of ways to get stuff out of the discard
next we have guns Mahalo here this is pretty perfect for this deck because not
only discarding to which we like you’re gonna search for a special energy a
stadium card and the tool card and we haven’t gotten to any of that yet but
you will see why that is absolutely perfect we can search for some pretty
decent things off of that finally we have mal Elana
this is just a pretty hard if you have you only have to alternate Crossley’s in
here so you can go ahead and switch it out and heal and once again it’s a
discard energy don’t perfect next we’re gonna move to our item cards or treasure
you’re discarding card and then searching for either a psychic or a
dragon therefore you can search absolutely everything in a stick
besides Jirachi which you’re not really gonna do because you’re you probably
going to use Jirachi to find the mysterious treasure in the first place
but this is really great discard and energy find a pokemon three
pokey calm you probably take this number down if you wanted to this isn’t two
pokemon heavy but this is the only way to find Jirachi like I said so if you’re
kind of not really finding what you want you can definitely do the pokey calm
here or if you’re getting a couple too many mallomars or what-have-you just
whatever you need but I think this number can definitely go down I’m not
too attached to three here next up brie catcher now I put catcher
in here before cosmic eclipse came out before great catcher and the a great
catcher could be good for this since you’re discarding personally I like
custom catch or more not only do you get drop power if you play one but I like
the fact that you can your your not so limited to the GX factor that great
catcher has and I think it’ll be important three is kind of a weird
number it’s usually you play four or you play two or none at all
three is a weird number I do have a fourth catcher that’s not the reason but
like it I don’t know well I play around with this number quite a bit so I’ll get
back to you if I if I keep liking three captures we’ll see maybe I’ll go to
great catcher and that’s kind of the wave right now
next we have to put this in a weird order
and I have to switch cards here this is a staple sometimes you need to get
altering a craftsman out of the active so you can load him up with energy same
thing with like Garrett ena or SP on deoxys if something’s in the active that
you need to charge up with energy this is a perfect card and this is also good
for jirachi too if you happen to get stuck out there and don’t get an escape
board which we’ll talk about here in a second
finally for our normal item cards we have plan a sitting Raj Scheffel of
Pokemon and two card magnet your deck we have quite a decent amount of tool cards
I mean like not that much but enough to run this and then also this is a great
way to get ultra Macross mana or potentially Jirachi or whatever died
back into the your deck so limas fishing rods pretty good I like to run it in
this / Brock’s grit just because you know we don’t want to shuffle energy
back into our deck like Brock’s grit does so this is perfect and you get your
2 cards so that’s pretty good next removing the tool cards to be
staight and this is kind of a no-brainer since ultra Crossman is our main
attacker here and he is an ultra beasts you’re going to be doing 10 more or
every prize card do you take so that can give them quite a beefy amount of damage
that kind of puts you right over the edge sometimes that’s definitely been a
thing where the math just barely adds up to take a big knockout with beasts tight
next to round out our tool cards we have to a skateboard this is mandatory if
you’re running Jirachi gives draw tree a free retreat cost and also lets him
escape if he’s asleep which he pretty much
always will be if he’s in the active spot next we’re gonna move to stadium
cards to power plant we don’t have any G X’s with abilities so power plant is
just kind of a kind of one of those cards just to fill the space we
definitely like stadium cards here this is good to get rid of lysander labs or
just you know whatever fancy prism star card your opponent might have depending
on their deck stuff like that and it shuts down a lot of decks to like
Calvillo since that Arceus deck is definitely
running around so this is pretty good to run I like this överkalix we’ll just
because we don’t have any of it and then finally for stadium cars we
have Viridian Forest I like Viridian Forest not for the
searching for energy but the fact that it reliably lets you discard one energy
per turn basically you’re discarding in it you’re
discarding something so that way you can search for an energy in your deck but it
just allows you to get a reliable discard per turn because it definitely
hurts when you’re playing and you have a bunch of Pokemon to the bench you know
you have mallomars stuff but you just don’t have any energy in your discard
pile to charge up speaking of energy we’re gonna round it off with our energy
we have one beast energy prism star this is another one of those no-brainers
since ultra Kozma is our main attacker he is an ultra beast this is a rainbow
energy and also does 30 more damage is just an attached to an ultra beast so
why the hell not it seems pretty good though this definitely happens many
times like I said before so we have the we have Guzman how as my how how uh-huh
goes Mahalo you can search for a stadium card special energy and then a tool card
so you get that beast ight and boom you are a fully loaded ultra Crossman right
there so even if you have 1:1 energy attached to you that’s a hundred plus 30
from the beast energy and then plus our Murray prize cards you’ve taken that’s
pretty decent damage just for two energy and then you’re discarding so I don’t
mind if I do finally for basic energy we have to
steal this is just for the requirement on ultra no Kozma you don’t want to run
too many of these because discarding it does not help you cannot move that out
of the discard pile with malamar and then we have nine I believe it’s nine
purple energy here you don’t have to run a high number of purple energies here
just because they’re pretty much always going to be in the discard pile rotating
in and out off of ultra Kozma into the discard and then back onto them again so
our high purple energy count is not necessary but yeah that is the deck this
is a really fun deck it’s not as tool boxy as the rushes are decklist I just
recorded that one that’s why soulful my mind but I it’s it can be very
consistent when she gets the Jirachi cheese out if you dump a bunch of energy
into the discard pile you can easily be set up to take many many prize cards
with this and then plus with you know you’re just getting rewarded
for taking more prize cards since it is a little bit of an evolution deck at the
beginning at the very least when you need to get malamar up the draw cards
are definitely necessary and you have just a lot of tools to rely on to be
consistent so it ends up being a fun deck and you can definitely take some
good wins with it like I have I think that’s all I have to present to you guys
if you have any suggestions for this deck please let me know below if you
have a mallomar deck what are you doing differently what do you like did you get
any good ideas from this I hope so we don’t have any proxies this is a
tournament ready deck which I’m always proud of yeah I’m gonna get the fuck out
of here thank you guys so much for watching and we will catch you in the
next episode

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