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  1. If you get Rank 1, what item will you choose? =P

    (Also… Leave all your questions in the comments in case you didn't understand something!)

  2. why the less voted digimon being pick as winner? I so confused about this puppetmon ballot card event? anyway thank for info.

  3. Whats a shiny high powered star core ring? Does it have max stats, or 5 options or do the numbers reach higher values then miracle ring or radiant ring?

  4. No entendi, osea que por ejemplo si el agumon es el mas votado y tengo todos mi votos en el pero el raptor es el menos votado, salgo rank 1?

  5. Question the tamers who voted on the winner card and get 1 ''puppetmon's reward'' will it be random or we can choose beetween the seal open archive and all the others items of the list cause whit my shitty luck i bet i'll get chicken if it's random ;c xD

  6. so the item with the least votes wins ? so should we put 1 vote on that item for a higher chance to win that item ?

  7. Prefiro ter 100% de chance pq os caras que vão dar all-in provelmente já vão pegar os ballot nas duas primeiras horas do jogo e investir.

  8. Q1 : if i win will my account safe? because the winner got half of their ID leaked!

    Q2 : It is possible to ask for the item you want to tradeable?

    Q3 : if i don't use the 1st/2nd/3rd round ballot can i use them on last round? 3500 x 4

  9. Im confused again so can we vote only 1 ballot or what.. or winner are choosen as who vote most but has least vote in puppetmon ?

  10. Miracle earings,SERVER EXCHANGE ITEM, purple vice ,soulmon hat permanent. the others you may get it in time
    What is very fast shoes?
    Omegamon service has many people playing, lucemon is almost empty

  11. E se eu pedir pra ter acesso a qualquer area inclusive as que ningurm foram ex as duas de ice/e se alguem pedir o ebemon ou labramon :v

  12. my question is , the digimon winner is with more low votes example agumon 1kk votes and veemon 500k votes so the winner in this case is veemon ?

  13. what if 2 or more players have 3500 on the winner cards :v? you said if diff by 2 mins? so the one putting it first wins?

  14. I love how on Lilithmon somehow everyone got how it work and all the mons have more or less the same number of votes… Except for Veemon, which has, like, 6 times as much. Found the dumbest fanbase, I guess 😛

  15. If I save all my ticket and the last day me and my friends use it for vote the winner digimon, me and my friends will get the reward for rank 1?

  16. man, this game is dead now (i mean the gameking version). especially in the omegamon server… boter everywhere in the map… the price is ridiculously high (some item even got tripled their original prices) i have share all of my teras and everything i have then i deleted my avatar for good.. (sorry my english is very bad)

  17. guys what happend to macro my color picker only detcect black help? ps. i only use macro when im on work nothing more

  18. If I become rank 1, could I ask for:
    1) Kaisergreymon or magnagaruramon? (Probably not)
    2) Money? If yes, what is the maximum amount I could ask for?

  19. And after maintenance there's already 1000+ votes on the cards Wth is wrong with their rules ? They're all wrong! They can't even afford to explain an event in decent manners…

  20. if i got rank 1 and i play on steam how do i get my reward they said i must using my rank 1 account to qna [gameking] sorry for my bad english

  21. Guys imagine if a lvl 20 tamer wins and uses the rank 1 spot for like a mystery mercenary…. OR EVEN A CRACKED DIGIGEGG

  22. Vc disse q o primeiro com uma diferença de 2 mim ou menos,mas,e se duas pessoas colocarem 3500 dentro desses 2 min?

  23. hi , one question
    i get rank 1 for puppetmon card , but im playing on steam account how to claim the reward as the gameking website shown
    "You must log-in with your own account when you request for the 1st Rank Winner reward."
    please help me , any ideas

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