If there were a popularity contest for games,
Quarto would be Class President, Prom King
and Head Cheerleader all into one. The object
of one of the world’s most award-wining games
is seemingly simple. It’s a two player game
and you start off with all of the pieces off
of the board. Then, my opponent picks a piece
for me to play and I can play it anywhere
on the board. Then, I pick a piece for my
opponent to play and they have to place it
anywhere on the board. The winner of the game
is the person who can get four in a row, vertically,
horizontally or diagonally, where all four
pieces share at least one common attribute.
For example, there are tall pieces and there
are short pieces. There are dark pieces and
there are light pieces.There are square pieces
and cylindrical pieces. And finally pieces
with a flat top and pieces with a divoted
top. So in this scenario, if my opponent selects
for me a short, dark, cylindrical piece with
a flat top, I would place it here and win
the game because there are now four pieces
in a row that all share a flat top and that
was a bad choice for my opponent to make.
This handsome, crafted-from-wood game also
looks cunningly-cute on a coffee table. Smart
and sexy.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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