Replay Pro Yoyo Review

This yoyo is the Replay Pro and this yoyo
has us really excited because we haven’t seen
a yoyo at this price point, coming in at under
20 Dollars, that has this level of performance.
There’s a lot of qualities that this yoyo
has that allow it to play that well so we
will just get right to it. The first thing
that you are going to notice about this yoyo
is this plastic, it is a really durable polycarbonate
and if you are familiar with the Flight yoyo.
You will see that it is the same kind of plastic
and what we have found with the Flight yoyo
is even though it is an Offstring yoyo and
even though you are hitting it on the ground
and it is bouncing all over your house, it
has held up extremely well. So we have high
hopes that the Replay Pro is going to prove
just as durable. The other thing you are going
to notice about the plastic is that this area
right here right around the yoyo is extremely
thick, so if you think of the overall weight
of the yoyo, most of it is going to be centered
right here, right around the edge. That is
going to give it a lot of its distinctive
play features, most notably is that it really
doesn’t tilt all that much while you are performing
advanced tricks and it is not going to turn
a lot while you are doing your tricks as well.
So there is other qualities about this yoyo
that help that, and to see those we are going
to open the yoyo up.
Now when you first get your Replay Pro you
may find it squeaking a little bit when you
take it apart. The reason for that is just
because the bearing is fitting really tightly
onto the bearing seat. That is actually not
a problem at all it is not going to affect
play or even be a problem that it squeaks
a little bit when you open it up. So you don’t
need to worry about that. The bearing is actually
one of the notable things about this yoyo.
This is a CenterTrac Bearing, which is a 10
Dollar bearing which is pretty impressive
considering this whole yoyo typically costs
right around 16 Dollars. So in some sense
you could say this was kind of an extravagance
that was not really necessary but it shows
YoYoFactory’s commitment to making this yoyo
play as good as possible. Because it has got
a CenterTrac Bearing this also is part of
what contributes to its ability to resist
lean during difficult tricks.
The other thing that helps a lot is you can
see right off of the response pad, the wall
kind of drops down, people have taken to calling
that a zero wall right now and its the same
type of thing. It helps it have extremely
long spin times and also helps it resist those
leaning tendencies that yoyo’s can have. So
when you want to perform maintenance on this
yoyo because the bearing is going to fit pretty
tight on the bearing seat. You are going to
want to use a multi-tool, the nice thing is
because of the plastic it actually comes off
pretty easy even though it is pretty difficult
to get it off with just your hands. Replacing
it will be really easy as well. Of course
just like any bearing you are going to want
lube that bearing with thin yoyo lube. So
if you end up getting the Replay Pro Players
pack it is going to come with both of those
items, the yoyo, the multi-tool and as well
as the lube.
Assembly is pretty straight forward because
there is no spacers or anything it just fits
right on the plastic and then you can just
put the yoyo right back together. You will
also notice it has the standard slim 19mm
pads, in this case it came with blue, which
we are a really big fan of and it works really
well with this particular model.
So one of the more unusual design choices
about the Replay are these caps on the inside.
If you are anything like me you are going
to be tempted right away to pop those caps
out and see what is underneath and we highly
recommend that you don’t do that. One of the
reasons is if you were to pop the cap off
you what you would find is that the plastic
around the bolt underneath the cap is actually
molded right around the top the bolt and so
if you try to push this bolt through the yoyo
it will actually crack the plastic and ultimately
break the yoyo. And YoYoFactory has commented
to us specifically that the caps are not just
a design choice but they actually help the
yoyo perform as well as it does so just in
general, removing the caps is best to be avoided.
So the one thing that we really can’t communicate
to you through a video is just how good this
yoyo feels to hold it, and to throw it and
to play with it but of course we can show
you tricks. Lets get right to it.
So one thing that we really like about the
Replay Pro, is that really actually good for
a wide variety of tricks and if you are style
developing your own style thats going to help
you out quite a bit. Now one thing that you
may not expect is that it is actually really
good for regenerations and even though it
is probably not designed for finger grinds
it is actually not half bad at hitting those
as well. Now if you look at this area right
here because it backs up into the yoyo a little
bit, it is actually not half bad for your
off axis finger spins. And speaking of off
axis, because of its ability to resist tilt
it is not a bad yoyo if you are starting to
get into off axis to kind of get used to how
those tricks work and even to learn your off
axis fundamentals.
So if you are comparing this yoyo to metal
yoyos that are twice the price, it is not
going to quite compete on that level especially
for yoyos that are designed for grinds and
for really advanced play. But for pretty much
any yoyo that is under that 20 Dollar price
point, including some of those metal yoyos
that you can find on the market. What we found
is that other yoyos they just can not hold
a candle to the Replay Pro. And so we are
really excited to be able to make it available
to you, definitely check out our pack, the
Players Pack for the Replay Pro. That has
everything you need to get the most out of
this yoyo and that is YoYoFactory Replay Pro.

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