Rewarding Your Players! (Game Master Tips)

MATT: Hello! My name is Matthew Mercer. I’m a
voice actor and the dungeon master for Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role, and welcome to my fun
little video series on tips and tricks for game masters and dungeon masters alike. Today, we’re
going to be discussing player rewards (sinister chuckle). That’s right, players. We’re talking
about you, and what makes you happy. [trumpet fanfare] First and foremost, money’s always good! Giving
away money in the game as general currency is a helpful way to reward players for finding cool
little hidden alcoves, for defeating powerful enemies, for completing story arcs. Gold is that
kind of open currency in role playing games, or credits and other forms of currency in sci-fi and
modern games. It’s always a good go to, but you want to consider the current player level and what
their financial situation is, and then provide rewards accordingly. If the players have come into
a heck ton of money through just sheer luck or if they’ve earned it, then maybe start considering
other alternative rewards that aren’t directly monetarily just building onto that giant treasure
hoard that they’ve been building. Keep it interesting. Also keep in mind not all
enemies drop gold. There’s nothing weirder than killing a bugbear and it coughs up 56 gold pieces. You wonder: first off, where it hid it, and two,
how’d you find it? Consider that some of these creatures or things
that wouldn’t carry money on them may have spirited away from the corpses of things they’ve
killed and brought them to hidden alcoves or nests or burrows where they live. You’ll find it
under all the sticks and refuse in that area. You might find some pretty cool items or sacks of
money that was left behind by these unfortunate souls that crossed this creature’s path in the
past. There’s also private collections that bad guys may have in their abode, or crooked merchants
may keep a secret cache of hidden artifacts. There are cool ways to find loot after a battle aside
from just finding it in their pockets immediately on them. That’s what we’re used to in video games,
but it doesn’t have to be that way. Another cool way to reward your players and a
consistent way to do it: equipment upgrades! Whether that be cool futuristic sniper rifles, or
a magical flaming shortsword, most systems have a really good way to track player advancement and
corresponding equipment power levels. Usually these are in the game master’s guides or those
sections of the systems, but they’ll have some good suggestions as to when and how often you
should dole out these type of equipment-based rewards. Make sure you don’t want to dole it out
too often, because one, they lose their impact and their cool factor when the players do find them
and all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh look, another magical shield.” They just throw it over their
shoulder. They become less appreciative of these cool rewards, and it kind of unbalances the game.
Which, if this does happen, especially if you’re new to the GMing system and after a while you
realize, “Oh, the players are really well decked out in powerful stuff and they’re killing everything I
throw at them that should be a fair challenge.” You’re in control of that spigot. Make it tight,
slower trickle. Give out different things for a while and let it balance itself out.
Totally doable. Also don’t be afraid to customize and create
equipment and items if you can’t find something in the books, or the Dungeon Master Guide, or any of
the treasure hoard supplements you out find out there that fit what you want to give the players.
Feel free to create stuff. They can be tailored to players, or tailored to in-game events, and if you
are worried about it not being balanced or being too powerful or too weak, there’s a whole
wonderful thing called the internet. There are wonderful tabletop RPG communities that are more
than willing to give you feedback on items before you dole it out to a player. You can go on forums,
go on Reddit and be like, “Hey guys! Does this seem cool?” and they might be like (angry), “No!
That’s too powerful!” or “No, that’s bullshit!” in which case, you just go ahead and tweak it.
Criticism can be harsh on occasion but they’re all there to help, they’re all there to help each
other make a better experience. Don’t be afraid to ask the internet
for some balancing help. There are also alternative rewards you can give
out, outside of both money and items. You can give bonus experience points if someone does something
really cool in a game, or completes a really major story arc. Just give them a little bump of XP to
get them to that next level a little faster. There’s also jewels and rare art pieces or
contraband that can be found, that can be traded or sold in other aspects of the world if you have
the right connections in that society. Which is cool if you have the opportunity and the time, you
can create actual small props when you give these out. You can find plastic jewels pretty cheap
online if you wanted to give someone a few actual gems at the table. If someone wanted to find a
rare art piece, you can actually get like a really cheap picture frame and pass it over. It’s cool to
create small props when you’re giving out some of these rewards that might correspond to it as well.
It elevates the experience for the players at the table. Some rewards could be alliances. If you end up
doing something really cool in a city or within a society, you might through that experience gain
new allies. That can lead to access to new merchants, and the ability to purchase things you
couldn’t previously have access to, having discounts on those commerce, finding rare
equipment that now, as opposed to being found, can be purchased and now readily at your access. Other
cool things, especially if they are dealing with RPGs that have gods or magic power that is beyond
the mortal realm, you can be granted boons. These boons can be like, if you do something really good
for a good deity and help defeat evil in a land and cleanse it of some curse, the deity that looks
over that realm might come down and be like, “You. “You are my chosen champion. For this good gift, I
grant you…” and they touch that player, and all of a sudden they are given a permanent plus one to
their constitution. That’s a reward you can totally do and it kind of fits into the theme, and
it’s a pretty awesome ability. It could be even temporary boons, like for the next month or so you
have additional resistance against this type of damage. They can be permanent or temporary
boons, but they also work as good story rewards. Also, transportation! If you do a cool story, you
might get a new mount, or you might manage to commandeer or be granted a great spaceship that
can travel twice as fast across the galaxy, or is able to warp to previously inaccessible portions
of that galaxy. Even just faster transport to get you from point A to point B a lot quicker. Those
make for great rewards and there’s overall the progression reward. Which is the access to
previously inaccessible areas on your map. That involves getting access to or paperwork that
allows you to bypass a barrier that previously you could not. There was a landscape that was
previously at war with the kingdom that you’re part of, and once you manage to stop that war, you
can now enter that kingdom without being attacked. You have access to all the secrets and all the
knowledge and all the power that that kingdom has. That’s a really great long term reward
to add to the story as well that could tie into all the rest
of what I just discussed. Looking over these, think of what different,
creative ways you can reward the players as your story goes on to keep it both interesting, varied,
and for you at least, feel like you’re appropriately rewarding different
cool actions and successes that the party manages to achieve as they progress. Thank you so much for watching! I hope this has
been somewhat helpful and entertaining for you as a dungeon master, game master, or otherwise. You
can check out more of these videos on and I will see you around, one
way or another.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. An item that my players have dueled over many times was a Cloak of Epic Billowing. It was a big, white cape that flaps epically in the wind at all times, even when there isn’t any wind. There’s also the Orb of Slope Detection, and Ring of Fire Detection, both of which were pulled from online and the players have been trying to pawn off.

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Noon!

  3. As a player (Currently on my first playthrough but already knew the gist of it), it's awesome when I find cool loot. But I'm playing Pathfinder as a Magus with Black Blade, meaning that any cool weapons that I find are either not as cool as a sentient Blade that gives the awareness fest and some extra stats, or they're better suited for other players. So the only cool things that I can find and use are rings and armor. I've only found a +1 protective ring so far though 😅 It gets a little annoying when I never get the satisfaction of better loot.

  4. I have a player that is very Reward hungry. Like he is playing FOR the rewards. Its exhausting because he is so greedy and I cant give him more because it would be unbalanced =-=

  5. Voice actor and DM for dhdiciwnskcidi critical roll… i get that whoever is familiar with your work already knows what you do and for whom, however it might be beneficial to consider you might speak a bit too quickly for new subscribers. Especially because they might like your work enough to look up more things you're involved in (insert subtle hint). Still a good video though 👍

  6. The very first magic iteam I madwas for my players was a trumpet that had 6 charges that whould be used to fire a brass dragon attack

  7. Every time I hear your name I go back to Skyrim's thieve's guild and want to instinctively punch you in the face. Every. Time.

  8. thanks for the tips! I've been trying to figure out appropriate rewards for players. thankfully I can do some treasure hoards as well given that there going to be in open waters and between islands. theirs plenty of ship wrecks. This helps with random encounters though

  9. I never give out simply +1, +2 etc items, but give items some sort of quirk or minor ability or curse to make them unique and interesting. One great source (for D&D 5e) for this is: which can be the only power of an item at low levels, and be added to a + item for flavor at higher levels. This is but one example site of many.

  10. This is real heckin late, but I think a cool way to keep players engaged in magic items is to not tell them right off the bat what they do, so that there will be a tinge of intrigue and mystery, or pride when one member of the party figures it out, or the hilarious moment of accidentally finding out what it does.

  11. I personally love rewarding my players with knowledge whether the information was found in the diary of a mad alchemist or interrogating a backwoods hermit blacksmith who though his demonic deity has been given the knowledge of how to perfectly cast stone as steel this way also leaves room for great RP action

  12. I wrote up a campaign for Good/Neutral aligned party, but the players drew up Evil PCs. It was no problem for me reworking the motivation, and they did eventually face off against the mindflayer lich who was playing to be the Paladin Emperor in a holy theocracy. I think they loved the reward for destroying him I gave them more than the titles, land, and money I had drawn up if they were a good party- "You have 24 hours before we hunt you down like the dogs you are." They spontaneously cheered out of character before fleeing the nation in character.

  13. Yeah, a gnoll i had attack my players had a human stick up his pants that had gold pieces. Just make it creative, right?

  14. Something I like to do is give out shitty items that are worth a lot to "Collectors" I do give a chance to see of they would know what the item is or recognize it that it is a collector's items .

  15. As a GM I had a group that played an epic campaign they worked from level 1 characters all the way up to epic level. During the last cataclysmic battle when the numbers were hopelessly against them it came down to a character called Saint Paxon, a true believer of the faith calling on divine help to secure a victory. Behind my GM screen, I had a range of effects 49 and down, everyone dies in a variety of horrible ways. 51 and above the party survives to see another day. 50 on the nose however, the power of the gods flows through Saint Paxon imbuing all the characters with a portion of the essence of the divine being elevated to minimum level 20. Those that already were that high up were suitably rewarded as well. When I rolled and it came up a 50, I couldn't say a word. I had to drop the screen, and flip around my effects chart. In game, the divine light made Saint Paxon glow brightly, and then beams of that divine light radiated out from his body striking the party. The party survived, but that divine light had a very detrimental effect on any of the evil hoard it touched. Hell of a way to win a fight with impossible odds.

  16. My GM uses Role-Play points. It means that every time we make an intelligent choice, handles something well or play our characters well, he writes down the point in his book. One Role-Play point = Character level*100 Experience points.

  17. In my latest campign I have given the players a very front loaded rewad. Well…. kind of. The adventure hook was that they have inherited a mysterious old castle, and they quickly have found quite a lot of magical items. However most of them seem to be either cursed or, simply very quirky, and they are not sure what some of them do yet or what finding out would result in.
    They seem to be having a good time figuring out what items are troublesome problems to be dealt with and what items are usefull, or in some cases worth dealing with some trouble to benifit from. 🙂

  18. My DM gave me a stone of detect gravity. If it falls, gravity is still working and if it isn't gravity isn't. Despite it being a gag item, i still messed around with it to the point where he decided to turn it somewhat useful. If i throw it a certain way and hit something, the thing floats up 150 feet in the air and takes fall damage. Downside is so do I.

    I love that stone.

  19. One of my favorite ways to explain why the non-intelligent monster has the gold (like, say, a troll) I say to my players "As you carve into your kill, you find a small sack. It seems some poor sod got eaten, without being chewed much. Fortunately for you, that sack has (insert some amount of money)!" or something along those lines.

  20. Great advice! I’ve been working on some stuff for a West Marches game and I’m actually putting stuff for PC levels in the world to find, like spell books and hidden knowledge pertaining to the principles of magic or warfare, and you gain levels as you learn techniques. I’m even making mini-classes called Disciplines based around battle tactics or magic item crafting, even travel. I’m excited about it.

  21. I suppose he meant Owlbear? I see nothing wrong with a Bugbear carrying currency, being an intelligent Humanoid and all…

  22. In terms of getting gold from monsters, I've been doing a sort of loot system where my party gather up monster parts and several them to merchants for cash.

  23. In the viking campaign I am running, I told the players that it would be very low-magic adventure from the start. They have found a few pieces, but mainly their favorite item (mostly weapons) have evolved throught their exploits. Imagine the axe of Ragnar Lothbrog – a powerful weapon in his hands, but in someone elses hand, its just an axe. These items then evolved everytime the group accomplishes something great – like saving christmas 2 weeks ago, and the power of the item grows. From +1 to +2, from giving the wearer a warning before a battle, to actually give advantage on stealth. The imagination is the limit, and it is very popular. Makes them more interested in doing great deeds, than slaughtering things for loot. Money will only help so much, when you are already the wealthiest in town. 🙂
    I made every item have 6 "levels" of advancement. Every piece is evolving according to the player it belongs to. What do they desire? What have they suffered through? Good fun to come up with.

  24. I have given out several NPC favor tokens from temples and other factions. Funny thing is my players have never cashed one in – even in a few times it would have been expedient and helpful to do so. My players are horders I guess.

  25. Gave my player a steampunk motorcycle thay turns into a magic chainsaw for his steampunk mechsuit. Best day of his life.

  26. One of my players is an Air genasi, so he can breathe underwater. Another one of my players is a wizard with minor illusion. They came into a tiwn, and the wizard used minor illusion on the genasi, and challenged people to drown him. One man offered 300gp to drown him. My players earned 300gp from an amazing scam.

  27. Reward – Monster knowledge for defeating a monster, like discovering a weakness. (for this you gotta keep the Mob Manual under lock and key)

  28. My first and last DM could have benefitted from this video. He didn't calculate experience and handed out levels whenever he felt like it, gave everyone magical items at the same time, and had several gods appearing before their respective followers many times telling us how great it is that we're on this quest.

    One time he had a dwarven god show up personally to excise a dracolich tooth(a Dracolich that by my count should have leveled us, though we got that level several sessions and battles later)

    I eventually got bored of it being so epic all the time I quit

  29. I like to give mid/high level crafting materials to low level parties. That way they have to find someone to make it for them. It keeps them invested , provides a future plot hook and leads to a great reward.

  30. Always check their prison wallet, it ain’t a fun job but it’s the job that pays in magical maces and halberd guns.

  31. My favorite type of rewards to give my players, are thing that can be upgraded, so they have something to spend their money on. Things like a run down building, or just a plot of land. The best reward I think I have come up with was a magical wagon. It started as a normal wagon, but as they dump gold into it, they can upgrade different aspects like defenses, a second floor with cover, or only the inside gets bigger and eventually becomes a full building

  32. I was thinking of boss loot: roll a die and the number you get is a certain piece you get. What do u think?

  33. One of the players in my group often asks the DM “do I find any cool rocks” and during the 1st session they found a dead lich skull. At another session I asked if I found any cool rugs or furniture and I ended up with 2 very fine rugs and some nice furniture.

  34. My DM gave one of the players a axe that in different parts of the story he could earn gems that were used to buff his axe, but the gemstones were only gained through doing something that would damage others around you. For example the first stone was found in a living tree that supported an entire environment and a town nearby but was brought to life by the stone. So if he took it he would buff his axe but destroy an entire ecosystem and a town we could use to buy goods

  35. in my dnd group stuff got too powerful at around lvl 15. a party member rolled a nat 20 and so the dm let him combine a few magical weapons with some glue stuff we found. he now has +16 to hit and does an average of 150 dmg when everyone else does around an average of 30-40.

  36. Rewards can come in the form of privileges, titles, gifts, and grants…All those scrolls and ribbons in the artwork for Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay, for example, might represent licenses and passports–badges–just like people wear in modern corporate environments. King Arthur Pendragon RPG talks of "Chivalric Weapons" meaning things like swords might be illegal in the hands of anybody but a nobleman. Dungeon Crawl Classics characters who survive to first level might earn their "right to bear arms" and be decorated as heroes in a legal ceremony to make it official. Heroes who save a town might never have to pay for anything in that town again; a badge bearing some seal of authority might certify such special privileges, especially if official "heroes" are commonplace in the game world.
    …Just some ideas.

  37. In the campaign i’m currently running there is a running joke that was created from one of the players tiefling rogue’s quirk in the fact that he’s incredibly horny so everytime someone goes into a tavern they try there hardest to find “some high quality tiefling titties”

  38. If i ever DM a session, I'm adding a coven of night hags into the environment, and if they defeat all of them at level 2 or 3 i'll give them a homebrew item, such as a wand which basically casts Magic Missile but at 1d12 force damage, and it has 8 charges per long rest

  39. 1:58 wouldn’t a flaming sword just cauterize the wound. Like I know it sounds cool but is it really an upgrade from a say like a kitchen knife.

  40. Never played tabletop RPGs, but I'm making a mobile RPG game and I find this video pure gold, so many awesome ideas!

  41. I created bounties in my campaign world, players kinda know cutting off the toe of a giant or the ear of a kobold is a sellable item

  42. what are you top npc in the campaign

    im the gm in the campaign im doing now

    1. Vendysa a male dragonborn sorcerer and he works in the main towns blacksmith
    2. Ashlynn a female elf warlock she works in the main towns bar an no one trust her she is also the first npc the party meet
    3. Tadriel a female aasimar warlock and no one can understand her
    4. Percival a male aarakocra bard the party don't know much about him he has just come to the town and he comes from the town sakana

    we have just started playing this campaign and im play with my family we all come togther time to time and we all love dnd

    in the party there is a a half-elf to dwarf a gnome and a human

  43. The Fighter: it's been along day, my friends. Let's stop at the tavern for a drink.

    (The Next Day) Whew, what a fight! Let's go to the pub for a beer.

    (Repeat for 20 years, and you have the grizzled, alcohol-addicted veteran warrior sitting in the corner of the bar

  44. Matt as always thank you. I look forward to the day I DM or GM .

    The actual real world physical rewards is a dope idea . Especially if it's tied into , in game rewards .

  45. One thing that can be a great reward and is often the reason for doing a side quest is information, especially for the less lawful acting people:
    They find a letter tying a local merchant to a cult of orcus.
    Or they might find the location of a long forgotten ruin of a temple made for Tiamat through an old map.

    Maybe some seemingly useless like that there is a marriage between the butchers boy and the smith's apprentice planned. Which the ones in question might not yet know about

    Also things like when someone is somewhere, especially villains or important figures or even just patrolling guards.

    Maybe the information is dangerous and deadly, like the Rogue finding out that one of the closest advisors for the king is a spy who had people killed in the past quite a lot just for knowing this secret. It's also a great way to influence an encounter like the thief getting caught.

    A merchant might let them go with some information (which might be intentionally wrong and misleading, like "an invading force will attack Port Icecrown" , while the force actually will attack the nearby towns of Greenhill, Hayfall and Woodbridge.).

    This can also work for harmless npc at the mercy of a character. Maybe the girl caught stealing from the Rogue doesn't have money or so but instead knows all the rumors going around will be a new source of information for the party. Especially against compensation.

  46. My players have been tearing into the digestive systems of various man-eating monsters to find any surviving loot. One of them is a lizardfolk and the other is just an obsessed salesperson looking for stock to sell at exorbitant prices

  47. You should shout out to Dungeon Craft channel, he totally covered many of these points when no one else’s has, give him the love he deserves

  48. Tailoring some of your magic item rewards is SOooooo cool and useful. Finding something that an NPC enemy might have found (perhaps even the item that gave them the power to lead their cadre of baddies) and use against they party is epic. Making sure it's either valuable in some other way or useful to the party somehow is just icing on the cake; it could even be a quest in and of itself with a little thought

  49. 1:02 Classic Final Fantasy in a freaking nutshell xD

    Edit: Also this kind of reminds of the system used in FFXII, where instead of dropping gold and such, the enemies would drop their hides or other valuable parts that can be sold, and then used to make certain items using the bazaar

  50. 2 setions ago my Tiefling Rogue fought 2 trolls by him self… My DM gave me the title of Troll Slayer and to me is the coolest reward I've gotten ever

  51. There was this time when i was having my first campaign as a DM and i botched itens so hard in one of the sessions (I've lost my notes) i couldn't tell the price of weapons… The paladin asked for a Greataxe and I said it costed 100GP… Oh my Khyber, the memories are painful and they still hurt to this day. My players always go "i hope it doesn't cost 100GP"

  52. Recently my DM rewarded my character (a wolfkin bard) with a prank shop full of potions that gave people mustaches and candies that turned into frogs when you tried to eat them. I bought over two-hundred items and it cost me less than 80 gold. It was a good day. 🙂

  53. I remember dragonfable actually explained why creatures had gold when they really shouldn't.

    There is this girl that was going out knocking out all these monsters and just giving them gold

  54. in my very first campaign my party ended up with 3 rings of invisibility at level 2. i realised soon after that that is a LEGENDARY ITEM

  55. Im testing out a new prestige system that can help decide when to give stuff like discounts from merchants or favors from nobles. Im doing this with different factions

  56. When a PC has an item that is unbalanced in the campaign, it can be stolen to start another part of the adventure. It also fun to have an overpowering NPC come up and want his or her family heirloom back.

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