Rubberband Man – Stripes Mud Wrestling

Rubberband Man – Stripes Mud Wrestling

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  1. Would you guys agree that a guy going female mud wrestling is a fucking gift from god. think about it…what other thing in this world can provide the amount of fun that female mud wrestling does? pretty girls. swimsuits. mud. five girls vs. you in the mud…imagine the possibilities!

  2. boobies and funk music….what more could a guy ask for? (them strip off in front of you? it just got better!)

  3. The use of this song in Infinity War was truly awesome……but it still takes a back seat to Stripes!

  4. No one ever notices, but that's a young Bill Paxton in uniform sitting the left of John Candy when Bill Murray and John are talking at the table. He was just an extra, but he's in a few different scenes of the film.

  5. The very beginning of this clip shows the very typical US military post town consisting of pawn shops, strip clubs and the only two missing businesses in this scene are the car dealerships and tattoo shops. Timeless 🙂

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