Sea of Clouds Review – with Tom Vasel

and now it’s time for another diced our review with Tom vassal you know I’ve been getting ready to talk about this game to see if clouds and suddenly I thought what is this game even a pout because on the picture on the front here it shows this ship flying around in in the clouds and there’s Islands that are going up and down and I was like what is that I is that even in the game well kind of sort of this is a pirate game where you’re trying to get loot and rum and OH a lot of rum and but what this game has a neat mechanism that is used as a side mechanism in some games but this game uses it as the main one where do you want this now are you going to pass it up but give more to the next person who goes there it’s a cool concept and it makes for a fun card game here’s homeless the goal this game is to get the most victory points and players going to do that by getting coins what’s your worth one victory point and getting cards each player is given a pirate board which is just where you’re going to keep the different cards you get over the course of the game they’ll start with some money one player is given the first-person token it’s just to remember at the end of the game who had the first-person token and they also get the parrot the parrot will win some type a KERS however the parrot can be stolen by different cards and things so there’s going to be a round of the game and in each round each player is going to take a turn and on your turn you are going to start with card them the pile number one there’s three piles have cards here each of these has one card in it and I look at this card as a letter of credit take a face-up card from an opponent he gets coins equal so I could steal a card from somebody else well no one even has any cards yet so that’s not worth it so I put that back and since I didn’t take it I will add another card to it then I look at this one here this is a boatswain they have a value of two in combat I’ll take them and so then I’ll take this person and I’ll put them in my pirate area so you’ll see the backs of the cards show kind of what’s on that card so then this card is replaced the next player to go is going to take pile number one and so they’re going to go that well they can steal this from someone else and they get some rum here now this top channel from at the end of the game is worth one point but if I have the most top-shelf rum each of them is worth three points that seems pretty good so I’m going to take this and put this in front of me and then this one I have to play immediately so I will steal that pirate but then I get Gold equal to their – well I get three gold because you stole my pirate and then this is replaced and this keeps going on each time you look at a card and you don’t want it another card is put on top of it and if you don’t take any of the piles then you simply get the top card of the deck sometimes the piles are negative some of the cards are negative so you definitely don’t want those and there is a limit if there’s three cards in an area and you don’t take that pile of cards then a doubloon is added to that so eventually someone’s going to take it because there’s going to be of things there so what are on all these cards well on the different cards or different things you’ve already seen some rum here’s a fake rum which is worth – one point there are different pirates I’ll talk about pirates in a moment there are things that do like this one here makes you lose one of your cards a peg leg I don’t necessarily want that here’s premium remotes worth three points there’s a lot of these artifacts here now when you get an artifact you’ll notice that if I have one of this tooth here it’s minus two but if I have all six of them that’s worth thirty two points at the end of the game now most cards are played face-up these are played face-up pirates are played face-up rum cards and sometimes a card will show a secret symbol on it these are placed facedown underneath your boards you can keep your rum cards secret let’s take a look at some of the other cards in the game there’s all different types there’s collectors rum which is worth points the more that that you have there’s here’s a shell which is just worth a single victory point at the end of the game here’s another one of those relics see if I only have one it’s minus 3 to minus 1 but if I get all eight of them it’s 43 points so there’s all sorts of things in here there are some things that at the end of the game they’ll give you points for however many of something else you have pirates now you’ll notice here this board here after everyone has a turn we move the ship once when the ship leaves a spot with a pirate symbol on it then everyone is going to compare the strength this is a strength of this pirate to the strength of all the other pirates or actually to the strength of the Pirates at a person to the left and right of you now if your strength is higher than the person next to you on either side you beat that person and you can do what it says here so this lets me steal a rum card from that person hopefully it’s a good rum card because not every card in the game is good not all the rooms are good this guy here vulture Pete exchange one face-up artifact with another face-up artifact O’Malley exchange your rum with a rum that’s taken randomly from an opponent this guy here I get 3 that says one time and that’s because when you do these if I beat an opponent on both sides of me I’ll see a rum from both of them this guy gives me 3 coins but even if I beat both people on both sides of me I will only get the three coins once so you can see when you’re taking pirates you’re going to be looking their strengths to see how well they’ll help you in the battle but you also look at their special ability to see if that’s worth it if you win a battle whether you win or lose the pirate battles at the end of a pirate battle all pirates are discarded and you start again so there’s going to be three battles over the course of the game and after the final battle the game ends you take your coins add it to the points and cards that you’ve gotten whoever has the most points is the waves now see if clouds works well with two to four players and I played it with the three different numbers and I like it with all three of them and I like the fact that when you go to each spot and you’re like hmm this is a good card but the next one might be better there’s always that greed that grips your heart you’re like ah that next one might be better but you also sometimes looking for very specific cards for example you might be trying to collect that rum and you want to have the most of that collectors rum and so you’re sitting there going okay I need to find more that or there’s a card that’s just not that good and you’re like huh I’ll pass it by and go look for a better card oh that’s well I’m good sure pass something by and go find a better card but every time you pass a card and other cards add it to that pile or possibly coins at it to that pile and I like that because then the next player comes through and goes move two cards now these are okay cards but if I pass these by I’m giving you next person three cards that’s neat it’s a good concept and it works really well in this game they’re also the different types of cards do you want rum which is hidden points from opponents um rum isn’t good but you might collect a lot of the rum even the worthless rum so that when someone steals run from you and it’s possible though they might get one that’s not worth as much do you want those bonus cards do you want the Pirates the Pirates is a cool concept because they’re they can give you great benefits got some money steal from other people and you can do all that but then they go away during once ever you know one of the after the battles there and so I want to try to get points because if you collect a lot of Pirates power and the person next to you does too are you wasting it is especially if you lose you are and I like that the artwork of course it’s yellow so the artwork is amazing and it like I said that plays very smoothly the only problem I found is that you do not reshuffle the deck back in and so at the end of the game if you run out of cards you add coins to the spots and if you play a four player game and players tend to leave big piles of cards which can happen in this game then at the maybe the last couple turns they’re there sometimes they just kind of anti-climatic because there’s not much left I would recommend playing with four players to kind of do an accelerated start to start one turn ahead so there’s one less turn in the four player game I think that just make it would run smoother that way as it is again great production values easy to play and it’s something that feels new yeah we’ve seen this stuff in a small world where when you skip different civilizations in small world you drop coins on them and we saw it in Firenze eeeh when you skip cards you put tower pieces on them this is the whole concept in this game you can skip cards but then you’re adding more cards I know we’re possibly coins and making it better for the person coming after you that works just in a very neat way and there’s enough variety to make this game feel cool and innovative sea of clouds taste our judgment approved thanks so much for watching the diced our videos find more great videos and reviews as well as our top rated audio podcast at dice tower calm you can also find other great shows at dice tower I’m Erik summer and you’ve been watching the dice tower the dice tower is sponsored by cool stuff Inc or you can find great games for great prices cool stuff in stock check them out at cool stuff thanks comm shut the door whoo whoo

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  1. Pirate games are quickly becoming like Zombie games for me. I can only have so many so I have to pick and choose carefully. Thanks for the review Tom.

  2. Tom, if you're reading this, how does Sea of Clouds compare to Abyss? It sounds like they have some things in common – push your luck, set collection card games where you can hold out for a better card but then give a bigger card pile to the other players.

  3. Great cool-looking game in a small box. Awesome! Adding this one to my to-buy list. 😀 More pirate games.. ARRR! Haha..

  4. I could have sworn someone turned on the sprinklers when Tom was back outside for his review…"Hey…GET OFF MY LAWN!!!"

  5. Tom this drafting mechanism was invented by Richard Garfield… It's a two player drafting mechanism for magic called Winston Drafting.

  6. I like that mechanism in Firenze and Small World. And i could swear that i have already seen a review of this.. or something very similar. Maybe this is a retheming by Iello?

  7. It seems a lot like 7 wonders. It just uses a card adding mechanism instead of a card drafting system.

  8. I bought this game today, we deliberately overlooked the no re-shuffle rule, and I see no downside. the game is about choices, when there is only doubloons there, there is no choice, you take away the core of the game. Of course, when you reshuffle, it's almost only pirates, but still some are better than others, so the choice is still there. And it makes for an epic last battle when it happens 😛

  9. I just bought this game and i really like it. But I do think it is a little bit short. Once you fully understand the game, it can go by pretty quickly, I kinda think that I would have preferred 20 rounds instead of the 15. we played with 3 players and we still had 1/2 the deck left at the end of the game, i guess we need to wait for the piles to build up more?

  10. Bought this not long after seeing this review. Loved the theme and artwork. Finally got it to the table yesterday (so many games, so little time), and I'd say it's a hit. Drafting with two players in a lot of games doesn't always work all that well, and some drafting games (*<cough>*Sushi*<cough>*Go) we've found pretty dull. And the well-known effort for a two-player drafting game, "Tides of Time" and its sequel, we found a total snooze-fest. But the variation in "Sea of Clouds" works very well with two players. And there are lots of special abilities, and the fact some of the cards are kept secret and others are public is an interesting twist as well. I see from other comments that it may have come from or been inspired by Magic the Gathering, but that isn't a game we're all that interested in and the fact that "Sea of Clouds" works from 2-4 players is a big plus. Two thumbs up in this corner…

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