Sesame Street: Episode #4215: True Mud (HBO Kids)

(TV SFX) GrouchBO presents… The yuckiest show
on television. “True Mud.” (TRASH CAN CLOSES) ♪ (THEME MUSIC) ♪♪ Ooh, I feel the mud
between my toes ♪
♪ Ooh, It squishes more
than you suppose ♪
♪ You don’t know
if you’re a grouch ♪
♪ But before this day
is through… ♪
♪ Ooh, I wanna find
true mud with you. ♪
-ALL: Ahh! (WIND SFX) What can I get for ya sir? Got any True Mud? (ALL SIGH) Did he say,“True Mud”?Yeah.
He must be one of them. They’re grouches,
grouches love mud. -(SIGHS)
-Oh, simmer down. He doesn’t look like
a grouch to me. -(SIGHS)
-Are you a grouch sir? What’s it to you?
Just get me some mud. I need mud! Alright, alright,
True Mud coming up! -Here you go.
-That’s not True Mud! -It’s not?
-It’s a potato! Oh, oh right. (SIGHS)
That’s true spud. Spud, mud, spud, mud. They sound so much the same. They rhyme.
(GIGGLES) Guess I got confused. I need True Mud!
Hurry! Is he some kind of grouch? I’m not rightly sure. (WATER SFX) I mixed some dirt and water and made ya
whole lot of mud sir! What do you want
with all this mud? It’s time for my mud bath! Mud bath!
He must be a grouch! (ALL SIGHS) (MUD SFX) Ahh-ahh, now that’s
what I call True Mud! Oh, mind if I take a
mud bath too? Ooh!
Are you a grouch? Uh-uh,
I just love mud! -(COW BELL)
-Who doesn’t? -(FALLING SFX)

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