Sesame Street: True Mud (A True Blood Parody)

OSCAR: GrouchBO presents
the yuckiest show on television, “True Mud.” [THEME SONG] Can I feel
the mud between my toes? And it squishes more
than you suppose. Don’t know if you’re a grouch,
but before this day is through, I wanna find true mud with you. [SLAM] [CUSTOMERS GASP] [ZOOM] SOOKIE: What can I
get for you, sir? BILL: Got any True Mud? CUSTOMER 1: [GASPING]
Did he say True Mud? CUSTOMER 2: Yeah! He must be one of
them there grouches. Grouches love mud! SOOKIE: Oh, simmer down. He doesn’t look
like a grouch to me. Are you a grouch, sir? BILL: What’s it to you? Just get me some mud. I need mud! SOOKIE: All right, all right. True Mud coming up. Here you go. BILL: That’s not True Mud. SOOKIE: It’s not? BILL: It’s a potato! SOOKIE: Oh! Oh right. That’s True Spud. Spud, mud. Spud, mud. They sound so much the same. They rhyme. [GIGGLES]
Guess I got confused. BILL: I need True Mud! Hurry! COW: Someone need some True Cud? I’m chewing on
some cud right now. SOOKIE: Oh no, ma’am. This gentleman wants True Mud. CUSTOMER 3: Is he
some kind of grouch? SOOKIE: I’m not rightly sure. BILL: I didn’t ask for cud! I asked for mud! SOOKIE: Well, now don’t get
your fangs in an uproar. Cud and mud have the same sound. Cud, mud. Cud, mud. Am I right? BILL: Just get me some mud. I need mud! BUD: You call me? BILL: Who are you? BUD: Name’s Bud. SOOKIE: Oh, no, no, no, sir. He doesn’t want Bud. He wants mud. Bud sounds an awful
lot like mud though. Bud, mud. Bud, mud. BUD: Mud? You ain’t one of them
grouches, are you? [CUSTOMERS GASP] BILL: Just give me some mud! I need some mud! BUD: I don’t have mud. But I do have this broken watch. It’s a true dud. BILL: I don’t want a
spud or a cud or a dud! I want mud! Whoa! BUD: That was a true thud. SOOKIE: I mixed
some dirt and water and made you a whole
lot of mud, sir. BUD: What do you want
with all this mud? BILL: It’s time for my mud bath. CUSTOMER 1: Mud bath! He must be a grouch! [ZOOM] CUSTOMER 2: Oh my! BILL: Ah, now that’s
what I call True Mud! SOOKIE: Oh! Mind if I take a mud bath too? BILL: [LAUGHS] CUSTOMER 2: Are you a grouch? SOOKIE: Hm mm. I just love mud! COW: Who doesn’t? [SPLASH] COW: Oh! NARRATOR: A young boy adrift
in the middle of the ocean. All alone, except
for a ravenous beast. BOY: What? Wait. NARRATOR: In a boat made
entirely of cookies. BOY: Ravenous beast? NARRATOR: Will he ever get–

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  1. I learned a lot about ryming today: Just because things sound the same they don't have the same meaning. I can be fun to rhyme thing swith each other!

    And mud is great too…

  2. "Now just hold your fangs."
    XD I died. Also +1 each for Lafayette cameo at the beginning, bud, Sam in the back left, Tara in the back right. Yes.
    Also, this sketch is adapted word for word from the book's first chapter.

  3. …and how is this not as bad as Katy Perry? Let's be real. Kids see boobs, their moms boobs, other peoples boobs. There is no hiding the fact you have boobs. And kids see Katy Perry most likely cause she's basically everywhere from having CD's in stores to being on magazines and on tv and radio. Kids don't see true blood (at least most don't) so how is the Katy Perry thing more offensive then true blood?
    Come on people! This is why Japan is winning! >:(

  4. what is true blood? i've heard mommy talk about it with my sisters.. i guess i'll go watch it on hulu! 😀 i heard it has vampires… i hope it's like my baby sisters a vampire and twilight…

  5. I laughed so hard at this I actually almost passed out! I loved the way the set looked, how close the voices were, and most especially the physical appearances of the Muppets. I want a little Bill!

  6. The fact that they make a parody of a tv show for adult audiences only and wondering if little kids will ever get to search up the real thing is just hilarious af.

  7. Is it just me or does the "Bill" muppet look like Guy Smiley the game show host muppet wearing a bad toupee?

  8. Sesame Street is such an amazing show. These parodies are brilliant. Sesame Street has always been good at making sketches that parents watching with their kids can enjoy, but these newer parodies are just so awesome!! They got the characters spot on! And they slip in jokes for fans of the real shows, like in the Game of Thrones parody, but keep it tame and educational enough for kids. I love how it's still entertaining for kids, but the adults get to laugh at the stuff the kids don't get. The Game of Thrones parody has even more jokes and characters than this one.

  9. True mud? Sounds funny. My sister loves Sesame Street. Śó ćōõł. 🙂 Ćãñ ÿôü trÿ thįß. Węłł bÿé

  10. JANE BOOLITTLE: She Feels The Mud Between Her Toes
    It Squishy More Than She Sappose Don't Know If She's
    In Love But Before This Day Is Through

  11. So im not one to complain, but do we really think these Parodys are a good idea for kids?!?! I mean they are gonna look this stuff up if their old enough to understand what a parody is. And that is not gonna be good. Please parents monitor your children when it comes to the internet.

  12. 0:15 to 0:17 The photos were from the Grouch Explorers club musical number. One grouch said that he climbed Mount Everest in his underwear. Remember?

  13. Had high hopes for this but fell a lil flat for me. Didnt use half the big characters it cud have. Still love the Muppet parodies tho. X

  14. Performers: Caroll Spinney as Oscar the Grouch,
    Jerry Nelson as Bill Compton A.M. (voice only),
    Fran Brill as Sookie,
    Stephanie D' Abruzzo as the cow,
    David Rudman as Bud,
    with Eric Jacobson as Sam
    and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph as Tara.

    Filming date: October 29, 2009.
    TV Airing date: September 29, 2010, Season 41 (2010-2011), Episode 4215.

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