South Korean Mud Festival

Hey guys, Dean here – and this week we will
be heading over to Boryeong, South Korea, where we meet a handful of humans who are
seeking an especially slimy kind of fun this summer. Visitors in their millions flocked to the
city’s annual Mud Festival where the aim is to arrive clean and then get as muddy as
humanly possible. As you can see, it looks both mental and quite
liberating. Although I’m not sure if these are screams of laughter or absolute terror. Perfect for either a romantic date, or just
a day out with the boys – the mud festival offers an array of muddy memories. These include: Being pushed down a slide to then have mud
thrown in your face at the bottom being trapped in a weird, sadistic prisoner-of-war
muddy-torture chamber sliding your way through tiny muddy, plastic
holes and even a sort of muddy rave This American guy clearly loved it – having
already asserted his muddy masculinity – SOUNDBITE I’ll leave you with this heartwarming image
of father and son…and mud. Wait, is that guy blue? / Wait, why is that
guy blue? So that was South Korea’s awesome Mud Festival.
Looks fun, Who’s tempted to go? If you thought that was weird, check out the
Sub-Zero South Korean Army Training here. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to
subscribe. Bye

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