Spintires mud runners bigfoot monster truck #TeamScrunt

Hello everyone this is Rambow145 and we’re going to play a little spin tires There is like a cool monster truck. I didn’t realize that on mud runners spin tires mud runners And I’m gonna give it a go just a little bit in just a little play here. Maybe five minutes long but seems pretty cool. It has like ten thousand damage So that’s really a good plus. I want to try to We’re not going to jump it around here, so let’s see what happens here It handles pretty well oh Man Dude, I didn’t I rolled that thing this time last time. I didn’t roll it like all I did was took All I did was I just jumped it and actually landed perfectly so I was like I’ll try it again I didn’t have it on video but anyway let’s go ahead and Can I? rescue to the garage recover to garage yes, we can do that I’ll just drive it around now oh Man I went inside to see what it was like and They did pretty good on this. They said it was like reworked or something. I don’t know The brakes are really amazing on it and so like if you just lock them up like right now, or well Let’s get some speed up and then we’ll lock them up I’m pretty tired But I wanted to play this I want to do the video on this because I don’t know how long it’s gonna be out this Mod I don’t know if it’s gonna be like taking down or what’s going on This controller is vibrating like crazy. I ain’t playing with a steering wheel no more. I just didn’t hook it up dont play it enough to hook it up It was pretty cool mod Washing my feet in the swamp It’s actually not swaps like a little pond or clay pit hole or something. I don’t know what you call it does pretty well, I don’t know what settings they have though for their like they said they did something so Maybe I Don’t know I didn’t quite understand the settings like suspension or something. I don’t know But it’s pretty good. It’s done really. Well Wonder how it does like just climb in is there like a it does pretty good there
but So like if we just took it and put it in first, what is it gonna do in first They did really good. I actually have to say so because it was pretty balanced going down that hill It could be wrong but All right, we’re gonna try that I’ll get some speed on that oh man lets go ahead and put in just reverse here and give it a go If you barely can give it fuel it goes pretty well when you’re stuck Another person told me that two while back His name was bomb squad he like pretty cool. Dude actually but I did this for years and spintires and Then he mentioned something about it dude, there’s no way we’re ramping that and no way we’re ramping that I Was really pleased with the way they put the damage up so high. I know there’s spintires plus somewhere running around, but I don’t know if it’s for the new versions It’s longer than five minutes, but it’s pretty fun truck Whoa about rolled it there. Let’s get some fuel in it wonder What it takes to get it to go in extreme wild mode I Guess that right there. Oh my gosh this thing is fast. Oh Wow, I rolled it again. All right. That’s gonna be all that video. I will catch you all in the next one Leave your comments comments will be seen by someone. I may not be by me, but I will know about them trust me Less their hate or something then they won’t be known I don’t care about those I mean they won’t be told to me, but anyway and Yeah, so Bye

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