SPOONS Card Game *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

so there’s this time sigil has done it again it’s coming with another card game you guys ever heard of spoons there’s four separate players with four separate pieces of loot good loot and then trash you’ve got the deck of cards right here all spitting out loot and then you grab a piece of loot you throw it here the next person grabs it and it just keeps going on in a circle encircle whoever can get a set of four first can sneakily go towards the middle grab one of the good loot and then go back and continue playing and that’s the idea it’s all about trolling each other we’re doing five separate rounds of this and they were doing a ten elimination battle this was actually a ton of fun and of course there’s the last time that we’ve done one of these card games a hundred and thirty seven thousand likes on that video that is insane so if you guys want to do me a favor hit the like button on this video let’s get to like what 20,000 likes if you want to also hit the subscribe button ooh to any of our channels bale hope you guys enjoy spoons are you guys ready everybody ready yeah we have students Coran Biffle we’ve already explained the rules I’m going first fine get out get out get out get in what’s y’all about okay got my first card that’s a pretty card thank you pretty good the first rounds for shotguns yeah first round is for shotguns we’re doing five rounds of looting and then Tana limbs and I’m the dealer which means you deal with my jokes what’s one plus one what hey no fun are you done talking okay got my four cars I’m out I’m out see those other shotguns when we get four pair we’ve run out here grab a shotgun secretly and then we keep playing hey my weapons I mean cards I mean whatever they are okay okay are you guys ready sigils are you ready thing next card is the first one to go alright so you’re gonna drop off here then I take it to the right drop it off there and it’s just a new endless circle okay and you want to constantly look at the spoons it’s for you I got it I got it for you all right here you go there you go Bibble you know what you know what this is for you too okay okay I’ll take that I’ll take that no oh he’s sounded excited to take that at it or maybe I wasn’t or Y Z Y hope you know the crap no my bad for you little dingus what do you got for me yo units that did maybe you should just try being grateful huh no you smell like turtle and you know how offended I am about turtles you actually it’s kind of been on the turtle warpath lately oh yeah but that’s unrelated dang it Jules oh you didn’t want that here pepper take that what do you got going on here you go Biffle have that I’m gonna drop you this there you go have fun with that yep opposite of what I’m sorry all right so my first gun of the shotguns I got a gold pump that’s what I’m talking about are you guys ready for round two this round is all about the consumables I’m gonna consume them no stop talking okay all right I’m gonna be the dealer I’m gonna be the dealer for this round I’m gonna get the shock wave first card is oh I’ll take that okay I’ll take them rotate over I dealt last time yeah boy okay I’ll take that I’ll take that all right what else we got here give me something good hand Biffle whiffle’s the next dealer and then quran’s the dealer get it get it get it get it get it good all right what you got for me okay I got all four which means I get one more and then I drop it over there are you guys ready to play ready so those are the four consumables in three two one half right gosh dang fun with that dropping me a gun already you have to wait until you get a gun what you don’t know so I can’t pick up those guns until the decks completely empty right right correct correct if you drop me a better gun in no you smell you smell like to do that make sense there you go didn’t have that put that in your foot put that away but that yeah I know schedules you’re telling me are you to many of the same things man I know there you go schedules take that boy ok ok now this is just a cosmic joke that I don’t appreciate there you go so just that’s for me ok alright here you go take that waste are they all gone I show what you’ve gotten show what you got I got impulse I got I got my first combo look I got my first combo so second item shock wave I’m already on par to getting money alright so shock wave Gold pump you guys ready for round three this round is all about the AR action alright crane you go first crane you go first you gonna go ahead Biffle I’m going here we go the heck is that okay I’ll take it I’ll take it I’ll take it now give me something better than not what you’re from Canada so there’s a soccer ball this game is dudu hey come on come on come on come on give me that give me that you do it like I like what I have cran you’re up okay three two one go sizzles if you don’t give me the things I want I will cut you what will you cut me no matter what David I know how this works I seem to cut in line before – seems like the type done the Oh am i all right give me that give me that give me that whatever it was give me it yeah yeah now I’m gonna give you this I’m making a mistake I didn’t want that sure so remember Koran you can’t grab this loot until all the deck is gone cheater try to dummy everything down before me yeah because your your arm in football shorter than the rest of us okay okay there you go have fun with that Kareem holding on to something I need somebody to hold on to something I need to dropkick me yeah I got schedules I will cut I will cut the cheese you’ll do it on dude that’s so gross it’s gross yeah what’s up help what his problem officer I just picked up the green thing looked out the doorway oh that’s so good okay so I got a blue heavy AR I got the gold scar yeah of course there’s all smelly turd that’s fine blue heavy and I’ll take it let’s go to next round so we have two more rounds of this and then we’re fighting it out to the death everybody on Koran checks out checks out are you guys ready for the next round out of my face before you smell weird all right so this round is all about we have a sniper we got two snipers we got a deagle and we have a gray pistol Wow all right so I’m gonna go first I’m gonna go first sizzles feeling different deal with it I’m dealing don’t want any game I’m dealing I got that car showing up in my disc would I don’t like it I don’t like it even but I’m here I’ll take that we’re gonna have an explosive time with that one for the applause i live for the applause applause applause all right I’m done that what he’s doing get out of here get out of here kid you’re bothering oh he’s already dealing our crap did somebody whiffle all over the Biffle again okay okay here you go take that take that boy get out of here yeah that’s what you do you down I said I’ll take that take it take it and love it Wow hey well if you whatever give me that again and what makes me think I want me I don’t what you all what here take that yeah that’s actually I like this this is good also I’m not dropping read again I got it reason how many times you’re gonna draw me that after I throw it hi I’m Anna yeah so you say you saying you threw it maybe I didn’t you know stencils I will cut I will cut a foot line to cut your foot it would be the first to cut my foot I know we go gosh dang it shit George no you got a freaking pistol great pistol what a little you guys are a bunch of turds I fight over out I can’t leave I got a freaking great pistol you guys are trash no you trees I’m gonna be the dealer somebody go oh gosh that looks kind of just want to get out of here somebody let me out of here alright somebody else go on the dealer Everlast here crane I’m gonna build you a nice house there you go don’t you he’s got a famas don’t drop a famas for him scissors has a famas do not drop in with Lamont oh you’re good right it’s my turn here we go all right one okay I’ll take it wait why is there oak scratch across mommy she was your copper drop across okay do not drop him the FAMAS from us or across well he is baby hmm I don’t have a window like you guys it’s so good you know everyone know somebody okay okay last one right here you guys ready in three two one Oh somebody take that for my some oats wheat you okay okay I’m dangerous but I’m passing it along there you go there you go have that have this mind games dudes don’t want that have that take that okay that’s weird don’t like it okay okay um one with that you really really really so this final round is consumables remember that remember that you have a memory take that take that put it in your face have fun with that boy okay you know I won’t have fun with that in fact I’m gonna hold on that that for all are you okay somebody else needs it oh no should I are you serious okay okay do you want this hell I’ll give you this drop this [Laughter] wait oh you had the crossbows I knew it oh yeah so you guys want to know you guys want to know what I got right no I don’t know you don’t what you got are you how did them wrong sorry that is my game that is my last one we have our five guns let’s go fight are you guys ready everybody right everybody got their guns first one to ten bullet ablations in three two one I’m just saying words at this point dude I’m freaking map you should delete it soon drop this gray pistol this thing is do do I have a green a or that way you want great x-man higher why is everybody here I saw hey don’t you stick me who stole my kill you little turd you just Queen sweep everything okay yes I did bad boy who is shooting me what makes do it oh that’s you know what you know what you know what I’m sick of this I’m sick of this whoa uh-oh okay can we really eat Oh smokes or Ansel oh my god I had to help so much do you have your soul Oh reigning champion Oh why don’t you keep walking right there Koran I’m going out of here I’m done with this this place smells this place smells like I do do nothing rosemary wait what’s that who’s Mary oh yeah can I get that in slow motion please I will attack you with all just stole my kill Quran oh my gosh I’m getting 10 partied I told you have one HP I know it Greg Zach okay don’t you steal my kill what are you doing up there boy is this really what you want is this you know what you know what I’m coming to third for you exactly is that really are you guys in there okay you guys calm it I don’t know oh my gosh this is so dog did all right listen listen gentlemen are you are you really just why okay who feels the need well yes get my crown okay go get it go hi my wife right now are you yeah I have more than one killed no no no no no no Alabama no Wow five I think I got it I mean no no I’m full hello leave me alone Sam yes I took it I got it hi I’m a coyote my coyote thanks what oh no oh no for the roof no surprised oh man attack where are you boy Oh No whose solo is this where you want to be in oh Jesus no man me yeah but then it didn’t work so that’s great I’m so happy there you go why is this editing gotta go oh one more kill week you’re a knight kill suit with your knife skills – oh no ossuary oh so are you know you guys are all looking for me because I’m the weak a little boy aren’t I yep you know your I have like 20 hit points oh wow holy crap that was so close sizzles gee guys enjoyed this video show us some love hit the like button down below also hit the subscribe button for new to any of our Channel bad that was fun dude I like spoons we should play that again that was a spoon ting that doesn’t even make sense [Music]

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