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Steve Aoki’s Mega Vegas Playhouse | Houseguest With Nate Robinson | The Players’ Tribune

Steve Aoki’s Mega Vegas Playhouse | Houseguest With Nate Robinson | The Players’ Tribune

– The first thing I did
when I bought this house…. I just had so much space, so I can get like big 3-D sculptures and start investing in some art. This is the design studio. – Wow. – Nobody’s seen this, too. I’ve got some of the Bruce Lee collection. This is officially Aoki’s Playhouse. – Is there technique into
jumping into the foam? – Don’t die, man. Just don’t die. – Trust fall? – Oh! I call this the Neon Future Cave. I keep it really bright. That’s like one of the
most important things about my studio that’s very
different from most studios. – Yeah, mine’s all dark. How’d you come up with
the whole cake face? – In 2011, I came up with
this idea in my head like, “I’m going to cake someone tonight.” There’s always one crazy
guy or one crazy girl, that’s just like, “Cake me in the face.” It’s 21 feet, 16-foot-deep pool. You just got to like aim for my face and you’re good to go. – All right, bet. Whoo!

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  1. Dan balzarian and steve anoki sounds and talk the same! I guess they are friends also but they seriously talk the same

  2. Sad to see a grown ass man live in a multi million dollar ChuckieCheese inspired style mansion.
    If I was 12-13 I'd be in love with that house

  3. Fuck me there are some hater comments. This man is a fucking genius. Look at what he has achieved in a short space of time on this planet. And he is a workaholic. Fair play to him. Doesn't drink either. What a legend.

  4. Well Steve that was a really interesting and exciting house I can only imagine what your mind is like hope to do some music with you one day

  5. Who the fuck watches this shit? I knew it was just going to be them showing off shit they didn't earn for being famous. Wow life must be hard on a nigga.

  6. At 6:00.. Why do you think the video editor only show one second of his records/ dj gear room?
    Because Steve is not much of a dj lol..

  7. Damn..all that money from that shitty music?? The world is a crazy place, huh. He needs more pictures of himself though. What a dick!

  8. two words..tacky/corny..and he has a weird perverted style with the caking thing. His house is full of toys for little kids..screams pedofile

  9. AOKI: You must get a developer to make a blockchain for your jumps — Each jump time stamped, written to an immutable ledger, and issued a token.

  10. Aoki Bootcamp
    Aoki Jump
    Aoki's Playhouse
    Never heard of this guy but he is fascinating AF.
    Imagine you are 42 and live in a house where you have dolls/art/paintings of yourself all over the place. You have toyrooms and wear pink pyjamas during the day with Bruce Lee on them. That is embracing your inner child all the way. Good for him.

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