Story of the World’s Oldest Married Couple

Do you know what is the Guinness World Record? A person holding a world record for a unique achievement is included in it. For example, a person having extremely long nails, long hair, long eyelashes, being very strong, etc. Such world record holders are included. related to this, there is the story of the world’s oldest living married couple. John Henderson is 106 years old and his wife Charlotte Henderson is 105-year-old. They are the world’s oldest living married couple. Their name was included in the Guinness World Record for being the world’s oldest living married couple. They have achieved this after being married for so long. On Dec 22, they celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. Let me tell how John & Charlotte met. In 1934, John attened the University of Texas. He would drive a open topped roadster. He would pick her up everyday and drop her to the university. John took five years to convince Charlotte to marry him. Charlotte eventually agreed and they got married in 1939. Did you see the pictures? Aren’t they beautiful? Oh my they have been married for 80 years. Their family and friends gathering at their home in Austin, Texas to go through photos and relive cherished memories such as their youth, dates, married life, etc People keep asking John what is their secret for such a long married life. John said that even his married life had arguments, problems and bad situations. However, one must accept it. Secondly, if today has been a bad day, one must think of making the next day better & be positive. Thirdly, it is very important to take care of your wife. Then you can have a long married life. Do you know how they celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary? John picked up charlotte in a roadster car and was carrying a bouquet. The same way he had done on their first date.

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