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[Sub] Perfume Dice Game – スウィートドーナッツ Live Special Version

[Sub] Perfume Dice Game – スウィートドーナッツ Live Special Version

Well then…
Nocchi’s dice
Let’s move the pieces forward
All right
Let us go forward
No, no, no, no, no, no…
No, no, no, no, no, no…
Sweet Donuts
Don’t look at it
Don’t look at it
I don’t know what kind of
expressions they had…
Well then
Open the instructions
“Sweet Donuts”
“It is a song of 2003”
“There is a smart move”
“at the intro and outro”
This means that one…
It is something like this
It goes like this…
We move while making clouds…
It’s very smart
Hey, listen,
it realy is smart
Smart, it is smart…
I mean it
“How can you cross each other so fast?”
You will say so
Seriously, it is super fast
“Select the way you perform,”
“Boost-the-mood style or TV style”
What’s the TV style?

What’s the TV style?
We’ve once performed
On a TV show
But it was the only once
I forgot the version
Honestly, I don’t remember
In addition, to sing this without boosting
the mood makes me feel anxiety
That sounds horrible
I am afraid of it
I agree. We’ve liven the people up
as possible as we could
This brings back our memories of Kameido
(It is a shopping center w/ a small stage)
Yes, it is
Kameido Sun Street
We asked the audience
to copy our choreography
We did
There is something…
like this…
For the chorus
There is choreography
for the chorus
Wave, Wave, Okay
Wave, Wave, Thanks
Like this
What’s “Thanks”?
Why “Thanks”?
that’s what you named!
You’re kidding!
Oh man
This should be named “Thanks”
You said so at BEE-HIVE studio
You’re kidding me!
I’m serious
We had been talking
how should it be called
Then Yuka said…
I wonder what she said?
Maybe “Sexy”?
Oh, I like it
It sounds really nice
She said something like,
Wave, Wave, Sexy
She had just picked a right word
for the move
You, however, said
“What? This should be named Thanks”
Why “Thanks”?
This is “Thanks”, isn’t it?
I’m so embarrassed
She said so
I don’t know why, but we agreed
You’re right
This looks like “Thanks”
That’s really easy to understand
Yes, yes
Since then, we’ve said…
What’s Thanks
So, shall we go with
boost-the-mood style?
(K)From the beginning
(A)From the beginning of the intro
Boost the mood
Live 3:5:6:9
The set list just for today
Sweet Donuts
Here we go
Your last word froze me
And left a bruise on my heart
Even if I touch it soft,
it wrings me back
The wound that cannot be cured
pains more
(All together now)
Sweet Donuts
The sweet voice tempting me there
(All together now)
Sweet Donuts
I knew it
I’ve scorched my heart
Sweet Donuts
My heart beats more and fast
(All together now)
Sweet Donuts
Is there a statute of limitation on this?
With this microwave
Let’s reheat our distance up
We will be ready to be eaten

We will be ready to be eaten
Here we go
Did you see that?
Did you see that?
I guess they’ve never seen that
It must be the first time
What is this hands’ move for?
What is it?
Are you making fun of us?
Are we made fun of by it?
Is the audience made fun of by it?

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