VO: The Tesla Model S P90D is nothing short of an automotive revolution.
A fully electric, 762-horsepower, $100,000+ marvel
With an autopilot feature that empowers the truly lazy drivers
to revolutionize their commute.
And our friends at Slow News Day got their hands on one.
GINNARD: Good morning, sunshine!
Glad you could join us.
ADAM: We haven’t crashed!
ADAM: So, we’re on highway 65
in rush hour traffic on a Friday.
And we’re gonna test this autopilot out
on what would be a normal commute in the city.
It’s not a “self-driving” car, but it will
autopilot for you when you’re staying on the same road.
GINNARD: About to engage…
ADAM: Engage autopilot!
GINNARD: Engaaaaage.
ADAM: So you can see that the traffic is pretty slow here.
GINNARD: So my hands are off the steering wheel right now,
off the pedal right now
I’m not doing anything. The car is actually driving itself
as we speak.
VO: The autopilot navigated the straightaways without a problem
So it was time to give it a real test.
GINNARD: Let’s see how well it does on the ramp here.
This is pretty big. This is not your normal…
ADAM: This is not just a straight road.
GINNARD: So my hands are off the steering wheel.
Adam, make sure your hands are off.
ADAM: My hands are up in the air for some reason.
GINNARD: Ok, alright. And we are turning!
ADAM: It’s doing it.
GINNARD: It is. It’s doing it.
It’s doing it really well, too.
ADAM: Yeah!
GINNARD: I get to look at this view! While driving!
VO: The Tesla’s a pro at staying in one lane.
But we wanted to find out if it could change lanes automatically, too.
GINNARD: I’m gonna use my blinker to get over.
Hopefully it’ll be aware of that…
Ah, there it goes. And it did it.
And it’s aware of the car in front of us
and it slowed down.
That was…that was insane.
ADAM: That was close.
GINNARD: That wasn’t close. That was awesome!
ADAM: That was close.
VO: It became clear that we were in good hands with the P90D.
But with all the new free time the autopilot afforded us,
what were we gonna do with it?
GINNARD: Adam, you just take over, alright?
And I’m gonna…
ADAM: Don’t try this at home.
GINNARD: Oh my gosh…
ADAM: Boom, boom!
GINNARD: Noooooooo!
ADAM: Oh yeah!
ADAM: So, we’re still in the autopilot. Haven’t had to touch it…
The car has taken care–we’ve played Jenga, we’ve played Checkers…
The car has taken care of the fact that we are still safely on the road.
And we were completely, uh, negligent, about driving safely.
VO: Now that we’d had our fun, it was time to return the Tesla to its owner.
We couldn’t help trying out the “insane mode” acceleration
before giving it back.
GINNARD: Thanks for joining us everybody.
That concludes our, uh, our autopilot Tesla video today.
I’m Ginnard.
ADAM: I’m Adam.
GINNARD: We will see you next time!
ADAM: Engage!
ADAM: (screaming)
(both screaming)
GINNARD: Oh my god that was insane!
ADAM: That’s why they call it “insane mode.”

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