The 40 Year Old Virgin (1/8) Movie CLIP – Are You a Virgin? (2005) HD

l dated this girl… for a while, and she was
really a nasty freak. She iust loved to get down
with sex all the time. She was like, any time of day,
she was like: ”Yeah, let’s go.
l’m so nasty.” And l’d be nailing her. Oh, shit.
She’d be like: ”Oh, you’re nailing me. Cool.” She talk dirty to you?
She loved to dirty-talk. Totally into it.
She’d be like: ”Yeah, let’s screw, let’s….
l wanna fuck.” God, it was so dirty. She’d be like, ”Me so horny,
me love you long time.” So…. (Jay)
So what were the titties like?
Yeah, describe her…. Yeah, she had great tits. No, l mean, like, detailed.
Did she have, like,
you know… them little pink
teeny nipples.
Oh, yeah. (Jay)
Or like the long
NatĂ­onal GeographĂ­c nippIes. You have like
the bumpy Braille nipples,
the Stevie Wonders. (Andy)
Yeah, they were nice. You know, when you, like,
you grab a woman’s breast
and it’s…. And you feel it and… it feels like a bag of sand
when you’re touching it. Bag of sand? You know what l mean.
Why don’t we just play? Why don’t you iust
deal the cards? What are you
talking about? Have you ever felt
a breast before, man? Yes. Dude, are you gay?
No, l’m not gay. l’ve been with
tons of women. l touched a guy’s balls
at Hebrew school once. Dude, it’s not a big deal.
You like to fuck guys. l’m cool. l got friends
who fuck guys, in jail. No, l’m not gay. No, l’ve borked a lot of women
in my day. You’ve ”borked”? Hold up.
Yo, answer this question: Are you a virgin? Are you a virgin? Yeah, not since l was 10. lt all makes sense.
You’re a virgin. l am…. Shut up.
How does that happen? He’s a fucking virgin. l knew it. That makes
so much sense, man.
Look, he’s a virgin. You guys are hilarious.
All right, come on,
don’t be mean. l’m not being mean.
l’m trying to
help the partner out. l’m trying to say
l wanna get you laid, dude. l understand
what’s going on. You guys are so up your asses. From now on,
your dick is my dick.
l’m getting you some pussy. [men laughing] A bag of sand! Come on, man!
You could do better than that. God, me so horny?
Me so stupid! [yelling] Oh, come on. [laughing] lt’s gonna be fine.
They don’t even remember. Those guys are cool. [alarm buzzing] This is gonna be bad.

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  1. who came here for the honest trailer of hobbs and shaw? (i feel depressed about michael scott. is this movie before the tv show the office?)

  2. This film is not funny im on my way to being like him (40 very soon ) maybe i best hang myself as noone cares/

  3. I would still be a virgin if I didn’t ruin my life and get married to the first woman who said hi to me. FML!

  4. crazy thing is he could of just used the story where he kicked the girl off the bed and made her bleed. he could of lied and said he smashed anyway while her nose was running. they would of liked that one. instead he has to make a bunch of bullshit up smh got exposed in under 2 minutes

  5. Oh god lol, I love how he just wants to move on but everyone wants to go back after he mentions "a bag of sand"😂

  6. That's why I think Steve is the best at acting. It's tough to act like a virgin while lying pretending you're not.

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