“The Board Game Family” by Ellie Dix

Hello. I’m Ellie Dix. I’ve been obsessed
with board games from an early age. I’m
a parent of two boys – one in secondary school
and one in sixth form and we play lots of
board games together. Board games are a sure-fire antidote to unhealthy online distractions,
and a means to a happier, more social family unit.
My book, ‘The Board Game Family: Reclaim your
children from the screen’, is written for parents
and grandparents of 8-18 year olds who want
to spend more quality time with their children
while phones lay abandoned and forgotten in
another room.
If you feel as if you are competing with screens
for your children’s attention, let me draw
you – and your family – into the unplugged
and irresistible world of board games.
The book includes information about the far-reaching
benefits of playing games – educational, developmental,
health and social. As you read, you’ll discover
the positive impact that regular game playing
can have on your family.
Discard your preconceptions about board games
– there’s so much more than Monopoly and
The Game of Life on offer. The range is huge
and growing all the time. Last year more than
4000 new games were published. You’ll definitely
find games that excite and delight you and
your family. You’ll probably find too many!
The huge range available may seem daunting,
but don’t worry – in the book I give plenty
of suggestions of games to start with and
lots of practical tips about how to get started.
You’ll find out how to hook reluctant teens
into board gaming using stealth tactics and
then how to keep them coming back to the table
for more.
There’s a chapter all about how to keep
game-playing harmonious – helping you to teach
games efficiently, navigate the unfolding
drama of competition and thwart the common
causes of arguments. The book also helps you
overcome other obstacles to victory – such
as managing limited time or money and dealing
with smartphones at the table.
You’ll find out about how to create your
own House Rules to adapt game length, level
the playing field and to manage conflict.
Then for those families that a ready for more
– there’s ideas about gamification, game
design and playing with big groups.
The book is packed with practical tips that
will spark your own ideas. No prior knowledge
or experience of playing board games is necessary.
My hope is that The Board Game Family will
help you to create experiences that delight
and excite the whole family and form shared
memories you can all treasure.
Enjoy the book.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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