The DICE method helps dementia patients

There is a new approach which I find the
most effective and it actually has
evidence basis to it. It’s called the
DICE model.
Dr. Helen Kales from the University of
Michigan is kind of the lead author on
what’s called the DICE approach and what
she has is it’s a in a way to describe,
investigate, create, and evaluate
interventions for behavioral
disturbances and dementia. What’s nice
about this is it’s a model that anybody
can look up, anybody can use but it’s not
just for providers, it’s for staff it’s
for family members for caregivers and it
allows for the intervention of
medication trials while the behavioral
interventions are going. So this seems to
be the newest direction of integrating
both the environmental and the
medication side of an treatments that I
think will be the direction we really
need to go.

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