The Feelings and Dealings Card Game by Game On Family

Hi, I’m Cami. I’m the creator of which offers free family friendly game tutorials and game
recommendations. I’m here to show you the first in my line of games, the Feelings
and Dealings card game. 48 colorfully illustrated and laminated cards comprise
this card deck including 24 individual pose cards that develop emotional
intelligence, 24 social scene cards that develop social intelligence.
I created this game because I have a young daughter who labeled feelings
simply as happy, mad, and sad. I wanted to help expand her emotional vocabulary, and
I looked at a variety of games on the market. Few of them went beyond flash
cards of faces. I wanted to show my daughter the wide array of facial
expressions, body language, and also the social application of feelings. I also
wanted to teach my daughter empathy. Empathy lays the groundwork for
understanding other people and their emotions. Empathy broadens our
perspective, improves communication, better enables collaboration, and deepens
relationships. When you have empathy, You can better understand another person’s
emotions and actions. The Feelings and Dealings card deck is a child’s stepping
stone to building these skills. Each vertical individual pose card shows a
full-body pose of a child expressing a feeling through their facial expressions
and body language. Each horizontal social scene card conveys an emotion in a
realistic and social situation involving family, friends, and pets and a variety of
age-appropriate settings. Every individual pose card matches a social
scene card. There are 8 ways to play with this card deck. 3 of the games are for
educational play, and 5 of the games are for therapeutic play. The Feelings and Dealings card deck is a beautifully illustrated card deck for
ages 3 to 6 years old. The game is ready for print production. This means that
your reward will come in record time. I’m asking you to please back my
Kickstarter to help fund the production and gauge the game quantity before it goes
to print. Please hit the button below to pledge, and please share my campaign on
social media. Thank you so much for watching!

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