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welcome to the junket schemes tutorial for the few and cursed in this first video I will be teaching how to play the game while we were actually playing it and if you would like to watch the rest of the playthrough you can do so by clicking the link down below in the description or the I up in the top corner now before we move on I would like to ask that you please turn on the Klingon subtitles because if any mistakes are made I can then poker xions directly on the screen and you should be able to see them now what’s going on in the few end cursed is each player takes on the role of a curse chaser and they will be wandering around the desert of what used to be the Pacific Ocean they will be using a deck building to increase their overall strength and specific abilities as they try to claim at various bounties searched for at various hidden relics in cursed locations and all the while they will be hitting various encounters in these different spots now I will be explaining how all of these work in greater detail while we are playing it but Before we jump in I would like to ask that if you enjoy this video you please click the like button down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel also if you would like to directly support the channel and the creation of future videos like this one then please go to John gets Gamescom slash support and there you will find a variety of ways with which you can do that and there are some pretty cool perks that go along with some of them including voting on a couple of the videos that I make each month alright without further ado let’s jump into the game now here we have the few and cursed fully set up and ready to play for our three different players now it is worth noting that this is a prototype version of the game so the art and components are not necessarily what you will find in the final version now we are gonna play this game from the perspective of the red player right over here and we will be controlling it the character redhead we have a yellow opponent who will be controlling jebediah and then over here our green opponent will be controlling Mae sent us before we move on it is worth mentioning that there are differences between the characters that we were playing they have different abilities on their cards our tracks are in different spots and have different limits and we have different decks now this is a deck building game so we will be adding new cards to our deck so as we go throughout but right at the beginning we have ten cards in our deck and we do a little bit more damage than our opponents and then over here at jebadiah only has eight cards in their starting deck and they have cards they can actually do multiple things at once compared to all of ours that just have a single attribute in the left hand corner at this point we can now start playing and the way the structure of the game works is we will play through a series of rounds and within each round there are four different now all of us will do one step before we move on to the next one and some steps can happen simultaneously while others will happen in clockwise order from the starting player token here now the first step is called improvisation and the way this works is we can all simultaneously draw two cards from the top of the stack we can then choose one of them to add into our hand and the other one will be discarded this effectively means we are choosing a card that we get to play this round and this is the way we actually add cards into our deck we will improvise at the start of every single round so we will always be adding a new card in every round of the game now I’m not going to explain all of the details of these cards just yet I’ll get into that pretty soon so for now I’m just gonna say that I think we want this card in our hand and you’ll see why shortly and then this card can be discarded this step is simultaneous which means both of our opponents are also making the selection at the same time we can now move on to the second step of the round which is called the encounter step and the way this works is in player order we will all have an encounter action now we start the game in San Andreas and whenever you do an encounter in San Andreas you can either take a job or you can buy from the store but if we were anywhere else out here on the map we would then draw one of these encounter cards and evaluate it now I’m sure we’ll see how those work very soon in the next round but for now we are in San Andreas which means we can either take on new jobs or we can buy something from the store now unfortunately red head starts the game with no water and you have to spend water to pick up these cards right here so that realistically leaves us with the option of taking jobs or doing nothing with this action it is worth noting that as part of set up everybody gained two of these job cards and a jobs are effectively hidden missions that were all playing towards throughout the game some of them get cashed in at the end of the game like our taskmaster here and some of them can be cashed in in the middle of the game this task master says at the end of the game we get one grit for every completed job so this actually synergizes well with getting more jobs and this apprentice here says that if we get to a level four or higher on our cursed track we can cash this in to get to two water and a three grit now grit is important because the person with the most grit wins the game when the game is over so obviously we have to keep a focus on that and let’s go ahead and to do a job action now the way this works is pretty simple we just draw the top two cards from the stack and we add them into our hand and then after we do this we have the option of selling one of our jobs back now when we sell we will get the water value of the bonus on that card but we will not get the grit and it’s important to note that there is a risk involved in holding too many jobs now there’s no specific hand size but when the game is over if you have any uncompleted jobs you will lose grid equal to the amount you would have gained for it now part of me kind of wants to get rid of this apprentice to get to water because obviously gaming curses is a little bit risky but this task master will give us extra points for completing jobs so let’s go ahead and push our luck we’ll keep all of these here and try to complete as many of them as we can to get the most points we can from the taskmaster jebediah is next to do their encounter and this little symbol right here shows that they started the game with four water and they’ve decided to go to the store with it when we come over here to the store you’ll see that there are always going to be three cards face-up and there is a water cost in the top left corner now players are allowed to buy as many of these as they want to and once per store action that they can optionally refresh the store by discarding all three of these cards and then drawing it three new ones in addition to acquiring cards players can also upgrade their stats when they do a store action now you can spend one water to gain one bullet you can spend two water to increase your bullets of maximum you can spend three water to increase your curse maximum and you can spend four water to increase your health well after considering their options jebediah has decided they want to spend all four of their water and with this they’re gonna buy a hat after purchasing cards players then have to put them down into the appropriate spot and we can see in the bottom right hand corner this has an accessory icon that means they can add this right down over here and each player can hold two accessories and they can hold two hands worth of weapons you’ll notice if they had the ability to spend five water they could have bought this cold Walker and it has a single weapon symbol which means they could put that right here and there are some cards that you could pick up at the shop that have a double weapon symbol which would take up both of those slots now you may be wondering why jebadiah wants this hat and that is because once per round they can exhaust it this accessory in order to increase their damage output by one we can now move on to mace Ennis and you’ll notice they start the game with 12 water total so they are just rich compared to the rest of us it appears they want to start off by spending three of their water to pick up these boots this will give them a plus-one movement each round let’s see another card over here in the store and this is a torch now that says during the improvisation you draw three cards and choose one instead of the usual two next up a sentence is going to spend a five water to pick up this Colt Walker and they can then add that over here and this allows them to spend at one bullet to do two damage and they can use this as many times as they want to now you’ll notice each of the players has a base conversion for bullets into damage may sentences was two to three and now they have essentially one to two so instead of it spending this right here to get three total damage they could spend two bullets to get four with this cold Walker we can now refresh the store and there is a knife in there which adds one damage per round and then may sentence is gonna finish out their store action by upgrading their health now again that is gonna cost them four water so they go from a three up to four and that’s gonna finish out their encounter we’ve now reached the third step of a round where each player in turn order is going to play their cards out and choose one action to perform now when you play a card you effectively gain the bonus as resources that you can spend and I figure let’s go ahead and start with movement now when it comes to moving and the action you can move some do an action and then move some more but again you can only take one action per round now I figure we’ll play this down for one move and then this can either be to move or three move if it was three move we would lose the card entirely and I think to move is fine when we look out to the map you’ll notice there are these green movement symbols all around there are also these orange damage symbols and this means whenever you cross over that section you either have to spend a damage to negated or you will take one damage on your player board and then also there are these curse symbols which means just by crossing over that path you go up once on your curse track and we have three movement total and I think what we should do is head over to these canyons now you’ll notice that we just cost over one of these damage symbols so we could either spend a damage resource or take one damage and I think we’re actually gonna take a damage this means we will go from our starting four down to three and now we can take our one and only action for the turn now there are several different options available to us but the one that I want to do is defeating a bounty now you’ll notice that we are currently in the canyons which means we can only defeat a bounty that was last seen in canyons so we can come over here to this wanted board and you’ll see that there are zombies demons crows of mana Alana and Talbots gang over here now these are always out and you can see that the zombies are last seen in the canyons and whenever you defeat one of these you flip it over and you can defeat it again now you’ll notice that the side that we have here says we have to spend three damage and that will get us a reward of one grit and we could draw one card from a deck to use this round and then if we flipped it over we can see the reward is actually two water three water and one Grint but it does take four damage to defeat this now you can keep defeating these over and over again if you want to within a given bounty action or you could come over here and to defeat a single one of these most wanted now these are not generic they are specific and much more powerful and you’ll notice that in the canyons there are these guards now they are gonna take eight damage to overcome but down below we can see this would give us four water and three grit and I think this is what we want to try to do in order to do this we need to come up with eight damage and we can start by playing out this survivor card that’s going to give us two damage and then down below you can see we can spend two bullets and we didn’t start with two bullets and that will do four damage so that means we are at four plus two or six and then we can play our cursed card now this says we can copy the effect of another upgrade card that we have played this turn so we can put this down right over here and that is gonna cause us to become a little bit more cursed but we can then copy this to get two more damage so that is two plus two plus four or eight damaged total and remember we also have this job where we do want to become cursed to a level of four or higher so getting this curse it’s not that big of a deal for us this means we have successfully claimed the bounty for these guards we did get to the eight damage and we are in the canyons now once we claim this we will get four water and three grit so we will go up to three grit total as well as for water total and we can now either discard this from the game or keep this in our player area if we were curious about what we throughout the game either way holding on to this has no in-game effect so for this video I’m just going to discard it and that’s gonna finish our claim bouncy action although before we move on let’s take a closer look at our player card down here this says passive you may attack a wanted bounty that is in an adjacent space now this is specific to the wanted bounties and not be most wanted so this only applies when we’re trying to find zombies crows Talbot’s gang or the demons at this point we have just one card left in our hand it says for higher down here so let’s go ahead and hire ourselves out and that will get us to water which we can add into our area and that’s gonna finish out our action phase before we move on we do have to refresh the Most Wanted board we can see this is Alastair Fairweather they were last seen in the expedition location on the map and they take 12 damage to take down and that would gain one curse to the player who does it but they also get seven grit it’s now time for jebediah action phase and I just realized they should be at three health and not four sorry about that and now they can start playing out their cards to get resources and of course they get to choose an action now we can see here at the bottom of their player card they have an action option ours is passive but there says they could look at the jobs of another player and then swap a job with them so that would be their one action that they took on that round so with that in mind they are now gonna start playing out their cards and the first one will be this train robber the bat is gonna give them one movement and one attack and then the next card they will play is cursed now this works just like our cursed card does that is gonna increase their curse value by one and they can then copy one of their previously played cards so they can put this right here they will copy the train robber so they now have two movement and two attack but their curse value is going to go up once now the reason this curse track is important is because at the moment your curse marker reaches your threshold you will become cursed and you will flip over your card then when that happens your ability down at the bottom will change and your modifier for bullets to damage it might also change and all of these are different for the different characters now if you ever bring your tracker down below your threshold you will become uncursed which is nice and is worth noting if you ever gain more curses beyond this threshold you will stay cursed and you will take one damage for each additional curse step you get now either way they are at the one spot right over here and with all of this in mind they’re now gonna play this card which says on it to Plan B now in the top left it says they will gain another attack and it reduces their curse by one and you’ll notice this is the card and they picked up during improvisation in this round so they can slide this here and then lower down their curse value and and now they can keep playing cards this is their Buffalo Soldier which will give them to attack value and then finally they will play its scavenge now this is gonna get them to water and they’re just gonna grab that right away and now we can see they have one two three four and then a fifth attack value and they have a potential sixth down here by using their hats so that brings them up to six and they have to movement to spend when we come out to the map that they’ve decided to spend a one movement heading over here to the desert and now they’re gonna take their action before they use it their next movement now the action they’ve decided to do is also claiming a bounty just like us but they’re gonna go after the wanted bounties instead of the most wanted we can see that they’re currently in the desert this means they have found at Talbots gang and you’ll notice that they need to spend at three attack value in order to get the reward I love it to water and one grit so they can spend the three and they have three remaining and now we can see that it costs two to flip this back and they will do that so they’ll spend two more leaving them one attack left and this will get them one water and one grit so all told that is one plus two or three water and two grit and this will flip back over to the side here so they’re now up to five water and they have to grit total at this point they have a 1 damage left and they have one movement so they will now move over here onto these ruins they can and use the damage to negate to this one health penalty and that movement will get them right over there and that’s where they’re gonna finish out their action phase all right it’s now time for the green player to take their action phase and you’ll notice that may sent us it has a special action down here they can use their action on their turn to just gain 7 water straight up so that’s a way to get a lot of water if they feel like they need it now they can start playing out the cards from their hand and they will begin simply by putting this king of old money card down that’s going to give them to water and then they will play the card they improvise into this turn which says that treasure hunting that’s going to get them three more water but they are going to become a little bit more cursed and now they’re going to play out some movement cards this Livia leaving the past behind is getting give them to movement over here this Persian movement will give them one because I believe may send us his character is Persian and then down below the boots will give them another one so that’s one two three four movement total and they have decided to go one two three four now you’ll notice they just walked through two of these damaged spots which means they could take up to two damaged but fortunately for them the last card they have in their hand is personal guard and that gives them two more damage so they can play that out to negate both of those penalties and now the green player can take their action it seems like unlike both of their opponents they are not going to be doing a bounty this round instead they are going to recover an artifact now you’ll notice they are all the way over here in the corner and at the mountain view spot there are these two tokens there are also these cards right down here with the blue token on it and these are artifacts that can be found at specifically in Mountain View now when you do a recover artifact action you will simply look at all of the cards that are available and in a three player game there are two in a four player game there would be three right here and they will then get to choose one of these and then they will take this token that means that they are showing that they are not allowed to pick up anymore artifacts from mountain view because they will have this in their area and once both of these tokens are gone that will also signify that both of these artifacts will be gone now when it comes to these artifacts I’m gonna show you some of the ones that are not currently in the game so you have an idea of what they are they effectively work just like the cards we have in our hand already with the same back but they are more powerful now every one of these artifacts has a grit value that you gain when the game is over and that can be a summer reasonable amount these also have resources that you get on the left hand side when you play them and some of them have special abilities like this pieces of Crow says you do have to gain to curse but you get to improvise again on that specific turn where you would play this again none of these are actually in this game but you now know why we are heading down here we’re hoping to pick up an artifact on our next turn these are obviously very powerful cards but it looks like the winged player got here first with all of this in mind it looks like this is the artifact the green player wants to take so if we do we need to come over here on our next turn we won’t have a choice we will have to take this one the artifact gets added a right to into the green player’s hand and they’ve decided to use it now we can see that’s gonna be worth a 5 grit to them at the end of the game and this is going to lower their curse down by one and it gains them one health at this point the green player has finished out their action phase we’ve now reached the fourth and final step – around where everyone will simultaneously discard all of the cards that they played they can then optionally discard any cards they still have in their hand and then they have to draw back until they have four cards total now this means you can save cards from one round to the next if you want and if you do then you will draw less cards from your deck and that can be important now as far as we are concerned we played all of our cards so we can draw four more for the next round and at any point when you are playing this game if you do not have enough cards in your deck to deal out – whether that is right now or in the middle of the round if you have some card draw actions then you will immediately shuffle up your discard pile and make a new draw pile now at this point in the fourth step if you had at any point during the overall turn done a reshuffle then you will have to transport yourself back to San Andreas so effectively every time you go through your deck that is as far out on the map as you can go before you get pulled back to San Andreas and you have to start once again so the bigger a deck we have the more wandering or we can do before having to go back to San Andreas and of course if we are in a position where we do not want to go back and we’re close then maybe we don’t play cards so that we don’t draw up and have to reshuffle either way we are fine and of course both of our opponents will be doing this at the same time and it looks like nobody saved any cards in this first round of the game the next thing we have to do is part of the cleanup phase is move any of these monsters that might be out here on the map now the reason we haven’t seen any of them come out just yet is because they become summoned once we have done all of the most wanted bounties on top of this deck this final card right here on all four of these stacks is going to be a card associated with one of these four monsters so we have four stacks and at four monsters and they will be summoned onto one of the four corners where they were last seen now during the cleanup phase we will move each monster one step closer to San Andreas and if any monster ends up in San Andreas with this movement that will end the game immediately now this is just one out of the three ways that the game could come to an end the second is if we have three of the four monsters defeated then the game will end at the end of that round and the third is if all eight of the artifacts are taken then we will finish the round and the game will be over now obviously we don’t have any monsters out right now so we don’t have to move any of them at this point we have just one more thing to do for the cleanup step and that is past the starting player token now this is going to go counterclockwise which means it heads over here to the green player and now we can start the next round of the game this means we can all improvise so each of us will get two of these cards and then we get to select from these two right here now this top one says roll and shoot and this gives us two movement and one attack which is certainly nice and then this one right here says train heist it increases our curse by one but does give us two movement and it gives us two water now I think I like the idea of this one right here we do a lot of damage and I think one thing we can definitely try to continue to press is running around as much as we can and undoing as many bounties as we can we are hoping to do a artifact recovery action this turn though and I guess if we look down to our hand we are already making three damage so I suppose taking more damage this round does not make as much sense so yeah let’s do the train heist we will become more cursed if we decide to play it and we do want to get to the cursed four level spot to cash in this job I suppose so we can discard roll and shoot meanwhile both of our opponents will also be improvising let’s now move on to the encounter phase of the round and we will start with mace Ennis now as I said in the first round if you are in san andreas you can either go to the store or get more jobs but if you are not in San Andreas which is the case for all of us then instead you will draw an encounter card now you will take either a regular encounter card or a cursed card depending on if you are on a regular or cursed location now the cursed locations are the four corners of the board and these three glowing locations out here on the perimeter so it looks like the green player is indeed on a cursed location this means they will draw from this cursed stack right here and you’ll notice it has a title this one says go north crows south and then there are three different options now Mason asked us to pick one of these three this first one says they can discard their hand and collect crow blood which effectively means they can upgrade all of their stats over here they could spend a to movement right now to heed the warning and that will increase their curse threshold and the third option is they could just flee in fear and that will cause them to lose one curse we can see that Mason is currently has no curse so they’re certainly not gonna flee in fear and they’ve decided that they want to collect that crows blood that means they will discard their entire hand which means they will not actually play anything out for the action phase this round but that does upgrade all of their slots now as I mentioned before when we were talking about shops there are four different upgrades the first is a bullet so they can take a bullet bringing them to their maximum threshold their second upgrade actually increases their bullet threshold amount the third upgrade will increase their curse amount and the fourth upgrade option is increasing their health now the green is done we can move clockwise to us we are currently in canyons which means we have to draw from the regular encounter stack now you’ll notice that it also has three columns on it just like any cursed one however for the curse you get to choose but for the regular ones you simply read through the column that matches the terrain you are in we are currently in the canyons so that says the sweltering heat beats down on us as we wipe our brow our legs will continue to drag unless we quench our thirst we can spend one water or we could lose to movement during this travel phase so unfortunately there are no perks here this is just kind of a rough turn for us and I figure I like our movement so let’s just spend one water to take care of this encounter moving on we now have jebediah here and it is worth noting that if any two players are on the same location they will actually evaluate the exact same encounter although if there are choices to be made they can choose different choices from each other either way jebediah is currently on a ruins location this means they will draw from the regular encounter stack and for the ruins column it says a shiver runs down jebediah spine as they notice the quiet murmur of the wind a demon burst through the wall and comes right at him it winds up to take a massive swipe with its claws and jebediah can spend three movement to roll underneath the attack or suffer two wounds in order to figure out what to do jebediah needs to look at their cards and you’ll notice they have three health currently now if they took that to damage that would bring them down to one and if a player ever reaches the zero spot then at that moment they become critically wounded they will then essentially be dragged back to San Andreas and they will take all of the cards in their hand their discard pile and their plate area shuffle to back up into a new deck and they will set their health to three they will also have to lose one water for every step they had to be tracked back to San Andreas effectively paying off a Good Samaritan who helps them out there and for every water they can’t pay they will lose one grit obviously getting critically injured does not sound great so Jebidiah has decided they’re gonna play these two cards that will give them one two three movement and it also gives them one damage for later on in the round that’s gonna finish out the encounter step which means we can now move on to the action phase we know that the green player is gonna start things off but I think before we go into their turn I will briefly discuss the three other types of actions that you can do on your turn now one of those is you could rob one of your opponents if you find yourself on a location with an opponent you can spend damage equal to twice the amount of health of that opponent if you do that you will then take water and grit equal to the amount of health that opponent had that opponent will lose one health and you will go up twice on the curse track so robbing can definitely be really lucrative but you do become quite cursed the next of the actions that I haven’t talked about just yet is camping now for your action you could just camp out wherever you are when you do this you will go ahead and gain one health and then you take all of the cards in your hand your plate area your deck and your discard pile you shall flump together and then you make a new deck now when you do a camp action you do not get teleported back to San Andreas at the end of your turn even though you did end up shuffling your deck that round this is one of the main reasons to camp it so that you can stay out longer now there is one final type of action you can do for your turn and that involves taking a new encounter now you will do this according to where you are in the moment of that action so by doing this you will take two encounters throughout this overall round instead of the one from the second step at this point we have now covered most of the rules to the few and cursed which means the tutorial part of this playthrough is coming to a close if you would like to watch the rest of the playthrough then feel free to click the link in the I in the top right corner or click the link in the description down below as always I’d like to thank everyone who’s been supporting this channel including all of these producers level patreon backers if you two would like to directly support the channel and the creation of videos like this one then please go to junkets Gamescom slash support to see a variety of ways with which you can do that also if you enjoy this video please click the like button down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel thanks for watching

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  1. I like how you've started doing these tutorial videos to establish how the game plays that way you aren't slowed down during the main playthrough giving lessons along the way.

  2. Really cool game, and you made it very interesting (i even watched the full playthrough). You got the publishers a kickstarter subscriber! Good job, although my wallet is not that happy (although I am)

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