The FIRST card trick I ever learned! – Beginner Magic Tutorial

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  1. Decided to learn a few card tricks for the first time ever because it's 2am and came up with an alternative ending to the 6 & 9 trick where I place a joker card the 2nd from top before throwing and separating from the deck (and for some reason it has worked every time I just tried it) so I can show the correct cards to friends and the joker flies from the deck onto the ground face down, they will obviously notice it assuming I messed up and I'd ask them to pick it up and make a fart noise when they bend down (because I'm immature) then I say something like "sorry couldn't help being a joker" then they pick the card up and realise it's a joker. Stupid, effective and even more confusing than the original trick so it might distract from how terrible my card skills are.

  2. pft..pff-pfftt PFFFFTTT
    "iF tHiS vId GeTs OvEr 5k LiKeS"

    i laughed so hard like man u already got WAYY over 5k even tho im in 2019 im sure that the vid got at least more than 5k likes in the next few months he posted the vid

  3. Also one of my first tricks I learned – but I use the 7 and 8 … here's the thing though, if you set it up in front of the spectator, and make a big deal out of doing so – then 'guess' their cards before actually doing the trick it has twice the effect – they will already write it off as stupid before the actual trick is done, so when you do it they are left in shock, always… I set it up by placing the 8 club and 7 spade on top and asking them to pick the top 2 cards after watching me place 2 cards there. When I throw the cards I do do all over the place telling them its '52-pickup' but somehow 'catching' their cards, it evens works if its done multiple times this way because they're fooled by how 'bad' your routine is at the start…

  4. I really like the explanation of the sleights. That's like my biggest problem in magic even easier ones like these I tend to avoid lol and find sneaky ways to remake a trick without them.

  5. I learn that trick with figure cards. I do that with 6 and 9 in black since over 25 years. You are the first who I see with same card. Cool.

  6. Chris 😔 I had to get a new account 😔 but I remembered your amazing puzzles and tricks! Thanks for your skill!!! 😁

  7. First trick I ever learned was a trick when someone pick two cards. You manipulate the cards so that ones on the top of the deck and ones on the bottom. Throw the deck into your other hand and it looks like you magically pulled those two cards from some random point in the deck

  8. Sixes and nines are the easiest and Slickers quick Learning Tree I haven't even tried it I want to go do it on the kid up front I bet I get them before I even try to do it by myself

  9. Anytime you can make a trip that much easier than the second version do that and all of it is cuz that was way harder than the first version

  10. When you use the red cars the heart and a diamond register's too easy so that they can catch it that's why you use black cards that's smart is fuccc

  11. I came up with a couple tricks for fake shuffling the 6 9 trick, such that you keep the top and bottom cards where there are (but looks like you're shuffling), adds a bit more pizaz if you can do it. I'm a noob and I came up with it, so can't be too hard 😂

  12. HeyChris, love ur stuff btw, but the 6 and 9 trick is actually officially named The Returning Pair.

    Edit : not disrespecting u btw.

  13. Chris, you should have asked for 67,000 likes. Then you’d look super cool 2 years later when you hit it. Been watching since you were around 100K subs. Awesome to see how big the channels got. You’re definitely the best personality and ambassador in the magic scene.

  14. I did this trick to a ten-year old. It went horribly wrong because I gave him too much time to see the cards. He gave me a suspicious look at the end and told me that he saw what I did there. Later we discussed what I did wrong and I learned my lesson. He also did manage to learn from the situation. It was really educational for both of us

  15. I know it can be cheated after the video he can check it the card which he showed to us he can check it when his video is over he can see his video he will see card

  16. Chris, I started doing this about two years ago and was getting in over my head. So I gave up. No I ran across your beginner tutorials and it seemed as if you were moving along at a pace where I could keep up and get back involved.. So I bought a deck of cards and started following along. You have brought this back into my life at the beginner level and have made it possible to gain a level of proficiency in a relatively short period of time. Thank you so much. I am subscribed.

  17. Thanks for that I just did those tricks to a local Aussie IGA worker and he bought me something of my choice from the whole store

  18. As soon as you said the black 6 and 9, I thought suits matter. So I instantly saw the switched suits after the reveal, but I can see how it is easily missed if you are not looking for it.

  19. HELP @Chris Ramsay, hey brother been running through your tutorials…I live learning the sleights and cardistry and have picked up a few decks you recommend. My kids love the tricks and it's a great time filler at work. I live in Florida and it's super humid here all year around and I can't get a deck to last more than a week or a few days, depending on the card quality. Is there any way to help with the affects if humidity in cards? They seem to loose their spring super fast and get super soft because if it. I would live any help or recommendations. Someone told me to try fanning powder but it seemed to make the problem worse!

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