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The Grand Museum of Art – Board Game

The Grand Museum of Art – Board Game

Have you ever dreamed of owning a collection
of priceless artwork or of becoming a museum curator?
Here’s your chance with
The Grand Museum of Art board game!
The Director of the Grand Museum of Art
has jumped ship,
leaving the museum in huge debt.
It’s now up to you and your fellow curators
to organize world-class exhibitions, bring
in more visitors and save the museum from bankruptcy.
Winning is all about popularity.
There are two ways to pick up popularity points:
First, collect works of art!
You start the game with a collection of artwork
and continue to acquire more throughout the game.
Each painting is attributed popularity
points; the more famous the artwork,
the more popularity points you collect.
Second, put together thematic exhibitions!
You draw Exhibition cards and try to collect
all of the artwork in the exhibition to earn
more popularity points.
It sounds easy, but be careful: some artwork
can appear on more than one Exhibition card,
so you won’t be the only curator looking for it.
Sometimes, you’ll have to make exchanges,
bid at auctions or even steal to get the card
you need.
Yes, there are trivia questions to answer,
but don’t worry: you don’t have to be
a fine art expert to play!
When you land on an Art Dealer square, you
get to select the artwork of your choice from
the deck. But first, you must answer either
a smart or a silly art trivia question. Smart
questions are more serious and target the
art savvy.
Silly questions are for people who don’t
know much about art history and want to have
a good laugh.
After the last Artwork card has been picked
from the deck, you have 5 rounds to complete
your exhibitions and gather as many popularity
points as you can. After the final 5 rounds
of play, curators tally up the points from
their completed exhibitions and artwork collected.
The curator with the most points wins the
game and becomes the new museum director!
With 65 paintings to collect, 20 exhibition
cards and 4 beautiful art-related game tokens,
The Grand Museum of Art is a fun and educational
game to play with family and friends!
Will you be the next museum director?
Get your copy of The Grand Museum of Art today
and find out!

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  1. Nothing to have it stand out. Nothing about how long it was playtested. Skip and if it's good, well await the 2nd edition.

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