Do you guys remember Boo from Monsters Inc.?
Yep, thi- this is her now.
So, D.VA pilots her mech and on the mech, she has some guns,
you know, some pew pew’s. And on the Overwatch website, it says they lay down continuous, high damage fire…
I’m just kidding though. You know, they’re close range of course. We all know this. And it’s actually pretty decent damage, especially versus tanks.
They’re just pretty much… free ult charge. I mean, take a look at this Winston,
he’d rather, you know, jump off the map than face the D.
So, let’s take a look at D.VA’s abilities!
[D.Va A] Defence Matrix activated!
[ B] Good thing I brought an umbrella!
Okay, so I got… I got a question. Who would win? A hero’s ultimate ability or this little matrix boi?
Is Hanzo ulting?
Pretty sure he’s gonna ult… OH
[Teammate] Did you eat it?
[Deku] Yeah
This is one of the greatest abilities in the entire game, and I’m not being sarcastic. You activate it, and you eat enemy projectiles!
Soldier’s aimbot?
Om nom nom nom!
What’s that I hear? A noodle dragon?
Delicious. You thought you could get away my boi?
In this clip my beyblade senses were tingling,
You know, you can always tell when a reaper’s about to ult.
[Reaper] Die, DIE, DIIEEE!
DELICIOUS. mwa. Then for dessert, we’re having Rein’s fire ball, Moira’s damage ball… all of junkrat’s balls…
We got… MCnope
Instead of Whole Hog, We’ve got a whole load of nope, and high noon!
OH MY GOD Andrew. Thank you.
I mean high–no, just high noon. And I’m pretty sure if you do this …
You can eat everything.
Best ability in the game!
Oh, excuse me Roadhog. That’s my healer.
Don’t mind me, Roadhog. I’m just some bait. THERE we go. you couldn’t resist could you?
I want Toby to fly through everyone…
So you can use your boosters to knock people out of position…
knock players off the map…
Enemy players trying to retreat? No problemo.
It even deals damage
You can use it to avoid damage, of course!
And it’s a really good flanking tool.
(whistle sound) aahhh miscalculated…
Okay guys, what could we add to D.VA to make her more viable as a tank?
I think we need to give her more DPS. You know, give her some…
Give her some MISSILES!
Okay, so, the technique here is to just roll your face over the keyboard. You know, boosts, cannons, missiles, EVERYTHING.
Enemy spotted!
Boosters engaged!
I hope we don’t get banned for this.
You can use your missiles and your matrix at the same time, so you can just eat all the damage while you’re doing damage yourself.
Look at this junkrat! He’d rather just blow himself up…
So most of the time for me, the self-destruct goes like this:
Nerf this–AAUGH!
OH Why? But ever so often, I’d get one of these!
The thing is there’s so many abilities in the game that can block this explosion.
Okay, we got to set the scene. We need a map. Dorado. Mwah. Beautiful. Okay, so you send in your nuke,
Self-destruct, nope! Rein’s here, and he’s got his shield. He’s blocked it. So next game, you set off your bomb again.
Zarya comes in. NOPE. She can absorb it with her shield. HEY,
Do you want some healing and it’s like OH
But at least I could get the mercy! no cuz Zarya can bubble her teammate. You know she’s like fully charged, she’s like BAYABAYAB
You didn’t expect to did you it’s Winston. Kapooyah.
Yeah, so yeah, Winston will block the explosion with his bubble. Guess what? it’s Mei. your nuke’s about to go off? kaboom
Nope, ice block. see that shit? This one’s the most annoying okay. You sit stop it. Stop it. This one’s the most annoying ok?
Are you sending your nuke guess who it is. it’s ya boi Genji…
It’s ya boi Genji, he deflects it, back you go, nukes your whole your team instead
You know what’s great? Having a broken shift key.
Oh shift key, why are you the way that you are?
Self-destructs biggest weakness is just walking around a corner or standing behind a small object
But just like any other ability after you have some practice with a you kind of learn
how it works, and you know here we go…
Quadruple kill!
Triple kill!
Yeah, no he’s ulting, he’s ulting! shit
Yeah, okay, it worked
I’ma get that Genji
So yeah, that’s all the Mech abilities and stuff, but it’s not over yet. We still got D.Va’s final form.
Baby D.Va actually does a surprising amount of damage with this gun in fact. I’m not even sure why I’m using the mech
I mean look at this Lúcio he’s so scared that he ults versus a single D.Va
Let’s drop the BEAT!
[Loud, bass-y music]
You’re basically just strafe and crouch, no one will ever hit you because of your tiny hitbox
Strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine
Is this easy mode?
I’ve got you– SCATTAH
[Ana] You’re powered up!
Wait a minute… what is this? No!
Sweet D.Va, she was so innocent!
Okay, so not many people know about D.Va’s reload cancel
So you’ve run out of ammo, called down your Mech,
self-destruct your Mech … full ammo.
Get ready for the b-beat
So it all started here, let me tell you the great tale of how I lost us this comp game. Just kidding we won guys

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