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hi everyone welcome back to the magnificent I am working on my camp Marty’s done some performing it’s time for round two out of three I’m still the first player so let’s go what would I like to do now expanding my camp yes yeah it’s been very profitable for me but I need to I could do a small performing then try and do a bigger one later get this this card scored or if I get more orange teeth shapes then I could do them both yeah I don’t read too particularly worried about scoring just the large pieces anymore I think I want tents though yeah I’m gonna go for all this tents face down there shouldn’t be what would this ten be just be coins good for keeping me in the money I’m gonna go for this I want multiple tents let’s go let’s go for orange I’m gonna go for orange three so I can grab this tent wear it I like to put it I don’t want to change the number I don’t want another poster let’s just get a coin for now and that quite nicely puts me one two three I’m gonna get myself at no orange gem a green gem and this tent which would like me to spend a green gem yeah for five tickets I believe yes and where do we want that so I could scroll the two big green ones and I guess me points they all get me more posters and I don’t need more posters I could replace a poster maybe I should have performed first it’s too late for all of that let’s let’s get some coins yes I’m gonna go for this one so I get myself a poster and two coins in terms of posters this would be quite a nice replacement because I’ve got a big green and a big orange I haven’t got two small greens so yeah I’m gonna replace that you can also if you don’t want to discard one of your own you cannot just discard one from the display or just do nothing Marty would like to get some purple pieces built to be able to perform this and yeah just to be able to get a big area of Purple’s in as well so if you would like to build a big piece he needs at least a five I think he’s just gonna go for this purple three and get really high numbers on those Purple’s could do some amazing actions but that would cost a fortune it cost 15 to get all of the Purple’s gonna put it on this plus two so he’s got value five gets him a large purple piece and really it seems it seems made to go there doesn’t it so that’s where it’s gonna go and what does he cover up for doing that absolutely nothing though yeah he’d get a plus two though by using one of his trainers that would just gets him to smalls though what if he spent a gem as well and then he could do a big and a small yeah he will do plus to spend a purple gem where’s that purple gem got it there is purple tablecloth so then he gets a small piece as well so he could just make a nice rectangle there and does he get anything for that no nothing there and he could just expand this that’s not a rectangle though is it if he did that that would be his biggest rectangle and he would get what four eight twelve points the maximum to 20 and expand it later with some more purple pieces maybe do two small down here to get these posters this is again though no benefits from doing this no bonuses back to me I want to stick with the orange I think I want to do some building well I did want to do hello to performing I’m doing this first while he’s in my mind I I could change the number to something so I only want five so that’s three four let’s change it to a – yeah so I get myself five I’m gonna spend two of my trainer markers to get an extra large so I’m gonna get two large orange pieces and I am limiting myself in the posters that I can take on time by doing this I’m gonna put this one here so that’s gonna be five points another and then I’m gonna slot this down here two more points and a what’s the word I’m thinking of a trainer marker is that good though yeah things can go there I just need one more piece in that I’ve done three rows so yeah that is quite nice isn’t it how many points seven points in a trainer marker so that puts me on 23 to Marty’s twenty now yeah I’m worried about how I’m limiting myself have got no Purple’s we do need a poster out there do you have another small green though that need to perform all these purples okay Marty’s turn he desperately wants to perform but he’s very worried about taking here the purple six he must perform twice so he needs a decent number he’s got one money right now though he maybe wants to get a load of pieces and try and fill in these big money areas yeah if there was a time to not be able to afford things it was the first round when the punishments weren’t as severe he could of course do a massive travel action whiz round and hope to get a tonne of gems because you know you get a coin for every one that you roll over like that you can’t fit in your space okay then so what if he did a smaller perform action just for now okay what if he did a big build gonna grab a purple six and worry about paying for it he’s gonna get a coin he’s gonna do a build so his power is 6 9 10 11 13 15 a lot of gems and things that he’s spending 15 power though and what can he do with 15 power he can get a lodge and two smalls that’s how it is there all purple so he’s gonna go off in a bit of a different direction here I think because he wants this stuff you know filled up so he’s gonna get himself that’s two that’s five money and if he leaves a gap that means he’s not gonna score that four points get yourself another two money is there a better way of doing this that gets him the two that gets him to and I guess him three there we go so that’s all we’ve covered up here well that leaves a gap as well okay we can do this down here so this would be for six money you can move it down there but that yeah this way we could do two purple triangles and not triangles two purple small pieces and fill that out later so that does get him six money nothing else it doesn’t really enhance his rectangle does it you could put this like that and then maybe other things can fill this up that doesn’t cover up the two coins there which is the whole point of this yeah that’s what he’s going for six coins he’s getting my turn I want to perform two things really got gems should I go for a sugar for a travel first I’m gonna go for a great big travel I’m gonna grab this orange five and let’s not sell gems yeah that gets me into the post though that I don’t want sell gems for ii don’t want to sell jam for to money is a clear gem yes I do because I’m gonna have very high costs so I am going on orange that is five eight ten spaces and that actually works out quite nicely I can go one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and land on a tenth so what does that get me three orange two purple and a green and then I get this lovely turn to which ears spin a clear gem for seven tickets and I think I’m gonna put it oh now I need more green gems my last action is gonna have to be perform all these posted any green gems and my clear is gonna go on this I know what I can do about that now actually I don’t need to worry about gems because I can put this here get myself another poster which I probably don’t want but I can get myself to clear gems I think I’m gonna do nothing about the poster they aren’t particularly amazing for Marty so yes that was a big wagon journey over to Marty he wants to do a similar thing with the wagons but he’s gonna make use of the clear dye so this is basically he’s gonna have to pay for this which is unfortunate he’s gonna place this here and he can say just for this round that it’s purple in future it’s not going to be added on to the total of anything and he’s gonna have to pay for it no matter what color is his total so he can do purple value ten he’s gonna do wagons so at any point he can spend two gems for a marker he’s gonna do that right now so he’s gonna exchange these two oranges for a trainer marker so he had value ten he’s gonna use one here so he’s got value 13 and I think he’s only gonna use 12 of that he’s gonna go yeah he’s gonna cook stuff one short I think he’s gonna go one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 so that gets him five purple to green and an hour and this tent now I can only fit three purple in so two are converted into coins and yeah that’s an impressive collection of gems he can now pick his reward so does he want some points some crystals or some coins I think he’s got let’s he got now he’s got seven eight nine ten coins he’s gonna have to pay ten he could build it some more money for a future round I think yeah he is going to grab the two coins and a poster he might be able to score can he score something he could score this one Oh I mean he could have something bigger I don’t think he can I don’t think he can afford to take the six die to be able to perform three things so yeah he is going to need to do that get a poster done two coins as for me I want to perform and use all of this orange that I’ve built up so I’m gonna grab this clear dye which is unfortunate I’m gonna have to pay for this I might this isn’t an amazing effect but I might just yeah I might just flip that over yes it’s not a great use of my training I’m not gonna get the poster just yet just so I have to pay one less so I’m gonna score this gift gives me a value of eight ten thirteen I can boost a Vardhan of the trainer I don’t want to there so I’m gonna just go on twelve because I can only score three things I’m gonna score I want to go for so I think so I’m going to score I could just ignore my starter one well that’s gonna get me coins I’ve only got one small green so it’s gonna be and I’ve only got two small oranges so it’s gonna be these three I think these three can be scored and then these can be done in a future one together so yes I have two small oranges I have one small green have a large green have a large orange and so gems I need to pay it’s gonna be three green and orange and a clear so that’s gonna be one two three green because these are wild an orange and a clear so that is pretty much all of my gems but I can now score two five is seven thirteen twenty five tickets already had twenty three so that’s gonna put me on forty eight and also two three seven cash then these can go away do I want to rearrange my posters and tents I think I’m gonna put this one over a tent because that means I don’t have to go and get another tent for the future it all depends on which gyms I’m going to end up with so I could just put it under there so I get some money yeah yeah let’s leave them there for now I’m happy with that and that’s bad for Marty he wanted that cleared I I think what he’s gonna do though he’s gonna be able to do this for free he’s gonna just grab one of these greens doesn’t particularly care which cuz he’s gonna flip it into a six with his master cards power that’s the six if you don’t believe me and so he’s gonna do six plus two from here is eight he could have done all three of these I just don’t think if he takes the group the purple six he’s gonna have to pay twelve fifteen sixteen coins and he’s got nine ten eleven twelve fourteen fifteen maybe it’s worth doing it wouldn’t have any money for next round there you can earn it back go big yeah Monty’s gonna go big he’s grabbing that purple six while he’s scoring three things so what number does he need to be on I’ve unfortunately blocked the easy number for him so he needs to be on 14 if he wants to score three things so he’s got nine ten that put him on sixteen so he can knock this down to fall and not have to pay as much yeah that’s what he’s gonna do and then he’s gonna he’s gonna go above me as well which means he’s gonna get first pick off the MasterCard he can’t deny me one there cuz there isn’t a space between us and she’d like to deny everyone because of that that’s out maybe he’ll have to take that but he’s got no oranges at all that would probably be a waste for him anyway he’s scoring three things is knee so he’s got a large green fine he’s got two small Purple’s another small purple and a large purple he can score all of those any gems a purple and a clear which he can pay for absolutely no problem from his supply and so that’s gonna give him 7 9 11 14 21 points he’s on 20 so that puts him on 41 so he’s lagging behind and then he’s gonna get himself three five coins they’ve been performed and yeah that’s the end of the round so payment time I need to pay eight ten thirteen coins so that would be ten thirteen still got five left not too bad I still got some nice posters and things left Marty we did some other things on going big on money Jeff Moss he definitely got the better power there Marty needs to pay ten thirteen fourteen ten fourteen so he’s got three left so we’ll see how big we can go next round and what we were on so we’ve got points for matching posters not great right now points for biggest orange area which Marty would love to deny me but think he’s gonna have to go for this one he’s gonna be able to get even more terrain and markers and score his trainer Mach is because although we’re only gonna be scoring you know a card now and a card at the end of round three you do school all of your the cards but just a half of their points value so that’s what Marcy’s gonna take he doesn’t deny me anything I’m absolutely gonna take this one because this gives me the the doubler of the bonuses when you’re building as well so the last set gets discarded because yeah Marty didn’t gets chance to do his special discard so it’s just the one that nobody took and then scoring so I don’t have my three rows to do that one yet I don’t have a ton of money do I have five I could do five out of seven batches of three so I get 15 but the maximum is 21 so I’d like that a lot of different posters nerves you’ve got to this one though your total top color and any clears that you took that would be the price I paid basically that would be 8 10 13 points because my biggest orange area isn’t gonna be filled in until I do that really my biggest orange rectangle is 3 by 4 so that would be 12 points yeah I’m not sure if I’m gonna get to do this again so I’m gonna score this one although I’m losing my power to be able to put a dose to anything I want yeah 13 points I’m going for it so that’s gonna put me on 61 I think Marty is gonna go for his tents that’s gonna be 15 points yeah so he’s gonna go up to 56 so it’s still kind of close okay then so for the next round we need all of our trainer markers back gather the dice together and re-roll them and I’ll refill those I’ll see you around three okay then back for round three so I’m the start player again because I need up at the bottom of this track what’s the plan I like to get more things in there I want to do my third row don’t I so do I just want a small I want something to cover up a lot of spaces and then double up the whole bonus that I get yeah let’s just start out with an orange too and I’ll put it it’s just getting me more orange pieces though which I do want for a big orange rectangle oh yeah for now for now we’ll just do this so I want an orange gem I’m gonna spend it right away or spend one of the existing ones to boost the power to four so I can actually put a piece down so I get a small piece I’m also gonna get a large piece and double up the bonuses when I put it down so I definitely want the small piece to go here that’s not gonna get me any bonuses what I’m doubling up though okay I can do it they were moved over a little bit I don’t think I can get I was hoping to cover up you know something like that so that I would be able to double up and get two posters and four coins or double up my trainer markers or something okay we could go in a different direction but only if I’m willing to only from willing to do camp again in a future turn what if we take a different number I’ll get my gem back and do a purple three instead and do the same thing boost them so we’re getting a bigger purple and then I’m more open to getting more posters so I could so we could put this one here and get the two coins and then I can put this one here yeah so I got two coins and then I’m doubling this up yeah to get two posters and six points so what would I like let’s open things up a little bit I’d have to do two separate performs if I want these done though because these all share pieces and I need more gems it’s their time to do all of this now I think I want the two without gems on them just because I’m already having to spend a load of gems on on the tents and things and I haven’t really got gems that would have been a good one never mind so yeah we are done there but no trainer mockers either but a load of orange gems but they aren’t what I need so Marty what’s his plan it’s just he needs some posters and he knows how he’s gonna get him he is gonna go for purple five with his plus two here it is get it on camera so that’s going to be seven and that is going to be two small pieces they’re gonna slot in here very nicely cover up another area and that is gonna be a double poster and a single three more posters so what could Marty do out of here he hasn’t actually got any orange pieces or any small greens so he could get this one he could it would be a big action to try and get he could get maybe a green or or five and then get two small green pieces that could be good yeah he’s gonna grab that he’s cleared as well and he’s not gonna get well we could be refilling these he could haven’t been the top of the deck as well I’ve kind of seen her that would be two separate performs wouldn’t it he’s not gonna get three small pieces yeah so he’s got so many purple surely you can do that one it does need a load of purple gems he probably needs more gems let’s see if he’s got enough turns to do what he wants I need green gems and the best place for those is gonna be on the green track I’m gonna grab this green six I think I can’t boost it in any way so I think I’m gonna take a coin yeah need more than this I’m not gonna be able to score my posters 1 2 3 4 5 6 forget myself a tenth which is nice and that’s just gonna be 2 greens are purple and an orange I was full up on our inch that’s just gonna be a coin I get this three ticket tent here but I also get myself a poster and four more tickets so that’s putting me on 71 right now and whilst he’s back there on 56 and I got myself a poster that’s quite nice I’ve done there that’s some money and some points this one yeah small Green’s being used in a lot of things or about this one although I have got a hat needs a small this one could be nice so many gems though yeah one of the ones that doesn’t need gems yeah let’s go for that one what he’s gonna do another bill he’s gonna need a green ball for it he’s gonna pop it down there and he’s gonna boost this to a six that’s not quite enough though is it yes unfortunately didn’t were five on it so he’s gonna have to spend a green gem so that’s gonna be value eight all because he wanted more than seven so he could get two small pieces for his poster so he can place one here and that would be a clear gem which you’d like yeah for this poster over here and then this one you get him another one can’t fill up that area if he just that though he’d get him another marker which is useful and he’s got two cards that score that yeah he’ll do that I think it’s purple areas big enough just means he’s not gonna be able to he’s probably not gonna feel any more sections they’re gonna get another trainer marker and he could have spent did he spend two gems already and he can spend two gems he’s gonna spend an orange and a green to get another one I’m gonna try and perform I don’t know how many I’ll be able to do in total but I’m gonna try and perform now I don’t need orange gem so I’m gonna spend and REM to get two coins so I’ve got eleven I’m saying it’s green so that lets me perform twice yeah I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get to perform five times so yeah I think this is good so I my cot I can pay a green jammer up I need green gems to perform with so I’m just doing – now I’m knowing that I don’t have a clear gem to be able to score that one that’s my most points I think we’re gonna go for these two so I need a green and orange and then another green so that’s all of my greens gone yeah that’s all as that’s going to be 7 plus 8 15 20 20 points and 5 coins that’s gonna put me on 91 I’ve done these and I can rearrange these I might want I could try and perform again next turn but I’m not gonna have these green gems to be able to perform these ones so unless I get some posters from somewhere there’s no point rearranging them so that one’s gonna be 6 points and 2 coins or I could just go for filling this in with something so I’ve got my three rows filled in well think so Mart I don’t think Marty can perform all of his things he’s going to oh this is gonna be too risky I think he can’t do a big build his unfortunately Marty needs to perform and get gems and performance what I need to do we’re limited by these posters we’ve taken Marty is gonna go for is this gonna work out he’s going to get a coin on there and get an 11 purple value he’s gonna boost it to 13 gets himself a coin so this is gonna be too big purple pieces but instead he’s gonna swap them using two more of his trainers he’s going to go on here and swap both of them out for oranges because oranges will very nicely fill up this square here and give him 7 extra points as well as the four he’s gonna get at the end for filling in that area as for me I can perform again it’s only gonna be one thing six points and two money I think I could do a build and get more out of that so do my rows and everything as well I’m gonna take it clear yeah I’m gonna take a cleared oh I I think I can afford I hope I can afford I got myself a poster but I’m not performing so yeah I’m just gonna leave that entirely and yeah we’re saying it’s green then are we so I’ve got you don’t count the previous one so I’ve just got eleven again I haven’t got a green gem because it’s purple I’ve got eight and it could spend gems then purple isn’t as good for filling in spaces though the big one so I’d have eight I could do ten twelve fourteen which isn’t enough to get the biggest one I’m going to do purple I’m just gonna spend one gem to make it ten eight ten because I want to big in a small the small can go right here because it’s gonna fill up two separate segments the big one actually isn’t really doing anything of value other than filling up into the segment’s and giving me the three rows so yeah that is gonna be my last turn not some great big overwhelming performance at the end unfortunately I think that’s gonna be more than that send me a lot 1 points than performing whatever I think and I’m hoping to do something with these clear dos Marty wants to perform he’s gonna grab I think this works out he’s gonna grab this one he’s gonna flip it to be a 6 because the purples and the Greens will kind of balance out the cost it’s still gonna just pay for the purple just 11 and this is 10 now so he’s got ten value on performing he has got a trainer marker left he’s not gonna be able to afford another trainer marker unfortunately I don’t think he’s gonna boost this by two so he’s got ten twelve perfect he’s gonna pay a clear GM yeah unfortunately is not gonna be able to do this one and a pair clear gem so these got value 14 so that he is gonna get to discard the card that I want which would have given me at point equal two points for every pip on clear dice that I’ve got and I’ve got 10 pips that would’ve been 20 points so yeah he needed to stop me getting that so once he could actually do four performances unfortunately because of gems he can only afford to do these two so that’s gonna be two purple and a green gem so that clears him out completely and he’s gonna get himself thirteen sixteen points and seven money that puts him on seventy nine it’s a 91 just how it comes out in the end because that is it so payment I think remarkably we’ve managed to exactly do this I need 16 money so I have got five six two four six eight ten that makes 16 in my book then Marty he needs to pay 11 who’s his Purple’s are higher than the greens and he just has 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 very lucky of course it wasn’t look it was all meticulously planned so what would Marty like from the final scoring cards top one number of rows completed that’s just one for him so that would get him six points three if it’s the half score at the end you’ve got no clear dice that would get him nothing and completed cards from this performer he has got so it’s that it’s that claw symbol at the bottom he’s just got one oh no he’s got two three so that would actually be twelve points the thing he’s looking at though is that he can see over on my thing I’ve completed loads of columns that’s what they scored once so he’s gonna grab this because at least he’ll get six have is he only done one column he’s won two columns doesn’t he it’s something at least he nearly did three and then he’s gonna discard this one we don’t have trainer towels in the last round cuz there would be no use for them so I’m gonna get this one I don’t actually know how many claw things I’ve done and then we’re scoring so I’ve actually done one two yeah two claw posters so that is worth eight points to me probably not gonna choose that my biggest orange rectangle is still four by three because I put a purple here so that’s gonna be twelve points different posters I’ve actually got exactly the same poster so that actually gets me I’ve got one different poster so that’s just for I think it’s just gonna be the rose for me then three completed rose is the maximum twenty-one got three completed Rose so 21 points so that’s gonna put me on a hundred and twelve from Artie he’s got six workers now so they would be eighteen each biggest purple area that will be 20 columns would just be twelve but I think small pieces he’s maxed that out he’s got one two three four five six seven eight small pieces maximum is seven so yeah let’s call that one for the maximum 21 points so that’s gonna put him up to a hundred cuz he’s just he stayed with me scoring the same on those then we don’t need to do the end of round stuff we need to do the end of game stuff so we score or remaining master cards at half of their points value so I get twelve for this day I so I get six instead here I just score it once so that’s another two that’s eight altogether I can’t pay for any points and I’ve got two of those so that’s gonna be four points so eight plus four is gonna be 12 that puts me on 24 Marty’s have I think he’s gonna work out a lot better so he’s got two columns did we decide yep two columns is gonna be or basically just score one then so there’s gonna be six points his biggest area is maxed so that’s gonna be instead of 20 that’s gonna be ten points so he’s on sixteen and he’s got six of these so they’re gonna be 18 each it’s not right oh yeah 18 each half so 18 altogether gonna be 16 plus 18 that’s gonna be 34 whoa Marcy’s definitely in it so 134 then it’s a point for every five coins know we hear both skins so that’s not going to apply the only thing left is four points for each area you filled in oh is this gonna be enough to catch me up so Marty has got one two three four areas completely fill in you can use gems to fill in gaps now but Monty hasn’t got any of those so four times four that’s gonna be 16 points so his final score is gonna be a hundred and fifty now as for me whatever I do I’ve got three gems left this area this one all of this one need three gems to fill so yeah let’s just fill one up so in terms of areas we’ve got three here haven’t we four five six so six times four is gonna be 24 that’s not gonna be enough is it that’s gonna put me on 48 two points short there we go so Marty against all odds has rushed in the lead because of the scoring cards basically I should have given myself more money I should have left some money for myself cuz I got nothing from that one or I should have got some different posters well these these posters I didn’t score all the exact same thing so yeah thinking ahead a little bit all I needed was two more points to tie but hey Marty was the better magician today and so that’s it that’s the magnificence if you’d like to know what I think about it there’ll be a link on the screen if you would like to see more play throughs there are over 300 on this channel I’m sure we’ll find a game that you fancy having a look at thank you very much for watching though and I’ll see you for the next game bye everyone [Music]

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