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The Search for Planet X Preview (Rundown)

The Search for Planet X Preview (Rundown)

hey everybody today rado previews a prototype of the search for Planet X but before I get going please turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goofs you’ll know what they are and if you’ve done that then welcome to the observatory everybody where we are going to be searching for the elusive Planet X planet 9 I believe it’s also known as somewhere out there beyond Pluto there’s another planet in our solar system or at least we hypothesize there is and in this game we’re gonna prove it if we can with the help of a handy dandy digital app yes folks this is a game that does require you having a smartphone or a laptop or something nearby because this is a game of deduction where everybody is competing to make the most scientifically provable Theory’s possible before Planet X itself is discovered so how does it work well here I am I am actually gonna be sitting on this side of the board which means I’m on the summer solstice side of the board which means I take a summer solstice piece of paper here so that this little thing is allied to the starry night sky from the same you can see there’s 12 o’clock 12 o’clock 5 o’clock 5 o’clock so if I were playing over if I were actually sitting over here I’d have a spring piece of paper so that it looks correct from my perspective we’ve got the sky set up it’s 2 player game here’s my green Observatory and Jen’s purple Observatory and before we get going we get to have a little bit of starting information so let’s fire up the app all righty starting a new game and now I can play standard or expert if I play expert I would flip this board over and flip my own piece of paper over because you can see you can have a side of the board where there are 18 sectors in the sky and that requires a whole lot more deduction I’m just gonna play standard today and so let’s do a standard 12 sector game start a new game and if multiple people have a smartphone and they all want to keep track stuff themselves I could tell everybody else this game code so we can make sure all of our phones are synchronized together but I’m not worried about that right now let’s just go on ahead and continue and I am the green player and I have to choose a difficulty level each player can set their own difficulty level of whether I am a youth a beginner experienced or a mastermind and that tells me how many clues I’m gonna have right from the get-go which is great by the way because you’re not always gonna have players of equal you know experience level playing this is something that parents could play with their kids because their kids would start with 12 clues and maybe the parents as experienced players would only start with four and so that’s actually a really cool way to go I’m just gonna say I am a beginner today which gives me eight clues and now I will view my information Ching so I know all kinds of stuff and nobody else knows this information because only I the green player get it and what do I know let’s go on ahead and mark it down on my board I know I can even put the phone over here so you can see it a little bit better that sector too is not an asteroid there’s not an asteroid field in sector to sector four is not a gas cloud so I’m finding out what things aren’t not what they are sector five is not a dwarf planet sector seven is not a gas cloud but section minute sector eight is not a dwarf planet sector nine is not an asteroid field what else sector ten is also not an asteroid field and sector 11 is not a gas cloud now I doesn’t tell me what anything is it just tells me what things aren’t and now playing with gen add another player and let’s say gen the purple player is significantly better than me and will give her only four clues and now you’d hand her the phone she would click the view secret information and and then she would make note of all of her stuff as you can see she knows a lot less about the night sky than me anyway then we could add another player if there are more players but as it is let’s just going ahead and start the game and now the game is afoot I am the first player because I’m at the end of the time track this is a game where if I do an action to say it takes four time I would go 1 2 3 4 and now that means my opponents might be able to do several actions again before I get to make another turn depending on how big an action I take so I am the first player what am I gonna do am I going to scan the night sky for heavenly bodies am I gonna target a specific sector and find out exactly what’s there am I going to say that I figured it out I know where Planet X is and prove it or am I gonna do a little bit of research mmm let’s go on ahead well what what should I do well I should pay a little bit more attention to what I already know about Planet X now each one of these sectors has one identifying feature um and those features are that there might be a comet there might be an asteroid there might be a dwarf planet you know small celestial body there might be a gas cloud it might be an empty sector or it might be an empty sector or a sector that looks empty but it actually has Planet X in it that um each one of the twelve sectors one of these things is true which of our correctly means that there are three there’s only two truly empty sectors here but there are it looks like there are three so well geez how could I ever find Planet X well because there are rules for where things exist comets are only in prime sectors you can see all the places comets might be asteroids are only next immediately adjacent to other asteroid fields so if I figure out that say well actually interesting ly because I know that this space and this space cannot be an asteroid field because I got that clue to that effect I know because asteroid fields are always next to each other that well okay I don’t know for certain this may or may not be an asteroid field there’s a 50/50 chance because this could be an asteroid field if this is an asteroid field but because I know there’s not a national fee on the other side I know it’s bail there’s a few TT chance that this is not an asteroid field which means it’s a gas cloud or an empty sector and it might be Planet X so that’s a bit of interesting information so if I could find out if I could eliminate whether this is an asteroid field then I would oh that this one can’t be an asteroid field because asteroid fields have to be kind of paired next to each other there’s ultimately for asteroid fields and they are in pairs so that these two might be and these two might be or might be these two and these two etc etc dwarf planets the special thing about them is well first of all there’s one of them out there somewhere and it is not next to Planet X so if I figure out where the dwarf planet is I know the space is to the left and right of it or clockwise and counterclockwise cannot be Planet X if I figure out where a gas cloud is well gas clouds are always empty to a certain adjacent to an empty sector a truly empty sector and what that means is if if I if I find a gas cloud I know one of the spaces on either side of it is gonna be empty and that will and it Planet X can’t be there but if the other one you know I so you got those kind of things Planet X the only thing I know about it is it will not be next to the dwarf star but and it appears empty which means it might be next to a gas cloud etc etc so these are all the rules these are the logic rules and based on that and based on all these Clues I got I could now go on ahead and do one of the four actions I could scan target locate or research that’s up actually you know what let’s go ahead and start small let’s just research which only takes one bit of time right okay so I’m gonna choose research and now what happens is I get to research one of one two three four five six is seven six one of six different questions I can research the relationship between asteroid fields and gas clouds asteroid fields and dwarf planets comets and asteroids dwarf planets and gas clouds comments and dwarf planets or gas clouds so I can find out one true bit of information about one of these and this is gonna take me one bit of time so what do I want to know about and let’s see I’d like since I already know where to asteroid fields aren’t let’s go ahead and try and narrow down some more stuff about asteroid fields let’s uh see I mean cuz I know about asteroid fields I also know about one to places where three places where gas cloud isn’t let’s find out what is the relationship in this game because it’s all randomly generated only the AFT knows and every time you play it’s gonna be a different thing asteroid field and gas cloud now only I get the following bit of information and I can literally write it down on my research and conference notes here because I want to keep it a secret I don’t want anybody else to know asteroids no asteroid field is adjacent to a gas cloud no asked next to cloud okay I know that for a fact nobody else knows that but people might observe what I do later in the game and maybe Intuit things um right so and that’s that and that was my turn my turn took one time because the quickest thing you can do is research now there’s one restriction as to what you can do if you’ve done a research you your next turn cannot be research so next year I’m gonna have to do something else but in the meantime what is Jen gonna do because now she is at the end of the time track and so she’s gonna take a turn you know what Jen’s gonna do something big she’s gonna target now that means it’s gonna take her 1 2 3 4 um 4 turns or you know she’s got to do a big thing which means I’ll be able to potentially do a bunch of smaller things before a Jen gets to go again potentially but anyway Jen targets a sector and you know it could be any sector 1 through 12 and I’m not really thinking too hard about it let’s say Jen targets sector 6 now I’m literally not gonna look cuz this would be unfair information because it’s um right so basically Jen has put in 6 she says tell me what’s up buddy there’s a sound Jen makes note Jen now knows exactly what is in Sector 6 and then she hits continue so that no when she hands the phone somebody else they don’t get now I should take note Jen did a scan of sector six and I don’t know what she knows but I know the Jin knows for a fact exactly what is over here and maybe that’s gonna be interesting for me to know if she does certain things in this zone potentially because she knows for a fact and all I know we’ll see what do I know no asteroids are next to clouds but I mean for that to be really useful information I would have to know for certain where a cloud is or I’d have to know for certain where an asteroid is because as soon as I find out where an asteroid is I can I can determine that there aren’t clouds on either side of it so that’s gonna be interesting later but for now I’m gonna have to try cuz it’s my turn all the way after Jen moved you’ll notice there is now nobody in this time sector which means the sky rotates and it moves as far to the player at the end of the time track so this has moved up when this arrow crosses over these icons it’s gonna be time for us to make theories hypotheses so anyway it is my turn again because I’m at the end of the row and so I can do a target which would be a big thing and I would find out specifically something about one of those sectors but and I can’t research again because I can’t do it twice in a row I and I’m not gonna locate Planet X because obviously I don’t know where Planet X is yet so I’m gonna scan now scanning takes either three or four time and if I go one two three either way that means if I if I do a quick scan Jen’s gonna get connects if I do a long scan Jen still gonna get to go next so what does it mean to do a click or a long scan well that has to do with how much of the night sky the more targeted my scan the more information I’ll get but the more time it takes whereas the broader the scan the information I get won’t be quite as specific but it will take me less time to do so I now have to make a choice I have to scan for something either asteroid fields dwarf planets comets or empty sectors and then I have to say how much of the nighttime sky am I gonna scan so let’s say let’s see so now I want to find where these asteroids are I definitely do why y’all want to narrow that down so because I’ve got this information about once I know where an asteroid is I kind of know where clouds are because I’ve got that research for it so let’s say I’m gonna scan for asteroid fields and now I get to say from what sector to what sector now I know sectors 9 and 10 are not asteroid fields and are those the only ones and I know sector 2 is not an asteroid field so for example I could scan from sector 11 to one and say are there any asteroid fields between 11 and 1 and the app will tell me yeah won’t tell me yes or no it’ll tell me um zero one two or three I will know exactly how many asteroid fields there are in that area and here’s an interesting thing um if I scan in here if I scan in this size three area remember asteroid fields always have to be next to each other so if I discover there’s an asteroid field in 12 then I know 11 or 1 must be an asteroid field so if I scan all three for asteroid fields if it tells me to hey that’s great I know the middle must be an asteroid and one of these other ones might be so let’s do that let’s say I’m gonna scan for between sectors 11 to 1 I’m not gonna scan to sector two because I already know there’s no asteroid field there I know there’s not one over there so from sectors 11 to one I’m gonna scan and the app tells me because that’s a tight scan this is going to take me four time now if I went from 11 to 2 if I cross then it would only take me 3 time it always takes 3 or 4 time depending on whether you are scanning for sectors or fewer if you’re fewer than 4 sectors what I’m doing here now this is interesting oh I you actually let’s be a little bit smarter let’s not do 11 to 1 let’s do 11 to 12 because that’s gonna give me the same information or um oh but shoot right okay I cannot go smaller yeah can I if I yeah I go from 11 to oh yeah I have to scan 3 I can’t stand it too because if I could scan just these two although I can I can kind of do that if I go if I scan sectors 10 to 12 10 why do you keep – for me 12 sectors 10 is the app no no I hold it like this is this the problem ah there’s the problem okay right okay yeah I thought this alright this is the first time I’ve ever held it like this and apparently oh by the way this is a beta app so that’s a problem developers if you hold it like this you can’t see the 12 and I thought something else was going alright so I’m gonna go back to my original I want to scan sectors 10 to 12 no I’m sorry 11 and 12 11 to 12 right so there we go and then I’ll put it back over here so it fits in landscape sectors 11 to 12 because it’s now gonna tell me 0 1 or 2 if it tells me 0 then I already know there can’t be one over here if it tells me 1 if it tells me – I’ve got it if it tells me 1 then I still know that it’s this one and I still know if it’s that one or that one but if it tells me to I’ll know it’s these if I scan for all three and it tells me – I don’t know which one so by scanning only 2 that actually gives me a little bit it gives me a better chance of knowing exactly where the other is so asteroid fields sectors 11 to 12 it’s gonna take me four time 1 2 3 4 which means Jen’s gonna get some turns and scan results there is one asteroid field in 11 right so in the sectors 11 through 12 okay and because I know there’s not an asteroid here that means I know for a fact I was hoping you would say – because then I know – oh wait yes I do know perfect this is perfect because I know there’s only one between 11 and 12 I will go on ahead and Mark that yes there is an asteroid field here which means it can’t be a dwarf or a cloud or empty space or Planet X hooray but because there’s only one I know it’s not in 11 which means because asteroid fields are always together deductive reasoning says there must be one in Sector one as well and so I’ve just eliminated a lot of stuff with one relatively long but very useful scan continue and not only so um I am because all right so I now know for a fact that in Sector eleven there cannot be an asteroid field because there can’t be one too so there can’t be that so I’m getting a little bit closer on eleven but I know more stuff because asteroids are not next to clouds so I already knew but yes see so this is asteroid I know therefore this can’t be a cloud either so in Sector two it has to be empty space a dwarf or a comet boom that is a lot of Intel and that’s gonna be handy because at the end of my turn we remember this always goes to the next player so it rotates rotates rotates so it’s Jens turn but you’ll notice as we rotated we crossed over this that means everybody pauses and now everybody must make a hypothesis I have all these little tokens over here and I have to pick one of the twelve regions and hypothesize what I think is there so the interesting thing is I have a choice I know sector 12 has an asteroid here so I could you know everybody secret you know everybody you know picks in secret and then in turn order everybody picks a zone players can pick multiple zones but if you know what’s in the zone you want to hypothesize first because if somebody else hypothesizes if they get after you you’re the one who gets the bonus points if I do it and then later on Jen does it and it’s ultimately revealed oh it’s an asteroid and Jen guess asteroid too bad she was right as well but since I was the first player to do it I get the bonus points how many two bonus points for of correctly identifying through deductive reasoning just like real astronomers do it where an asteroid was so I’ve got a choice I know for a fact now where two asteroids are so I could just go on ahead and say oh yeah there’s an asteroid over here and it’ll be revealed in a few turns and that means I’m gonna lock in two points at the end of the game but I’m not giving myself more information instead I now know that in Sector two it has to be empty space or dwarf star or comet I know it has to be one of those and because I know that I could take a guess I could say you know what I’m gonna I’m gonna take hypothec a flying leap and hypothesize if there’s a moment in Sector two now maybe I’m right maybe I’m wrong um if I’m wrong when this eventually gets revealed I’ll lose a little bit of time on the time track but I will still get information I’ll be able to eliminate although everybody when these get revealed everybody would know oh there’s no common in Sector two if I’m right hey I’ll still score what a comments three points I’ll still sport three points but in the meantime this is a way that I could risk getting points to get more information later although based on how my absorb observations go that information might be useless later so I’ve got a choice do I go for the guaranteed I know for a fact it’s asteroid has to be here and just lock those points in and give myself no information or do I take a chance and definitely get some information out although potentially lose time later I’m gonna take a chance because I’m a scientist I’m not here for glory I’m here for no the pursuit of knowledge so we’re gonna I’m gonna hypothesize based on the fact that there is well there’s basically a 33% chance that there’s a comet over here so let’s go with it although wait do I know anything else let’s think about this a little bit more all I know is asteroids can’t be next to clouds so I know it can’t be a cloud my opening clue told me it’s not an asteroid so if it’s a dwarf if it’s a dwarf that me member dwarfs cannot be next to Planet X right which means they could be next to empty space now I know Planet X is not over here so that means there’s a better chance that there’s a dwarf there comets I mean there’s a one in five chance that I found the correct comment so I don’t thing I’m gonna go for comments I’ve got a one in five chance I’ve got a slightly better shot that maybe it’s a dwarf although there’s only one dwarf so it’s harder to find but if I find that dwarf that’ll be huge or I could hypothesize in this empty space there’s three empty spaces out there maybe I should just so I’m hedging my bets you know as opposed to five comments if I go though but that’s thing I cannot hypothesize about engines babies I don’t have one for that so I’m gonna go for the dwarf planet instead of the comet maybe a bit of a gamble we’ll see now while I was doing this basically I just chose my thing and I’m waiting for everybody else we’re gonna resolve these in turn order though so I actually Jen will go first um in case we both want to go to the same place she would get the benefit and Jen says you know what I hypothesize this is in Sector six and she’s doing that because she knows what’s in Sector six because she spent the time to basically do a targeted scan and she found out exactly what’s there in a few rounds this will be revealed everybody will know what it is and Jen will have locked in those points so that’s very interesting meanwhile me uh-oh but that means Jen’s not getting any information I’m being more of a scientist and trying to actually get real debt I mean I may not get any points off of this but um you know I will get some information although everybody will get that information so uh you know I could just go for the guaranteed asteroid but I’m not gonna do it I’m gonna take a chance cuz you know maybe I’ll get lucky maybe well maybe we’ll see okay so that is that and then after this crossed it is now Jen’s turn again and you know what she’s just gonna do some research she’ll ask about you know comments and asteroid fields that took her one time which means now I’m gonna get to go and this moves up now I’m not actually keeping track for her I don’t know what this is I’m just trying to scroll past it so Jen has some information I could make a note that hey she asked about some stuff that I’m not gonna bother with that it’s my turn again so what do I want to do I could it’s been a while let’s do some research as well boom because let’s see I’ve already got I mean there’s no reason to ask the same thing I’ve already got that information but I could ask about asteroid fields and dwarf planets because since I know where to asteroid fields maybe I’ll hell me out or I could ask about comets and asteroids because I know where two asteroids are guaranteed let’s go for comets and asteroids and start trying to figure out some common business Comet and asteroid field please and I will make a note this is entry see every comet is adjacent every comet adjacent to asteroid field alright that’s pretty cool that’s very interesting because I know that twelve and one or asteroid fields and both this space in this space could be I might well you know there are two asteroids are there two comments out there so that means there is well okay if I find one of these comments I now know where there are more asteroid fields because I know where to come it’s likely that it’s more likely than not that eleven and two are the most likely places at this point based on what I know that the most likely places to have comets so now I’m wishing I had done a comet here instead of my door planet ah alright say Lobby um I didn’t so I didn’t get that information but you know I got it down that might come in handy later it is Jen’s turn again now Jen she’s gonna go crazy Jen’s gonna target again because at the beginning of the game everybody has two of these tokens you can target twice Jen is doing her final target she can never do it again and she wants to know about sector 10 and she targets it it takes her 1 2 3 4 time and I just note that Jen scanned 10 and again I don’t know what she knows but I know for a fact she knows what 10 is so she can make a guaranteed another hypothesis later on without any danger but anyway in the meantime you’ll notice time has moved forward again we have crossed another one of these lines oh and I forgot by the way what happened the way this works folks is why you watch the Klingon sub house turn on Paula already noted I goofed up here we put all ours out and then we immediately slide them up one now that we’ve come here again it’s time to make another prediction Jim says you know what she’s just locked in number 10 she knows exactly what’s there she’s guaranteed to get some points there me once again I gotta decide do I want to get some guaranteed points and take advantage of the fact that I know where asteroids are or because now what’s gonna happen is this is gonna slide all these are gonna slide and we’re gonna get closer I’m gonna get closer to finding out what’s in Sector 6 and whether there’s a dwarf planet in Sector 2 although now I strongly suspect there’s not I think I probably wasted guests there I think this time I am gonna go on ahead because I know there’s an asteroid in Sector 1 I’m just going to go ahead and put that there so everybody puts those in then they all slide closer and as you might imagine once they hit this central spot they are all getting revealed and players lock in points or and everybody gets some new one from because the the hypotheses are revealed and they go through peer review okay so that was Jenna Stern she did another big one specifically because she knew she wanted to lock those points ins but now she cannot do targets anymore I can still target twice and I’m saving them for when I’m desperate to get some bit of information but in the meantime what am I gonna do now am I gonna research am I gonna scan etc etc I don’t know but I’m gonna keep on trying to get more information to narrow things down now there’s a couple things I haven’t shown when we go this far there’s another opportunity to make hypothesis and there’s gonna be a Planet X conference when that happens we mark this over here game pauses and this happens only once in the game we everybody gets to determine everybody goes to the conference and everybody discovers in this game Planet X is within two sectors or less of an asteroid field that’s good for me to know because I know where asteroids are X within two of ass’d so that’s pretty cool that’s great for me because I figured out where asteroid fields are but now eventually my hypothesis is gonna be revealed and then everybody will know there’s an asteroid and everybody will know there’s an asteroid here or here because they always come in pairs it’s cetera et cetera I’m eventually gonna find out they know there’s another asteroid here so I know one of the other asteroids is there and Jen’s other one cuz she knocked it I know there’s a comet over there although there’s not I just did these randomly let’s say Jen had done eleven instead she’s oh there’s a comet over there which I will then be able to cross that out and gives me more information now the game keeps going like this until somebody thinks they’ve got it figured out and they spend 1 2 3 4 5 time to locate planet now here’s what they do they say oh I think Planet X is in Sector 3 and to prove they know it they have to also say what’s in Sector 2 and what’s in sector 4 Manas a sector 2 has a comet and I’m gonna say sector 4 has a an empty field now I’m doing all this in secret and everybody knows I’m just trying to find out did I have it right ah I just wasted five time now I have gone a little bit of information I now know for a fact that well let’s see I that I put in three bits of information one at least one of those bits of information was wrong and I’m definitely gonna scribble down those notes and that’s gonna help me I spent a lot of time but I potentially got information about three bits but now I’ve given everybody else a lot of opportunity to do more research and stuff like that eventually if somebody gets it right that triggers the end of the game and then everybody else gets their final opportunity to locate Planet X and we go into final scoring by revealing everything that’s still out here and when you say the game is over the app tells us here was everything let’s confirm I was right the only thing I knew was if I got this right twelve and one were asteroids asteroid field twelve after or evil one yes I got those correct hooray and because I did do this it was worth about two points and let’s see where was plan tax plan tax as it happens was over here in sector 10 um although you know it’s dishing Jen asked for sector ten all Jen was told is this is an empty sector so she knows there was a one in three shot that maybe this is where Planet X was but she’s still not only she have to figure out is this the place where Planet X’s but you’d have to know what this and this is or at least have a pretty good guess as to what they are to be able to actually pull the whole thing together and trigger the end of the game in the search for Planet X and folks what did Jen and I think about this game well before I get to final thoughts remember this was a paid preview and so I you should take anything I say with a grain of salt but that out of the way wow this is so much fun this is such a clever smart design and it does so many really great things now this is not the first game to try and tread this you know app driven app driven deduction game famously a few years ago publisher cge put out alchemist and it was a brilliant design as well where we were all trying to do scientific experiments to determine what the chemical or alchemical composition was of various and sundry kind of magical elements and to make potions and stuff like that that was a very cool game it was a strong worker placement game there’s a lot going on while Jen I liked it it was SuperDuper heavy super crazy heavy a mule is like a Mensa level style game I mean you really need to bring your a-game to be able to do well at that so a few years later search for Planet X comes out and I gotta say this is the app driven deduction game for the rest of us it is so smart how the developers have made this a more user-friendly experience because well you know instead of worker placement a lot of extra stuff oh it’s just a time track these work really nicely it’s nice and simple once everybody gets the hang of it you know do I do small actions or big actions make the big jumps and all that so that works very well but you’ll depending on your level of expertise you can say I am literally a child you don’t have to be ashamed of it and you get was it twelve clues right out of the gate or you can say I’m a mastermind you get no clues everybody sitting around the table can um basically tweak the game’s difficulty to their level of expertise so everybody can be having fun and don’t feel bad for the mastermind because if there are other players who are figuring stuff out earlier then the mastermind is a good enough player to be able to intuit things based on what he sees other players doing based on their particular hypotheses that are all to be revealed so the mastermind if they are significant better at this game could beat the player who took the twelve complete the child who took the twelve clues because he’s in directed getting Clues based on what everybody else does every step of the way and that is brilliant I think this is put together so nicely and this game is so thematically strong everything because this is really what real world astronomers do they do actually make observations and draw inferences this is why we why it’s hypothesized in real life that there is a Planet X out there because there are certain asteroids that are behaving you know in the outer reaches of the solar system that well based on how they’re behaving there might be a big a gigantic Neptune sized planet that’s exerting gravity on them we haven’t found that planet yet but we have some tentative evidence that maybe it exists and so we make more observations not only just looking at a place and seeing what’s there but you know intuiting based on what’s there what is adjacent to that what can we find out from the Stars based on what we know and so that theme works beautifully here and comes into a very tense fast race where the beginning game you don’t know much but as you gather more information and you make more hypotheses and um you’ll get more little leaps of logic you just narrow down until you find this thing and it is very very satisfying everything feels thematic everything is nice and simple and streamlined so this could be a great gateway game the only tough thing is teaching players the particulars of the logic because this is a logic puzzle um but it’s not that much it’s not that much heavy lifting and the nice thing is the game comes with awesome player screens because of course you got to keep your stuff secret but this screen tells you everything you need to know reminders about how the logic works how the scoring works everything this is beautifully done and if all that weren’t enough if you know if the game seems too simple well then upgrade to the master level game where there are 18 sectors there’s a lot more stuff out there you’re still doing the same basic game but bringing in a lot more information and having to play at a much higher level folks man I am so blown away search for Planet X just achieves everything it sets out to do so beautifully and creates a really fun experience um you know I Jedi we were really impressed back when we played alchemists but after we played a few times Jen’s feeling was just too much too much too much I can’t I know I am you know and that’s a game that rewards play after play after play to become a real master of it after we played this Jen wanted to play it again immediately because it was just so fun you know so instant so gratifying and again it’s not some far fledged snow science fiction or fantasy thing this is real this is grounded this makes us feel like we’re really modern-day astronomers doing the work making the intuitive leaps and hopefully discovering Planet X and that is the preview folks like I said it’s on Kickstarter right now and you can if that I to learn a little bit more about it up in the top corner the screen but otherwise look have a very very nice day talk to you later so long uh bye bye

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  1. Too bad you are obligated to use an app. Otherwise it's a very cool game. I don't even know why I have such prejudice against apps in board games, it just feels weird. Kinda like the Creator cheated, instead of finding out a mechanic that could be replicated in board format

  2. so this is tobago in space 🙂
    looks like interesting game tho i would like it to be way more complicated, this is my favorite theme

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