Things NBA 2k Players Say

I’m lagging.
Pass the ball!
The servers!
There’s no way he caught that alley.
Oh, come here!
You trying to get on 2k?
You have NBA Live?
Perfect release.
Who DAHECK is Rachel?
Does she have Instagram though?
Show the replay.
Oh my gosh, sit down.
How is this a foul?
I can’t play on this camera angle.
My controller is messed up.
Is that all you’re gonna do, just gonna shoot 3’s the whole game?
I can’t pause it.
It’s live.
This is the same game from last year.
Why do I even bother. Why do I pay?
Can there not be seven foot small forwards anymore.
Look at this. Look at this!
Of course he’s gonna put LeBron James at the point.
Why would you be a point guard though?
You beat me cause you were playing with the Cavs.
We can’t play MyPARK now because I’m a point guard and you’re a point guard.
You won’t run it back though.
No foul?
You can’t beat me in real life though.
No foul!?
The zig-zag cheese!
Friends don’t let friends play NBA Live.
Why am I shooting a half-court shot?
I’m the best at this game!
Why would you reverse that?
Get that out of here!
I can’t keep buying this VC. I owe my mom.
Get it out!
Oh my, oh my gosh! You cannot guard me!
I used to be where you were and then I got better.
I’m too clutch!
Put some money on it then! Put some money on it!
Fix the gosh-darn cheese!
My player got injured, but there’s no foul?
This is unrealistic! When has DeAndre Jordan ever made two free throws?
You’re taking it too serious man. It’s just
a game.
I don’t normally play with this team.
Who was gonna win? I told you I was gonna win!
I don’t even play 2K like this.
Why DAHECK can’t he make shots like this in real life?
I can write a novel by the time I’m playing
How did that miss?
Mom can you fix these servers?
You know what forget this. I’m just gonna
play Madden.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. "When does Deandre Jordan even make 2 free throws" ๐Ÿ˜‚ had me dyin.

    Scooter what do you think about the UT UF game Saturday?

  2. The Deandre Jordan free throw comment is so true. The computer never seems to miss, even with DeAndre and Dwight. It's ridiculous!

  3. Hey, my niece's husband is the new director of pro personnel for the Chicago Bears. If you can do a new Bears video, please & thank you. Gracias.

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