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Throw Throw Burrito – A dodgeball card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens

Throw Throw Burrito – A dodgeball card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens

Hi there, my name is Matthew Inman. I make The Oatmeal, and this is Elan Lee. He makes games. We’re the creators of Exploding Kittens. And today I’m here to tell you about our new game Throw Throw Burrito. Throw Throw Burrito is the first of its kind. It’s a combination of card games and dodgeball. Here’s how it works: You all just sit or preferably stand in a circle holding cards. In the middle of the table are a pair of squishy toy burritos which are included with the game. You pass cards around and try to get three of a kind. Cards such as Meow Cow, Logger Dogger, Goth Sloth and Barky Sharky. Getting matches of these cards is how you get points. Which is how you eventually win. Easy peasy, right? Right! The real fun begins when you get three of a kind and the cards are burritos. When this happens players have to grab the squishy toy burritos in the center of the table and throw them at one another. There are a few different types of Burrito fights, sometimes it’s just two players involved, sometimes the entire table has to have a Burrito War! My personal favorite is when there’s a Burrito Duel, where two players must stand back-to-back, walk three paces and then fire. Remember earlier when I said you get points by getting three of a kind? If you get hit by a burrito you LOSE points. So the game, in a nutshell, is all about accruing points through cards and trying to keep those points by avoiding airborne burrito attacks! The game is family-friendly so you can play with anyone: kids, teens, adults, even your great-great auntie! We recommend playing this room that has space to run, dive, hide, scream, flex, strafe, squeal, and cower. We recommend you do NOT play this in a room that’s full of antiques, or fancy dishes, or big whiny babies! We recommend playing this with the heart of a champion and the athleticism of a cheetah. We recommend winning not losing. If you are into these recommendations, if you’re into the idea of weaponized Mexican food, if you are into the idea of being a winner and want to buy our game, please back our Kickstarter. Thank you very much.

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  1. This doesn't look awesome. It looks absolutely AMAZING! Really wish I could back the Kickstarter. Also, when will BvB be made into an app?

  2. The algorithm approves…. and I’m the algorithm. A-and it’s true, it-. Well you get it I love this

  3. We used to play a game somewhat similar back in the days with a regular deck of cards. Without going to too much detail, it involved spontanius physical action and sometimes diving over or under furniture and people being on a pile in the floor 😀

    This is awesome 🙂

  4. This doesn't make sense. Is it a game of speed? Is there a go? Are there lines or could the person holding the burrito just endlessly chase a person? Is there only one throw allowed?

  5. Man, I love how they voice this video. As much as I want to play this, sadly I can't find this much space to play easily.

  6. These Creators are True Kings that Creat Cute, Weird, And Complicated Card Games.
    Have my Blessing
    (Pls make more complicatedly cute and Weird card games)


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