Tim’s Favorite Stock Trading Apps for 2019

– Note taking and tracking
are so important in trading.
Today, I’m gonna talk about
some of my favorite apps
and the ones that I think
you should be using.
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Hey everyone,
Lead Trainer with StocksToTrade,
Tim Bohen here.
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Today, we’re gonna talk
about note taking apps
and tracking.
Do you track your trades?
Do you use a journal?
Comment below.
Many think it’s a waste of time.
I think it’s super important.
Let me know, yes or no.
The favorite app that I use every day
in Stocks to Trade Pro is Evernote.
Many of you maybe already use it,
maybe you’re familiar with it.
I love it, been using it
for probably ten years now.
It’s great because it runs on your phone,
runs on Mac, runs on Windows.
All the data’s stored in the cloud.
Now, there’s other apps
that are very similar,
like Microsoft OneNote.
I’m just fond of Evernote
and it’s the one I’ve used for years
and it works best for me.
Why is that important?
One of the great things about Evernote is,
first of all,
very quick to create new notes,
you can timestamp everything.
That is something that I think
many new traders overlook,
is timestamp stuff.
There’s a big difference
between what a momentum stock
is doing at nine-thirty am and two pm.
If you’re saying the stock is breaking out
and it’s just in your
notes with no timestamp,
you might be wondering when, how, and why.
You can do a quick keyboard
shortcut to timestamp,
type your notes.
Another great thing is
it’s very feature rich,
where you can just drag a chart
and drop it right into a note.
Then the searching is great.
I tag every note with
what’s called a cash tag.
If you’re on Twitter,
you’re probably familiar with that term.
Most of us in this day and age,
we put the dollar sign
in front of the ticker,
which is what we call a cash tag,
just like your hashtags on social media.
The nice thing is,
with the tagging in Evernote,
I can look, search by that cash tag,
and see what I was
thinking about the stock
yesterday, last week, last year.
Many of these stocks are,
what we call,
former runners.
They spike many times
over and over and over again,
so it’s valuable to be
able to jump and see
what were we thinking in 2017,
what were we thinking in 2016,
even further back.
Remember, in stock trading,
the past doesn’t repeat,
but it rhymes.
These patterns repeat over
and over and over again
and there’s great value
in being able to find
that information quickly.
What I do with every ticker,
I create that cash tag,
I put a date on it,
then I write my notes,
I drop in a chart,
lots of times I’ll link to
the particular news article.
Now, I’ve got my research.
I’m ready to build that
case down the road.
Also, I think a great tool,
it may sound a little old school,
but paper.
There is great value in
writing your thoughts down
if you do research on goals
and self-improvement,
almost every book out there,
every video out there,
will tell you:
Write down your goals.
They’re much more likely to succeed
and stick to them
if you write these things down.
I think that is totally true
with stock trading as well.
It avoids the randomness,
it avoids letting losses run,
it avoids so much
and there’s a lot of
different ways to do that.
I used index cards for years.
It’s a great way to basically
flip quickly through your thoughts
just like when you were doing flash charts
when you were learning multiplication,
you can see those notes quickly
and react quickly.
If you write out your
trade plan in the morning
and you’re like,
“If this stock holds VWAP,
pushes the high a day on volume,
I wanna buy it,”
you’ve got that card there
with the notes ready to go.
Another tool I used,
especially when I was a beginning trader,
was just a three ring binder
where I would print out
the entry day as well as the daily chart
and then annotate them.
I’d use a ruler and a pen
and start annotating those charts,
what I was thinking,
what the break out levels were, et cetera.
Then, this is where the
magic happens, I think.
This, I think, was very instrumental
in me finding consistency,
was review those materials.
Here’s a tip.
If you trade it or don’t trade it,
if you’re busy at work,
if you’re at school,
you can still annotate those charts,
make your predictions,
and then review them at night.
You’re greasing that groove,
you’re cementing those
patterns in your mind,
and then, at the end of the day,
you can flip through that binder,
end of the week,
you can flip through that binder
and see, “Okay. Was I right? Was I wrong?
What ultimately happened? Now,
as I go into the next week,
I’m gonna not look at these
patterns that didn’t work,
and I’m gonna focus on the
patterns that did work.”
Moral of the video is:
Use something. I don’t care what it is.
I don’t care if it’s Evernote,
I don’t care if it’s paper,
I don’t care if it’s stone tablets.
Write down your thoughts
and review it.
It’s just like learning any other skill.
If you go to college,
high school, whatever,
if you don’t review your notes
and you go in for the test,
what are the odds you’re gonna succeed?
Much lower than if you review that data.
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  1. A trader is not a serious or real trader if they don't track or have a journal, I use excel plus I have a written journal and there is always something to improve and I also think you should have a journal until you are at least consistently profitable , A journal is a traders BFF if you are honest to it.

  2. I’m using Microsoft OneNote.

    Absolutely love it. Like you being fond of Evernote – I’m fond of Microsoft in general. Grew up with Xbox, grew up using Microsoft Word/PowerPoint in elementary/high school, etc.

    Great video. When I read the title, I thought you were going to talk about apps for trading haha. I was expecting it to be the announcement of the STT app 😆.

  3. I use an excel spreadsheet. Symbol , In /out price. Then highlight green or red. And account balance. Free.

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