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Tom Teaches Castles of Burgundy: the Dice Game (Rules Overview and Gameplay-Along)

Tom Teaches Castles of Burgundy: the Dice Game (Rules Overview and Gameplay-Along)

hey everybody tom here and today I want to teach you how to play castles of Burgundy the dice game and I want to do this in a play along style if you’re not interested in playing along that’s totally fine you’re welcome to watch me play the game and learn how it’s gone how it plays from there but if you’d like to play along if you own the game already and just want to play along that’s great I have two ways that you can do that the first way let me just put this box down is that in the description of this video I have a link for some Google slides that I’ve presented and what’s gonna be happening is as I roll these dice for the game whenever you play the game with normal people or with weirdos but when you play the game in general everybody uses the same five dice that are rolled and so I will have Google slides prepared and it’ll show you one slide at a time what the dice are for that round and so you could play on your own pad of paper with the same dice that I’m using and then we could compare scores at the end the other way to play along is to just watch the video and if you see the dice get rolled probably pause the video and go ahead and mark up your sheet using my five dice once you know how to play and then we can compare scores at the end also now you’ll notice that this is a big pad of paper or the big paper that would not have fit into this box that’s because this is not the first time that I have recorded this game play it’s not even the second time the issue here is that for the video these are the pads of paper that come with the game and they’re great and honestly I’ve played this with other people and we don’t have any problem and also the game comes with some pencils the issue was for the camera this was so small and the pencils were really hard to see that it just didn’t end up working and so like this is what had happened the first time I played and it was just too hard to see so what I’ve done is I’ve just taken a picture of GA so if you’re playing along you CA for sure and I just blew it up and printed it off on color and I’m gonna use a pen and I hope that that’s gonna make it easier for me to teach you the game and I hope it’s gonna make it easier for you guys to see exactly what’s going on so that’s kind of my plan in this video again watch if you want I’d love it if you would play along leave me a comment with your final score I’ll also have an email address in the description if you wanted to email me your results and a picture of your results that would be even better I’m gonna also in the description of this video set up some Google slides that will show the rankings of whoever has sent me the top scores so yeah hopefully that’s kind of something that’s fun for you guys and if not that’s totally fine I hope you enjoy watching the video so this is castles of Burgundy let me tell you what our main objective is and then we’ll get started so our main objective is to win by having the most points points are found by this star like shaped kind of circular star kind of a thing and at the end of the game we’re gonna tally up points from these three boxes we’ll just add them together and put our final score right there so there are three main ways that I know of to get points that I can think of right at the top of my head the most common thing that we’re going after is every round more or less we’re gonna be marking off with numbers these different hexagons we’re gonna be filling in these squares inside of the hexagons with numbers it’s kind of like we’re establishing those places or something like that so if by chance I’m able to fill out all of the colors of connected hexagons then you get a score that connected area I think like this one’s a city and this one’s a monastery and stuff like that we have farmland and mines and water stuff so let’s say that the game was going on and I am able to mark up all three of these places if this happens in the first phase of the game so there’s three phases in the game if I’m able to get these three filled out in the first phase of the game I’m gonna gain eight points if I’m able to get these three filled out by the second phase I get six points by the third phase I would get four points okay and then same thing if I’m able to fill out these four over here in the first phase that is thirteen points so we’re gonna be marking our points for each phase here we’ll do a subtotal second phase same thing third phase same thing and we’re gonna add them together there’s two other ways to get points throughout the game and that comes from finishing or filling out all of the hexes of a color so if I am able to fill out all of the orange hexes and I’m the first one in the game to do it I’m gonna get six points if by chance somebody beats me to it they would get six points and I would get three points now obviously I don’t know if you’re playing along I’m not sure if you’re gonna beat me or not so you’re gonna have to kind of calculate that and adjust my score accordingly probably but either way let’s kind of dive right in you’ll see right here that we start off the game with one point and that’s because we need to pick one of these castles to settle in where are we starting our kingdom and you know as you learn the game you might pick strategically I’m so pretty new to the game and so I’m not sure if there’s a great strategy but as I’m looking at the colors I see that there is the set of four oranges right here so I think for me my plan is to establish this green one because as we’re playing the game you have to start at your castle and then you’re gonna only be able to fill out hexes adjacent to your starting place so for me I’m seeing that yeah if I can in phase one get this set of four filled out that would be thirteen points and I would love to really do that now when you’re playing with other people you could choose that everyone starts off with the same castle or people can choose whatever one they want I say in this you choose whichever one you want if you think I’m doing something crazy that’s totally fine and probably true so I’m gonna start off with this castle and that’s gonna be the one point because to fill out a one hexagon space in phase one you’re gonna gain one point and so the way that the castles work is I’m just gonna mark off with an X and I think and hope you can see that pretty well I’m gonna do my best to make sure that it’s really nice and visible I’m gonna cross off the extra so hey that’s where I’m starting and down here on the castle I’m gonna circle the blue one what that means is that now I have one commodity that I can use in the game and we’re gonna talk about commodities later this is kind of a more complicated one to start off with but again I I don’t care about complicated I’m trying to beat you guys so that’s how we start the game everybody will mark off one of their castles and if I had marked off that silver one I would circle the silver and if I’d marked off that that purple one I would mark off one of the monks I think this is silver a monk and a worker okay so you choose how you want to start from here on out we’re going okay so this is a game play if you know how to play the video don’t be copying my ideas and if you’re learning how to play the game awesome watch how I take a turn and then you make a choice based off of what I roll so in this game again we’re playing over three phases basically one person and the rules that says whoever owns the game it’s gonna roll all five dice so we’re gonna roll that I’ll do my best to keep things on camera as much as I can and we need to go ahead and basically resolve these and everybody is looking at those five dice to decide what to do the very first thing we do is we need to mark the passage of time so one hourglass happened we’re just gonna mark one box here and that’s how we’re gonna be going through the phases that’s kind of our round tracker now you’re gonna see I rolled a 1 and a 5 a purple and a blue okay so one enough I have a purple and a blue and what I’m gonna do and what everyone should be doing is deciding how to combine the number with the color so I could do a 1 purple or a 1 blue or a 5 purple or a 5 blue and what you need to do is you’re gonna mark off one of the hexes adjacent to hexes that you’ve already marked off so the reason why that’s really important here is taking a look at this castle I kind of shot myself in the foot a little bit in that there are no purple hexes around so this purple dye is not going to do anything for me this round had I picked this castle or this castle or this castle a purple would have been fine but it’s not in this example so for me purple is not gonna really do anything so I’m gonna focus on blue and if you look over here it’s gonna tell you what numbers you can use for each color so let’s say that there was a purple one around me I could have kind of chosen to do a purple one or purple five but if you look at this page over here it shows you that in order to mark off a purple hexagon you have to combine the color purple with either a 1 or a 2 in order to use a silver you have to combine the silver dot with a 3 or 4 in order to use a blue you have to get a 5 or a 6 in order to use an orange dot you need to look and make sure you don’t have any duplicate numbers in that set of hexagons in order to mark off a green one beyond your starting one you have to match the green circle with a number that’s already touching the green hexagon it has to be equal to something that’s touching it and in order to mark off a yellow you just have to make sure you have the exact same number in these pastures is what they’re called and we’ll talk more about what these things mean down here in just a minute but as we’re learning the game just notice that yeah I could have combined a purple and a one if there was a purple nearby me I don’t have a purple nearby me so I’m gonna go ahead and use blue and because I’m using blue I can’t combine a blue and a one I have to combine the blue and the five so looking here I’m gonna be able to put the number five into one of these two hexagons I think strategically what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna come over this way because that’s gonna get me an option to have purple available next turn it really hurt me that I didn’t have purple this time and that’s it that’s really how the game is played you roll the dice you’re gonna pick one color and one number to combine and then there are a couple other rules that we’re gonna learn along the way but that’s what we’ve got for now so I’m gonna go ahead and mark that five right here and if I can mark this other blue one I’m gonna get four points for doing it in this in this phase okay simple enough heck I don’t even think I’m gonna be cutting during this video but I am gonna keep burping because I just really had some root beer but I’m gonna try to keep it silent alright so I’ve gone ahead and marked that blue five and that’s it then we’re gonna pick up the dice and roll again so if you haven’t yet you can go ahead and pause and hopefully you did that already and remember the colors and numbers you can rewind to see them and go ahead and make your choice of your clean alone okay you roll oh man okay so we’ve got some interesting stuff kind of well I did that differently so we got a four to five two yellows and an hourglass so first thing we got to do is mark the one hourglass okay and now I don’t have a choice I have to use yellow it’s just a question am I going to put a four or a five and taking a look at where I’ve got hex as I can fill out any of these right here because I’ve already filled out these two so I means I have to use this one right here these are too far away so I’m gonna fill out this one and honestly remember with yellow you have to have equal numbers so whether I pick the number four or whether I pick the number five I don’t think it matters because who knows if I’m gonna get another four or a five I have no idea okay so I’ll just go ahead and pick the number four like that and that was it so go ahead and if you’re playing along make your selection and if you need to pause that’s fine but I’m gonna go ahead and roll for the next round and after this round I want to give you some more details about all the other things that we’ve got going on okay well I think I’m gonna set up my slides to look like this so we’ll make it look like that okay so we’ve got green we’ve got green and orange and then three and a six okay so we’re not near oh we aren’t near to this one okay but in order for me to mark off this green castle remember I would have to mark off a number that’s already next to it we only have this five and there’s no green five happening right now so we’re gonna have to think orange I could do an orange three or an orange six and right now I could mark any of these spaces here so perfect the whole reason I set up this castle was so that I could come this way so I’m gonna mark an orange and at this point they just have to be different numbers in here and there are no numbers so I can just choose three or six I don’t know three okay so that’s that I’m not really making any progress towards finishing these I keep getting some different colors but I’m gonna cross my fingers that I can zoom all right let me just also in case this has come up for you if by chance there is no combination that you can mark at all then what you can do is you can circle one of these workers and then you can spend once per round you can do one of these special actions and so if you had a worker circled maybe on a subsequent round you could cross off one of your circled workers to take that special ability okay so right now all I have is this blue commodity and again that one’s a little more complicated so I’m halfway waiting to talk more about that but let’s say for a second that I had a purple monk circled well one spore ramp well I can speak once per round I could choose to mark off something okay so you can’t do one per color just once per round you can mark off something to take a special action so if I had had a purple monk circled this turn if I didn’t like what was there I could cross off the monk I could use my monk and what this means is that I could just choose any color so I could pick one of these numbers and pick a different color to mix with it and I could mark that hexagons on the board if by chance I had earlier circled a silver I could cross off the silver and what this means is that you take a second you fill out a second hexagon and it has to just be a different combination so for pretend zzz let’s say that I had already marked off green 3 but then I cross off one of my Silver’s well now I can make a different combination that just isn’t this green with this 3 so I could have done a green 6 or I could do a an orange 3 and or an orange 6 and you would just mark off one of those hexagons so that’s what the silver does let me skip this one for just a second the worker so if you had a circled worker and then you later decide to cross it off for your one time per round then you could have choose one of these colors to mix with any number that you want to in order to mark off that blue is a little bit different but what blue is saying is that you can convert your blue into silver and a point and so that’s an option but the rules say that selling a commodity which is what would happen if we crossed off the blue one happens when you roll a double hourglass now I’m not sure if you could choose to sell a commodity icon I looked at it on bgg and I couldn’t find an answer that if you chose to sell a commodity I think you can’t I think you just have to roll a double hourglass and that’s blue to remind you of that so there is a two-thirty what is that 33% chance of rolling that and when that happens then players can sell off their commodities and gain a silver and some and two victory points so that’s kind of what these icons are saying down here yeah so with that in mind let’s take a look what I don’t even know what anything oh yeah I did an orange three okay cool we were talking about the option of getting workers so okay I forgot all right so that was the end of that round oh and I think one two three I forgot to mark this off sorry my bad and I’m trying not to cut if I can avoid it alright here we go oh hey good example there so we’ve got some greens a three and a four okay well I should have saved my long explanation for this moment so to hourglasses means we need to mark that off twice okay and then let’s see blue we got blue so I’m gonna sell my commodity so what that means is I’m gonna mark off this okay I’m selling off blue I’m gonna circle a silver now I have a silver available to use and this does not count as my special action for the blue one when you sell a commodity because of these hourglasses this is not the special action I could choose to use the silver later on in my turn if I wanted to and I gained two points so let me just go ahead and mark two points right there okay no I gotta choose do I want green or green and three or four so this is kind of problematic because once again and the only green Castle is right here but the only number next to it is a five that I can see I don’t think I can do anything with these green and these numbers so instead of marking any of the hexagons off I’m just gonna circle a worker and now that worker is available to me next turn okay and obviously I’m not gonna use the silver because I couldn’t even make one combination work I definitely can’t make two all right so there’s that let’s go ahead roll for the next one and again if you’re playing along please use the pause button because I’m not waiting for anyone that dice just fell on the ground okay roll the Hat okay so we got an hourglass we got two fives and a gray of silver and a yellow okay so mark the hourglass that’s something I often forget and now we know we’re using a five so the question is we’re gonna do a silver five or a yellow five well crap Olli I might have to use my worker here’s why silver remember can only use a three or a four we’ve just got fives here yellow the only yellow I can I can legally place in right now is this yellow right here but it has to have a five in it because with the yellows you have to have the exact same number so once again I’m kind of stuck in this position where I can’t use any of those I could just circle another worker or I could use a worker and just change the numbers I’m thinking that that’s kind of what I want to do actually know that I’m working my way through it so let’s do that let’s use a worker so I’m gonna cross off this work or I’ve used them up to pick any number so I’m gonna use this yellow and I’m gonna use the number four to fill in this pasture here and that’ll get me close to that castle in case that comes up again okay so I’ve got yellow I chose to use four by spending a worker and we just barely filled this out and the yellow special ability so when you finish like if I were to finish these two Purple’s not only do you get points but you also get a circle their special thing that they offer and so for example there are only four purple areas and so when we finish off those areas we would get those monks one at a time there’s more silver here than just the one two spaces because of the commodities thing and same with more workers than the number of orange blocks because you can get workers as you suck it rolling which I often do but down here you’ll see that the bonus is that whatever victory points you would get normally you’re gonna double it so in phase one for having two hexagons by each other that’s four points but it’s times two so we just got eight points for that one right there perfect okay next one all right I don’t have any more Blues to sell so getting that double hourglass doesn’t do too much for me other than marking this twice this game is moving along nicely all right what can we do well I still can’t come into these yellow areas because I haven’t come down this way which clearly I need to green I can’t use my green one and two because this green would have to use a four right now because that’s the only thing next to it Wow I’m doing real awesome okay Silver’s not gonna help me because that just lets me use another combination and yeah all I can do right now is pick up another worker and hope that I don’t keep being terrible so that’s what I’m gonna do on my map okay holy cow this is going fast all right so this is gonna be the end of the phase that really sucks that I wasn’t able to get the orange I actually was able to pull this off last time I recorded this video and nobody was able to see cuz I was using the tiny paper and the pencil all right let’s see what we can do so this is gonna be the end of the phase after this one so we’re gonna move over here next and things are just gonna be cheaper okay so silver or gray hmm well technically should be like this if it’s gonna match the slides and no that’s really important to you guys right now so silver you’d have to use a three and a four so I’ve got a silver four here if I wanted it blue you’d have to use a five or six I do have a worker where I could change a number if I want to oh my gosh I suck and in fact I might have to do that because I’m not close to any silvers right now yeah I’m not even with an access of those of those mines thank gosh I gotta do better okay so what I’m gonna have to do I could either just not take anything and gain a worker but I think I’m gonna do instead is I’m gonna use one of my workers I still can’t use the silver because I’m not close enough and let’s do blue and let’s get let’s get moving in a place where could use it I could use this blue five but it’s not gonna get me closer to the mines and I keep running into this situation no I’d really like to finish that off no I gotta be smart I got to make sure that I have all of the colors as an option to myself I think mmm but coming down here would get me closer to these yellows so do I want to get closer to the yellows are closer to the silvers I think uh I’m gonna do this five here so I’m using a worker I’m changing one of these dice and you don’t actually physically change because you’re not changing for all the other players but I’m gonna make one of those numbers of five so that we can finish off that spot there since we finished off this spot here we get that commodity and we just got three points for finishing that one there oh my bad three here I should have totaled that Wow an 11 that’s pretty pretty pathetic just to show you cuz I don’t want you to judge me look I got 22 points 22 points last time I recorded this so stop thinking you’re better than me you know okay so I think that was it right oh no wait sorry we’re still in this phase right yeah we’re still in this face I think we’re still in this phase sorry I’m losing my mind these three points are not over here I’m crazy actually got four points for that they go over here which is gonna get me 15 sorry my bad I just got confused on if I had given I so often forget to give myself the hourglass that I just assumed I had not done that yet okay cool I think that’s all I’m doing for that turn um let me go ahead and roll the dice my dog has decided to come cuddle we will see if he helps me or harms me well he’s gonna shake that’s good okay Wow jeez okay interesting so we’ve got blue and blue and oh my gosh my dog hold on sorry give me a second I got to get him back into bed alright that is taken care of he’s not thrilled with me all right so we are phase two I’m gonna go ahead and mark these off and he’s back all right we’re gonna keep going okay blue well I have to use blue but thankfully we have a blue 5 so looks like I probably want to come up here like I was planning on I don’t want to go this way cuz I need to open up these mines and have them available for me to go explore so we’re gonna do that blue 5 right there yeah okay cool now next round okay we got some more options this time all right so yellow purple five and a four okay what am i doing well for sure I got to do this okay sooo we could finally come down into these yellows if we wanted to we tried to make sure the numbers are equal purple no I can’t use a purple because there’s no one or two sooo we’re going for yellow don’t know that it matters which one I would like some variety they’ll see you like that would would if I was being smart I would have put a blue six here I haven’t had the option yet but a blue six here would really open up the possibility to get to that castle so with the yellow let’s avoid the five I don’t want to surround this thing with only five so let’s put a four down this way alright okay next round an hourglass a one and A four a gray and a purple Hey so hourglass we got a purple one that’s great where would I want to put that to have access to things and a gray for I mean a gray is good I keep avoiding the gray hmm in fact do you know what I have a silver this is probably a good opportunity to get both of these things going on so I think that’s what I’m gonna do I’m going to do a purple one and let’s put that somewhere I’m going to come down this way so that we can see opening of this part of the board if possible I’ll put that right here and that’s gonna get me access to these mines too if I needed them okay so I was the purple one and then I’m gonna use a silver two to make another combination so I’m gonna do the gray for you don’t have to use the exact opposite dice but and just happen to work out that way in this example so let’s go for let’s go for the silver the gray for up here yeah great for okay so we’re gonna do that and that was kind of how you use silver yeah I feel like I haven’t been feeling anything out but the time is just ticking away I have lots of good starts geez okay so we’ve got orange this time and a one and A two and a silver so our silver or gray well use the one or the two we could finally get a one or two out into this orange zone even though I’m not gonna get 13 points 10 points so pretty good so let’s do orange oh when we forget okay so for orange oh and in fact it was blue I don’t know if I forgot to do this before probably let’s sell off this commodity because we just rolled that blue and we sell off that commodity we gain as silver and two points all right and orange let’s give ourselves a one yeah could have done it too just as easily I just don’t know I just picked the number one okay here we go oh that’s not centered okay one hourglass we’ve got a one two five a blue and a green okay one hourglass and green I still can’t open up that green oh I could open up this one with the five and get myself another work or maybe I should do that what are my other options blue a blue five that would finish off this one if you like I haven’t seen any greens though hmm you know what let’s go for blue and that’s because I mean I could do that but that’s it’s gonna be one point if I could get the blue right now that will be three points oh my gosh sorry just dropped my phone okay so we’ve got a blue five here that’s gonna earn us this commodity here and we got we’re in Phase two three points for that now hi I feel good about that well whether I feel good about it or not I use pens so I better feel good about it okay and I do have a silver do you know what let’s use the silver I don’t know any reason to hold on to it okay so I’m gonna use this silver and with that silver let’s make the other combination and again so we did a blue five earlier but I can just as easily do a green five and we’re gonna mark this one off right here in-game a worker yeah all right there we go okay there’s that let’s make this Purdy so mark off the hourglass I hope I haven’t missed anything I’ve really tried not to okay so gray you can only use a three and a four yellow just needs to have an equal number we don’t have an equal number here and the other yellow is too far away so I think we’re gonna need to use this worker that we just barely picked up and why don’t we use that worker to finish off this pasture here so I’m gonna use this yellow and this worker to call it a four and let’s make that a four right there yeah I feel good about that and then we just finished that which just gets his bonus point right and so normally we would get three points for finishing this group of – but we’re doubling that to get six okay very nice anything else I want to do I don’t think so I don’t have any silver to do anything hoping to get a blue roll so that I can sell that commodity and get some more silver okay so we’ve got one hourglass and mark that off right here okay orange well an orange five would go great right here and I would love to finish this off if I could I don’t have any silver we okay what would the purple do well purple I can’t really use purple so orange should do an orange yeah let’s do an orange five right here okay super close to getting that I don’t think I’m gonna finish that before we go into the next phase but it would be sweet if I could roll another orange I haven’t finished off any of these Purple’s to have a monk available to me that’s too bad okay oh no orange all right so that’s that’s a pooper-scooper okay what do we got going on here yellow and blue heck i halfway don’t care about yellow and blue but it’d be nice to finish off the blues and hopefully beat anyone else that’s playing to the blues and get four points for that but blues need five ins yeah we have a six right there maybe that is what I want to do okay yeah might as well do that I’m gonna mark that off there okay so blue six and I’m gonna put it down here to sprawl down this way if possible yeah all right so we’re done with that phase I’ve got me cigs I can math that’s 11 points that’s not honestly not very good well that’s okay all right next up I swear look I scored higher I got 60 points my first time I know how to play just all right next up one hourglass we’ve got a 201 for the two there and gray or silver blue and a six Oh a blue six would be great now you don’t have to match colors in the blue like I could put a five or a six here just as easily it just happens to be that I’ve been matching though things up but I think that’s probably what I want to do especially because I don’t have any gray ability now so let’s do a blue six we was gonna go right there that’s gonna gain me this commodity here I’m ready to sell those off if I can and I just got these four points so four points over here for finishing off blue okay and just so that I can remember that’s gonna be the blue and then we just got two points for finishing off that two pointer right there okay yep and the one hourglass I always forget to mark was right there my bad okay pink yeah that was that next step one hourglass look I’m marking it really fast hopefully I remember that I did that blue purple two and a three okay so we’re probably going for a purple two which is great we’ve haven’t done any Purple’s yet I need to get a monk oh but that purple is just out of reach oh but I could just do a purple two right here okay so finishing that off is gonna gain me a monk and that’s gonna finish off that so that’s gonna be two points they’re not too bad okay and yes I did mark that all right we’re getting there slowly but surely mmm okay I could sell off my commodities that’s good and we had blue and yellow five and a three okay so first of all mark these off and then we’re gonna sell off our two commodities which is gonna get us two silvers and then I’m gonna go ahead and add those four points for selling off the commodities down there glad to have those two silvers hopefully I’m gonna use those well let’s take a look yellow well I haven’t reached over to these yellows so I could put yellows down here it would be awesome like so for example let’s pretend I had two fives I could do a yellow five you a silver to do the other yellow five and finish that off that wasn’t the case and blue uses five and a six we do have a blue five yellow could be any number as long as it’s gonna be the same well I can’t do any more blue so I don’t know why I’m thinking about that okay so we’re doing a yellow three or a yellow five down here let’s go for uh five yeah alright yellow five I think I got that okay so green a three a five and a blue and that’s gonna be my hourglass okay I don’t care about blue anymore green oh but green we do care about so it had to be a six here have to be a four there but do you know what we might oh I don’t have any workers dad well that’s stupid I had no lack of workers last night we always had workers to use wholly cuz that green I’d have to use it for this green I’d have to use a six I really did not do very well on this one not a surprise somebody’s gonna everyone’s gonna beat me um well I guess this is my chance to gain a worker because I can’t do anything else so pick up a worker wow this is a really really embarrassing low-scoring game if you beat me you better not be cheating I’m trying to figure out a point at you okay don’t be cheating don’t look for my mistakes and then do better I want you to be playing along okay what do you got one hour glass only greens but at least it’s a five and a six I think the six was good alright so I could have changed the color last time I have a monk oh well you probably caught that I had a monk I could have changed the color I just chose not to okay so our glass we’ve got these greens and um okay let me use this smartly green six would get me another monk which would be great okay I’m gonna do a green six to earn another monk now I can’t use a silver and that original monk you can only use one one of these things per round so can’t do that unless we talked about the blue hourglass we already talked about that though okay so at least I’ve got these monks well I hope that’s a single hourglass I really have to get some more points cuz I’m embarrassed okay hourglass oh I am I doing that dumb okay blue purple okay I like that purple don’t care about blue and whirling so many blues purple so I have come this way I could come down this way and open up these spots here maybe I’ll do that oh and or even better let’s just let’s fill up a purple spot altogether so either one probably let’s come down here so that we can open up some access yeah so I’m gonna do a purple two and then I’m gonna use a silver to do a purple one and that’s gonna finish off that spot that would get me two points as well as my third a mug I could you know probably start using these I’m saving up stuff that I’m not even using that was dumb but I’m glad that I’m using it now okay wait did I mark off that hourglass hmm did I find a 1 and then a 2 hold on pause I gotta rewind the tape don’t want to cheat anybody did I use that hourglass of course I didn’t so hold on let me mark off that one hourglass I’m gonna roll officially oh okay sorry sorry sorry oh my gosh that guy went so far oh I gotta pick it up holy cow I’m making a mess okay hopefully you heard my microphone cord okay let’s roll alright one hourglass good I can hopefully get some more points a one okay two ones alright can I do this wisely well a one I still can’t do a green one so maybe I want to come over here and do a yellow one ya have to be equal I do have a worker maybe I should do a yellow 5 okay so I’m trying to get as many points as I can we’re right here at the end on yeah believe it or not I just didn’t do the stupid hourglass why is that like I am never the hourglass person when we play I just make somebody else track the hourglass and that’s the really nice thing too about playing with multiple people is you could just have one person Marcus where everyone’s marking it so that you keep track okay Arlis all right let’s use this worker to do a yellow 5 and with that yellow 5 that’s gonna finish that so that would be 2 times 2 got four points there okay and again you can’t use a silver because I’ve already used the worker so that it wouldn’t work all right yep this is gonna be it and look hold on before I make a pretty market market okay now a blue and an orange a 1 and a 3 we want an orange one and a 3 and no commodities to sell off we’re good there ok how am I gonna make the most points can I make any points no blues how about those oranges well I could finish off oh no workers can’t believe I never finished this stupid thing enough that was the whole point freaking joke a 1 and a 3 I’ve already used my workers so that’s so stupid oh okay what I’m gonna have to do is do an orange in a single zone so it doesn’t matter do an orange one down there hey look I got a worker for next time so that one I guess me one point and i think that’s it i didn’t finish off any other colors i think I only finished off blue why did I ever finish that one did I have a chance to finish that one maybe I don’t know I get stage fright okay so one point there so this is like the real is a really pathetic score for eight 12 14 18 19 Wow this is embarrassing again I keep using it I got 60 points which isn’t great but man it’s better than this crap okay so that is gonna be a big number so that’s gonna be zero hi my dog again he is being so needy today okay so that was nine plus one is ten and another five is fifteen carry the one so 45 points no I dare you to beat that sure you can’t holy cow so when calculating your score if you beat me to blue subtract two points from my score and give yourself the four I’m right you can’t do it though yeah otherwise my score is gonna be a 45 and I am excited and curious to see what anybody else can do thank you guys for watching I’ve been really liking this game like even if I just play it by myself to practice clearly I need more practice it has been a fun opportunity and yeah I gotta go re-watch the tape could I fill that in I don’t know and dum-dum-dum-dum over here like the more you spread out sometimes you forget about old things or sometimes you have dogs that need attention and yeah he came over again yeah okay thank you guys for watching let me know if this is something you enjoy or if you want to do again or yeah if you have any ideas just let me know in the comments thank you guys have a good night bowling

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