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Oh hello there!
Merry Christmas! Or is it…
At Christmas, do you find yourself increasingly trapped in conversations you don’t want to be in?
Jon. Let me tell you what I think about immigrants, yeah?
Do you need something to combat the
sheer exhaustion of non stop eating? did
Could you use something to distract everyone from their true feelings for each other?
Sandra, how long d’you put these mince
pies in for? Pastry’s like sawdust.
I want a divorce!
What you need are board games. For
some of you board games at Christmas might look a bit like this.
Whose go is it?
I’m bored!
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
In this video I’m talking about my top 10 games to play Christmas.
Games you can play with Grandma and little Timmy great fun
easy-to-learn and won’t end in arguments
a number 10 is word on the street a team
game we are fighting to win letters by
making words your team has thirty
seconds to come up with a word that fits
the category something found at a
regret just see no wait depression the
longer the wait the better each letter
in the word matching tall moves towards
your side of the street if the letter
appears twice it moves twice if you
manage to move one of the board you win
that we wanted to let death it’s destiny
s then the other team gotta go they may
want to focus on picking away at pool
set and let us back to their side of the
board to stop their opponents from
winning them something that causes an
allergic reaction
Christmas opening his wallet no white
immigrants break what you just call me
nothing I just saying a pinprick could
cause an allergic reaction is great for
Christmas because it’s a lively
experience display but with any size
groups and number nine is Las Vegas are
bringing a simple and addictive Daisuke
in Bradford watching Vegas I’m a fool
for us get out was there are six casinos
offering different amounts of cash on
you attend you roll if your dice and
decide which number to play for example
if you read full 3G could put all of
them on the number three casinos i
suppose im putting all my eggs in one
basket like I did with your father eggs
you haven’t had any exits in nineties
what we have to do this run I’m adopted
play with the most ice on a casino winds
that money get my son my luck seen any
to get down a bookie sticking
accumulator on maybe then I can afford
this bloody Christmas but if two or more
players have the same number of dice on
the casino they cancel each other out
and the money goes to the next highest
this game is aptly named because at any
point every player has the feeling that
they can still win this is mine I can do
to all I needed to ones and just like
Las Vegas it lose many of victim into
coming back for more
daddy can open up within now not one
more gang sorry it’s 6 a.m. is still
Christmas Eve
gone to bed yet a number eight is
timeline a trivia game of guessing dates
when I was a kid
trivia game and Trivial Pursuit and
Trivial Pursuit meant mystery who was
the Prime Minister of Great Britain in
1966 was appointment is wrong
Harold Wilson bad at trivia I guess
we’ll put out went down to biological
parents as well who would have thought
that game about collecting cheeses could
be so tedious trooper steve is an
unforgiving game if you don’t know the
answer tough luck timeline levels the
playing field by encouraging guessing on
your telling you have to add one of your
event caused to the timeline in the
sense of keeping in chronological order
to stop those must have been released
before and that your father because I
remember feeling happy when I saw it
eternal for the cuts revealed the day if
you’re right the cuts days if you’re
wrong it’s removed and you have to pick
up a new COD the first person to get rid
of that caused wins if I ask most people
wouldn’t know exactly when the barometer
was invented you might have a rough idea
in relation to other events if you
really don’t know you can plant called
earlier when the gaps in the timeline a
much bigger I don’t know when the
barometer was invented but I’m fairly
certain it was off to the taming a fire
and before $0.50 released his seminal
classic candy shop online still captures
the best thing about trivia games that
great feet get when you get it right
with your trivia genius and you can
pinpoint exactly where you went with a
hunch and it paid off and daddy’s old so
the Godfather must be old number seven
issue she go a card game about eating
sushi now let me explain this game with
a festive analogy you’ve got a box of
chocolates and you love chocolate I love
chocolate chocolates left and you know
that you’re only allowed to take one and
then you have to pass it along to your
family so that they can take one is
Kalam el clima egg with only 110 e
there’s a good boy well I can’t decide
as ever there’s more than one that you
want but you can see that there’s more
chocolates left in there are family
members which means the box will come
back to you for a second pic but what
will be left then maybe pick caramel
because you know
and if you don’t take it now she
definitely will you better not take that
caramel to me I need that little
chocolate is my favorite movie
your favorite chocolate this two of
those left you could wait banquet coming
back around to you but how heartbroken
would you be if you missed out
know this much left once all the
chocolates ago on christmas is over any
work out how happy your selection of
chocolates made you compared to everyone
else has been a hit with ever enacted to
has a brilliant pace to it because Evans
picking their cars at the same time so
it’s a perfect game to keep everyone
engaged and the artwork is adorable and
number six is coming up again with
betting on camel racing finally came
good I can win back all the money I
wasted by cheap angling but I thought
Father Christmas gave me personally yes
we thought it was from Santa great what
he’s taking all the credit Senate
campaign for the speech therapist does
well in camelot players make money by
betting on the camera that comes first
or second in a stage of the race each
camera moves based on their matching
blow you hard piece tackle better as
when the game gets interesting is that
if a camera lens it’s time the same
space is another one it sits on that
camel’s back money why is the white
coming on top of the blue camo because
they love each other very much the
camera on top is considered further
ahead on a future town if he was to move
would carry white with it this game is
full of exciting moments with the camels
are stacked on top of each other and you
can’t predict which one will move fast
it captures gambling perfectly because
you don’t know which one will win and
you just have to take a risk camelot
plays up to eight players which makes it
great for big family get togethers
number five is a game of licking your
loved ones in the eye and lying to them
what could be more perfect for this time
of the year
oh wow I love it how did you know I
wanted a tiny chug a cockroach pokey
have a hand of cards with creatures on
when you’re ten you give a card face
down to another play announcing what
creature it is this is a cockroach know
what about now it’s up to you whether
you tell the truth and that’s what the
other player has to work out they can
agree or disagree with your statement if
that right you block has failed and the
car goes in front of you yes you are
Coke rage sorry it is a cockroach I was
right if they’re wrong you’ve succeeded
in pulling them and the car goes in
front of them know it’s not a cockroach
yes I love how simple this game is that
all the unnecessary bits of other bloody
games and leads the best bit can you lie
to your family can you tell when your
family lying to you I didn’t the last
minute spy I brushed my teeth every
night I respect you as a passing your
life this game is especially good to
play with family or close friends I’ve
had people thinking that they have an
unfair advantage casino another player
too well and then they come away from
the game realizing they couldn’t come
out to to trust your teacher even like
the tiny chug the aim of the game is to
get full creatures that the same kind in
front of another place and that’s when
the game ends that player loses because
a cockroach poker there are no winners
only lose that number for his ticket to
most of the games on this list take
about half an hour to play but
occasionally Christmas you might get the
chance to play something a bit longer
now he is gone by that game would have
been monopoly monopoly takes forever and
usually ends into is welcome to the
Mayfair Hotel a room stuff from two
thousand pounds we hope you enjoy this
day I don’t want to stay in your hotel
Econo full day looks like you’re at the
game show you sit there in silence until
we finish it K
and someone waste heat that can have two
hundred pounds from the bank please the
bank’s money Tim this is my money the
banks run out of money and would like to
a school plans for a bad out in ticket
to ride players competing to train lines
across the map which have secret
directives ticket cards this card means
if by the end of the game I have the
route running from London to Athens I
get 16 points to rate you just build a
train running from Eastern Europe to the
UK as if they need any more of an excuse
to come over very well just Jonathan
forget about that and have another log
will do a nice European if you don’t
complete that route you get minus 16
points this game is super simple on your
10 you can do one of two things you can
either pick up to trade cards we can
play train cards to put rains down on
the map
the bullet the pump lane at about the
loaner express juju challenge is knowing
when to do what it might be tempting to
spend lots around collecting all the
college you need but if you do that
someone else might steal your route down
while you are in ran around europe
handouts every five seconds all tobacco
building good honest British Rail it’s
got that tasty but a strategy that hooks
you win your decisions feel important
it’s competitive without feeling overtly
mean and rather than being made bankrupt
like a monopoly there still a feeling of
accomplishment for second place
Ticket to Ride is a modern classic in
the board game world in fact I play
Ticket to Ride for the first time four
years ago on Christmas day I lost twice
but it was brilliant and that was my
first ever game and now I have a hundred
and number three is wink again involves
week he assisted in catching a parents
in the act
I’m watching I know that’s the game is a
brilliant party gained in the center of
great of numbered cards in your hand you
have caused matching some of the ones in
the center on your 10 you pick a card
that you want from someone else I wanted
number 32 player who has been caught has
to try and we get them before the next
check if they succeed both of them get a
point but if anyone catches him thinking
that person can accuse them and take
both point for themself barry you’ve got
number three
gross when his intent in a good way
every other the entire gain if you stop
to check your phone you’ll lose the
trick is not in the week in waiting for
when no one else is looking at you and
in trying to get the attention of the
person you want to win cash money you
get a buzz playing every time you get
away with the successful week or receive
away unscathed it’s a mini victory in
place from 4 to 8 players and it’s so
simple I just explained the entire game
if your family humans and they can sit
in a circle you can play this game and
you should and number two is concept now
this will be a Christmas games list
without at least one guessing game you
know the drill one person is trying to
communicate something to everyone else
pictionary times sure odds a monkey a
small child adopted concept is a new
twist on the genre in this game you have
to communicate using the board of
concept which contains less descriptive
icons representing things like man-woman
building vehicles at first it might seem
impossible but if you get creative you
can use the board to describe almost
anything from Taylor Swift to Quidditch
two phrases such as every cloud has a
silver lining
all the way there is great a lot since
when is mentally ill be stupid it must
be a common phrase clouds can be happy I
think concept is great for Christmas
because it’s a more relaxed guessing
game instead of just rapid shouty gotta
take some time to think through the
clues it’s a man he’s golden angry
close it connected Christmas with
sadness scrooge the courage and he was
British closing on his torso daddy it
that he asked what you think of me is it
an angry man who waits Christmas concept
has been a huge hit with everyone played
it with there’s been evenings when my
friends would apply to all night if I’d
let them in the nineties every family’s
game show how to copy of scattegories to
boo or pictionary this is the game that
should be there now you’ve ruined
Christmas if only you had one more
chance to show me could be a good man
does anyone want to play another game
yes number one Direction’s a party
during games pictionary is so last
millennium no longer to families have to
shout at each other for being awful at
Roaring how is that a square with tiny
teen all being overlooked guessing it’s
the Mona Lisa could be any
sixteenth-century portray demonstrations
is pictionary meet Chinese whispers you
each have a white board flip I know
where to draw everyone’s simultaneously
drawers that word then passes the
flipbook to the person on that last you
have to guess what the pic she’s been
handed is supposed to be right here on
the next page and then policy because
now you’ve got a new way to draw you
keep guessing and roaring into your
original drawing comes back around the
circle to you and then you get the best
in the game
the reveal show to the group the story
of your whiteboard well it was candy
floss I guess he’s holding a tree you
have this seemed kinda close to any team
drew this is pretty good Tiny Tim
course John guess these months he’s my
biggest tree
there’s nothing west and being told you
will find something funny so I won’t say
that but this game had awesome hysterics
are you bad at guessing great idea but
it drawing even back to this game is all
the more entertaining when players
making mistakes you really want at least
six players who this game ideally a demo
plays you have the better the journey
will be from the first until the final
guess the bed with your ship it and the
final guest with point in Chile there
isn’t a Christmas film in existence that
can make old-fashioned grandma’s laughs
at the same time as a to cool teenager
but tell us trations can do that and
that’s what makes it the perfect
christmas came and what makes games the
perfect thing for Christmas now John I
wanted to talk to you about these
immigrants why we invite some ground for
Christmas dinner how ok are you alright
alright it’s Christmas saundra remember
that prize turkey we saw in the window
marks and sparks going by and all the
trimmings barry I love you so I don’t
want to divorce he I love playing
celebrations at christmas Tiny Tim your
speech impediment it’s gone so merry
xmas after 0 Merry Christmas Merry
Christmas Pasi Merry Christmas berry I
love you if you like this video please
subscribe to my channel to see more of
the same I put links to all the games in
the description of this video what you
like to play Christmas let me know in
the comments on actual low on Facebook
and Twitter I’ve been John Backus thanks
for watching a Merry Christmas

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